Written by Paul T

7 May 2019

I’m a 31 year old married man in a pretty much sexless marriage. My wife and I get on but she has gone off sex almost completely. I know this isn’t an excuse for what I’m going to tell you, but it had led to a new life of amazing sex.

It started about a year ago when my wife and I went on a cruise. It was a great experience but its what happened on the cruise that made it even more amazing. On a cruise there are usually a lot of older people, usually retired couples and this cruise was no exception. We tended to sit at the same table for our meals with the same group, in this group was a couple from the same town as we live in. We had never met them before, and it was just a coincidence.

She was in her mid 50’s, very attractive, tall big I guess but not fat at all, just ‘powerful’ and impressive. She had huge breasts which she liked to show off with dresses that showed her cleavage or tops that where thin so they left nothing to the imagination. My wife who is skinny and had very small breasts took a dislike to her and called her a tart and other things, but I will admit, she made me hard.

A few days in to the cruise we docked and went to see the sights, the ship was to spend 48 hours in port and so on the next day my wife decided she wanted to go back and do some more sight seeing which wasn’t my thing, I had seen it once and now I just wanted to chill out by the pool so my wife joined a group leaving the ship. After about an hour of relaxing my ‘friend’ comes to sit next to me telling me that her husband had left with the group to look at some ruins. I explained that My wife had joined them.

She was wearing her trademark thin blouse and I couldn’t help but look, and yes you guessed it, she caught me, not once but several times. In the end I had to apologise which she seemed to find funny, she said that it was fine, then she puts her hand on my leg, so close to my cock that her finger was pressing angst it and asks me if I wanted a closer look. I felt like a teenager being asked by some girl if I wanted to look at her tits. I was speechless, which was irrelevant because she didn’t; wait for an answer. She takes my hand and pulls me up, ordering me to follow her which I did as though I felt I had no choice.

She chatted about how she loves cruises but how they can be boring, and in no time at all we were entering her cabin. She just said ‘stay there’ and went to pull the shaded on her windows.

Then she turns round, takes off her blouse and bra and lets her tits fall out and asks me if I liked them. Then she walks over, undoes my shorts and pulls them down. I was hard as fuck and she looks at my cock and says ‘very nice’ and grips it and gives it a rub. Then tells me to sit on the bed which I do.

She presses her tits to my mouth and tells me not to be shy and to ‘have a suck’. Her nipples are huge. I put her breasts in my mouth and start to suck, she starts to moan as though I had a huge cock and was fucking her, she’s moaning and telling me how nice that was and leans down and starts tossing me off. A minute or so later she gets on her knees and my cock is in her mouth, she’s moaning and sucking me, squeezing her tits, gripping them hard.

I lay back thinking hard about how bad this was and how I shouldn’t; be doing this but I had to think about work how big my mortgage was because I was going to cum and I did not want to cum in her mouth. As though she was reading my mind she comes up for air and tells me ‘don’t cum in my mouth, I don’t want that’ and starts running her tongue up my shaft. She must have undone her trousers because she was obviously fingering herself, she looked as though she was in pain, her arm shaking. Then she stands up, steps out of her trousers and is completely naked. It didn’t matter that she was carrying a few extra lbs, she looked fucking hot. She told me told me to slide up the bed and I did as I was told, then gently she lowered herself onto my hard cock and I slid into her pussy and for ages I lay there, feeling and sucking her tits whilst she rode my shaft until me lay on her back and begged me to fuck her, and fuck did I.

It was the best sex I had ever had, she was a stranger and I was insider her, she was moaning and writhing, begging for more, telling me how big and hard I was grabbing my head looking me in the face and saying ‘fuck me harder, keep going’ and moaning about how she was going to cum.

Then I felt her pussy grip my cock and she let out a long deep cry and started to almost convulse, announcing that she was Cumming. It was to much for me and I let go, I shot my cum into her and it was amazing. That set her off again she cried out ‘ I’m going again, fuck this is good’.

On the rare occasions that my wife and I fuck I cum and that’s it, with this woman I came over and over and so did she until neither of us had the strength to keep going.

She lay on her back, her big sweaty tits laying either side of her and she was panting saying how good that was. Then she lay on my chest and thanked me saying that we had to do it again soon.

We lay there for the best part of an hour. She was playing with my cock, rubbing it and slowly tossing me off until I was hard again. In fact she slid her head down to my stomach and stared at my shaft whilst she massaged it, then ( as though I didn’t; know) she told me that I was hard again.

I said that I knew, she slid down and it disappeared in her mouth. She was going nuts, sucking my cock and tossing me off with one hand and playing with her tits with the other. Then I hard to warn her that I was going to cum, she was out of breath but pulled her head up and panted ‘that’s ok, that’s ok, cum, you can cum’ and slid her lips over my shaft and stared to suck me hard.

I exploded in her mouth and she squealed and swallowed sucking the end of my cock to get every last drop.

She came up and we sucked face. I could taste my cum on her tongue and fuck was it hot. We sucked each others face, her big tis on my chest. Then it was over, we had to stop in case her husband and my wife came back early.

My friend and I fucked four times before the end of the holiday, and I came in every orifice she had, her mouth, her pussy and her ass. She would ask me if my wife let me do this or that and then demand that I do it to her.

That was the best holiday of my life. I have met up with her several times and we have fucked hard, is this just an affair, I guess so, but it turns out that her husband knows what she does and even though he’s a lot older than her they fuck as she tells him what I do to her.

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