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Naturist being spied on by inquisitive neighbors

"She was showing my wife their house and my wife kissed her"

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I am a naturist, caravan holidays or abroad looking for like same beaches and camps , and of course at home in my house , we even have naturist parties all shapes all sizes no one bats an eyelid . We have a neighbor who has been spying on us with his binoculars it doesn’t bother me , we’re naturists not having orgy sex parties , the thought has crossed my mind . Then my wife ( Ang) told me that one day he was spying on us and his wife was giving him oral sex , then she was looking and he was taking her from behind. We laughed about it , then Sod’s law we dumped into our neighbors in the supermarket, we said hello and normal idle chat then I said , why don’t you come around for a meal , to make a joke I said were friendly naturists not crazy nutters , Paula then said you must come to ours , we said ok. Clever by saying go to theirs means we would have to keep our clothes on because it’s not our house. On the night the food was lovely , as was the wine , the nudity thing came around , we said we’ve been doing it forever , Ang then asked why you were watching us thru binoculars, at that point they didn’t know we knew , then Ang said and blowing your husband is your thing. There was a silence I thought we were going to be thrown out , then there was giggling and they said you could only see that from upstairs bedroom , Ang said and from the loft window . We said what you do is your own business , more drink followed and we got the impression they wanted more than just a spag boll and a glass of wine. Even in our naturist cliche we have adult parties , Ang took a shine to Paula , Paula asked if Ang wanted the house guided tour , leaving me and Bill finishing off our wine. Paula showed me the rooms were they were watching all very naughty then Ang went for it it was either what are you doing or let’s see were this goes. Ang kisses Paula , she reacted and the kiss was so strong , Ang is a tease and she will push it .......just a little bit. She was kissing Paula , hands on her boobs rubbing her crotch, Ang said I want you , it will be our secret , then Ang reached under her skirt pulling down her panties and taking them off , she told me she pulled up her skirt showing Paula her pussy she said lick me if you want me , Paula dived in , kissing and licking and just when it was getting interested . Ang said stop , skirt down picking up her panties and giving them to Paula saying if you want more contact me . She went down stairs and joined me and Bill , a few mins later Paula came down we chatted a bit then had to call it a night . We swapped numbers , and then we left. A few days later Ang messaged Paula thanking her for a lovely evening , she said this can be our little secret , she phoned me saying she had never done anything like that before , Ang said did you enjoy it , she said yes. Ang said later on today send me a photo of your panties and one of your pussy. This will tell me you want more. Of course Ang told me we were waiting, we thought it was over , she was freaked out then Ang got 3 dings on the phone , one was a upskirt shot nice pale beige panties , Then her skirt pulled up , nice panties with a little bit of camel toe then the last one he gusset pulled to one side showing a pretty pussy . Ang replied saying she was pleasuring her self looking at them ..........ending the message with I need you soon. The reply was ........when !!!!!! Let the fun begin we have a plan , Ang is going to have some fun with Paula and once they are in the swing , I’m going to come home early and catch them , then we’re going to see if Paula will participate in a 3 some !!!
Written by Sexy games

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