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My 70 year old boss.

"working for an old couple until the wife dies then things changed."

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My name is Jodie and this is something I’ve wanted to share for a while but didn’t know where until I found this sight. My experience starts a few years back when I was 23, I had a part time job as a cleaner for an older couple they had a big 5 bedroom house and I cleaned it 3 x a week and worked in a bar at weekends, the lady’s name was Sylvia and her husband was called Joel both 70 when I started working for them, Sylvia suffered with numerous health issues and about 15 months after I’d started she sadly passed away. I continued cleaning for Joel he was a nice guy, they didn’t have any kids their only son has died in an accident when he was 21, so his time was spent with friends playing golf most days, after Sylvia died I did extra hours and sometimes made him his dinner and do food shopping, we became quite good friends really and had numerous chats while I cleaned and had brews together. One night I’d made him a chicken dinner and he asked me to join him which wasn’t unusual, we had a few glasses of wine and got onto a conversation about Botox and plastic surgery I mentioned that I’d had my lips done before but wouldn’t do it again as I looked ridiculous we had a good laugh, I said the only thing I’d do is have a boob job a few sizes up, I told him I’d looked into it and it was about 5 grand, I said you could get it on finance like a car which we again had a good laugh about, he said to me as the conversation was coming to an end that he’d lend me the money if I really wanted it doing, “really” I said, “of course, you could pay me in ironing” he laughed. He took his ironing to a shop round the corner and paid ridiculous amounts, as I was a bit tipsy now I replied “I could do it topless for you” with a wink! He saw the funny side and laughed along. I never thought anything of it just assumed it was wine talk but a few weeks later he asked if I’d looked into it, it just so happened that I’d had and even booked a consultation not long after he made the offer, I was quoted and told I could have it done in a few months, nothing was confirmed and I was just going to go ahead with the finance, but after telling him the final price he wrote me a cheque I felt uneasy accepting it but he was insistent. October soon came around and I was really looking forward to getting it done on Monday, it was Friday night and the last time I’d be cleaning for Joel for a few weeks as I recover from surgery, Joel had just come home from seeing friends at the golf club and id make him some pasta, he sat down in the living room watching TV as I brought it in for him with another nice glass of red and re-filled my glass as well, as he was finishing up I got the ironing board out and started to iron his shirts as he watched TV, I’m not sure why I did what I did next but something came over me, I went to the bathroom and removed my top and bra I walked into the living room and continued to iron, it took a few minutes for him to notice that I was now ironing his shirts with my tits out, but when he did the look he gave me made my nipples go so hard it was like he was rubbing ice on them! He never said a word he just watched as I ironed each one of his shirts it was the horniest I’ve felt in a long time I don’t know if it was because it was so wrong, so dirty of me but combined with wine and not having a boyfriend for ages. I felt so wet  and turned on I surely wasn’t thinking straight and as I ironed the last shirt I desperately wished I had 10 more to iron, his eyes on my breasts had turned me on so much I didn’t want it to stop. As I hung the last shirt up on the door his eyes followed me as I unplugged the iron and folded the ironing board away. But I wasn’t going to let it end there I needed relief an orgasm so I gulped down more wine , Before I pulled down my jeans and took them off like a sex mad woman, I walked over to where he was sat on the sofa I put my hand down my knickers and touched myself, I pulled my fingers out covered in my juices I said “look how wet you’ve made me” I wiped the juice over my nipple and sat on the arm of the sofa, I looked at Joel and pulled his face towards my breast he opened his mouth and my I guided my nipple inside his mouth as he licked and sucked it clean WOW what the fuck was I doing? I don’t know I just felt compelled but it felt so good! My hands wandered and unfortunately he didn’t get an erection for long, but he continued to lick and suck my small breasts, I straddled him while his tongue circled my nipple and made myself orgasm with my fingers, I took my wet knickers off and put his hand between my legs as I rubbed myself to a second orgasm, he wanted to taste me so I led him upstairs to his bed and laid him down, I straddled his face and fucked his tongue gently and slowly until I came again all over his face, I lay next to him as he ran his hands all over my body, he sat up and I straddled him again I held his face rubbed my nipples over his lips he said “your breasts are wonderful” I said “my breasts love being in your mouth” with that he sucked each one gently. It was almost 18:30 and I had to be at the bar for my night job in a few hours, I got dressed and Joel sat back downstairs on the sofa watching TV it was almost as if nothing had happened as I said goodbye “have a good weekend, and good luck for Monday” he said as I left. I felt weird as I went home and showered ready for work, while in the bar my mind was all over the place I couldn’t stop replaying it over and over, I didn’t regret it one bit, he was in his 70’s though what the hell was I playing at and why on earth did it make me feel so horny and why am I wet again just thinking about it?! I got myself so horny again I needed sex I’d  not had a boyfriend for about 3 years just a few one night stands at weekends which is standard when you work in a bar, I pulled a lad at the end of the night he was with his mate and when the bar closed I ended up having a threesome in the church yard over the road at 2:30 in the morning it was nothing special to be honest they were both pissed as farts but I was so horny I’d have fucked anyone! It didn’t stop me wanting to go and let myself in Joel’s house with my key and climb in bed next to him! Why was I thinking this way? It’s not like I could have had sex with him?? I had to really stop myself from calling him! The next morning I woke up still horny as anything I decided I needed a distraction so I called Amir a guy I used to fuck a lot a few years back, he was married but always available as his wife lived in Pakistan, he came round to my flat about 12:30pm and did t leave until 9pm Sunday lol boy did I wear him out! We did every position you could imagine he was a really good fuck and I orgasm more than enough times but while he was fucking me guess who I was thinking of?? Yep the 72 year old Joel who couldn’t even get an erection long enough to fuck me! I feel like this story is getting too long now and there’s so much more to tell after I’d had the op! If anyone’s interested please let me know and I’ll do a part 2 you might not have enjoyed this so I don’t want to bore you all anymore if it’s not that interesting for you! Anyway I hope someone is willing to hear more as it’s given me great pleasure remembering and writing it all down in fact it’s made me wet again …

Monday is here and surgery is due in a few hours and I think I have an old man fetish or is it just his kindness to me helping me with my breast enhancement?


Written by BoredJen

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