Written by June

6 Sep 2010

This story may not be the usual for this site, but through history I have seen that my husband uses it, and as I cannot actually tell anyone what I have been doing, it at least is an outlet for me.

I am in my fifties but size 10 and fit in all senses. I still very much enjoy sex, but at home things have become difficult as my husband now has erection problems, we manage but I long for real sex.

We recently moved house, and have been busy establishing ourselves in the area. I do a little casual work and have met some nice people including some pleasant men.

Dont misunderstand I love my husband, but I have wondered what it would be like to have sex with one or two of them !

Several days ago my motorcycle was due its mot, on my husbands advice I arranged a test at a local garage on a small industrial estate on the edge of the town. It was a gorgeous sunny day so rather than full bike gear I just popped a jacket on, I was wearing my Ron Hills which for those who dont know are lycra like full trousers with stirrups which go under the foot, they are very close fitting.

I have to admit things were on my mind, I was feeling frustrated although that sounds like an excuse for what occurred.

Anyway I was greeted on arrival by the owner a really nice guy who I noticed was just wearing a boilersuit, and I mean just a boilersuit !! there was one other chap working on a car.

The garage was really only a single unit with a little office at the rear, so things were tight. Perhaps this promoted the familiarity, but lets call him GM for garage man was very attentive all smiles and hands.

I was helped off my bike hands on my bum almost taking all my weight, of course I should have rebuffed this but I didnt. I knew I could be in dangerous waters but I actually didnt care !

Helmet left on bike GM showed me into his little den, it was tiny just a desk and chair and filing cabinet. He squeezed past me brushing against my bum, and it was then that I knew something was going to happen. I felt him or rather his errection through his boilersuit he seemed huge just like I remember my husband.

Nothing was said, maybe it was how I looked maybe he saw something that he took as a clear signal.

In any event he stood to my side gently his left hand turned me to the desk and at the same time carefully pushed me down over it I complied without speaking, his right hand reaching up under my short jacket and into the waistband of my trousers. I felt his fingers search out my panties, and with a single outward and downward pull, he slid both my trousers and panties down to my knees, my legs were apart and he used his foot to push the tangle of material down to ankles.

He must have been ready his cock touched my pussy lips only briefly before he was in and thrusting deeply. I was holding tightly onto the desk edges, all I could see was the desk diary with my name on the page.

I came almost too quickly, my orgasm deep taking my breath away, minutes later I felt GM surge and could actually feel him pumping his semen into me.

As he stood and I turned to him, believe it or not I said I wonder if the bike has passed.

I told him that this was the first time ever I had been unfaithful, but it may not be the last.

My ride home was slow. I could feel his warmth as his cum seeped through my panties, the bike seat squashing my pussy lips. Fortunately my husband was in the garden on my return, panties into the wash and a bath for me.

In time I will tell him, there is no question of me leaving, he might even find it a turn on, as clealry he does when reading this site.