Written by Nigel T

30 Apr 2019

My wife is 32, blond and hot. She has nice tits, not too small and not too big and her figure is perfect, not too skinny. Before I continue with our story I take full responsibility.

Before we got married 8 months ago we had been together for a couple of years and in that time I had talked about spicing things up but Jenny wasn’t so sure. But on one holiday we were drunk and I talked her into posing for some photo’s on a beach with her tit out and a guy passed and I convinced her to suck his tongue and let hm feel her whilst I took photo’s and that was all.

Then we went to the Bahamas for out honeymoon. It was hot and one thing leads to another. I suggested she pose for some sexy photo’s. We were on the hotel balcony and Jenny looked so fucking hot wearing nothing under a sexy nighty, then she got one of her tits out, then the other and I took a load of photo’s then I convinced her to pose naked and a remote beach. Another time we were walking on a beach, Jenny was wearing a thin shirt and there were people in the back ground and I managed to get Jenny to open her blouse. I took photos of her. The people behind her couldn’t see her tits because we were discrete. I told her that the guy was looking at her and having a wank (he wasn’t) but it turned her on and her nipples became big and hard.

She asked me if I wanted her to go and suck him off of course I said yes but she laughed and did herself up calling me a pervert.

Then late one afternoon we were back on the beach, there was hardly anyone around especially in a secluded section. Jenny and I started kissing and touching and she asked me to take some more photos. She pulled her shorts a little to show me a little bit of her pussy, then she pulled her bikini top down so I could just abut see one of her nipples. Then someone walked towards us and Jenni covered herself up. It was a local guy who said his name was Arnold. He was a young black guy, a little skinny I guess but he was always good to us. He was a member of staff at the hotel and his job was to make sure guests had whatever they wanted whilst on the beach.

He walked up to us and I guess Jenny had had a little too much sun and wine and ran up to him to give him a hug calling him ‘my friend Arney). He asked us what we were doing so far from the hotel, I said that we were just taking photo’s but Jenny told him that I was taking naughty photo’s and put her hands under her breasts to lift them up. Arnold laughed but it got me thinking.

I asked him if he wanted to see what I meant, of course he said he did. Jenny lay down and I asked her to show a little more skin, she undid her shorts and pulled the down again, then pulled a cup on her bikini top down and gave us both a sneak look at one of her nipples. I suggested Arnold kiss her breast, he lay next to her and Jenny laughed and pushed her breast towards him. Arnold leant over and kissed her breast, I was taking shots like mad, then I asked Jenny to let him have a little suck.

She shrieked and said no way but lifted her breast out and cupped it in his direction. He looked at me and I told him to do it. Arnold put Jenny’s nipple in his mouth and gave it a suck. Jenny stopped laughing and closed her eyes. I wondered how far I could get her to go but people where approaching.

I suggested we take this to our room. Jenny dressed and Arnold followed us. We got to our room and I poured Jenny another glass of wine. I told her how much I loved her and told her I would do anything for her, she said she would do anything for me. I gave Arnold a beer and we chatted for a while.

Then I suggested we take some more photo’s. Jenny laughed and said I was a dirty shit but undid her shorts again and lay on her side on her bed in a sexy pose. I told her to go and put that thin short on that she had on the other day. She went to the draw, got it out and went to the bathroom. A minute later she was back with the shirt on minus the bikini top.

She lay on the bed and I asked her to show us some more skin and she opened the blouse about half way down., she said ‘ you want me to show my boobs don’t you. I asked Arnold if he wanted to see Jenny boobs and he laughed. I really wanted to see how far I could get my new wife to go so I told her that she knew she had sexy tits and that she should show Arnold, and that anyway, he hadn’t finished sucking her.

She laughed again and undid the rest of the buttons. I pulled the short open and took some photo’s suggesting Arnold be in the picture. Jenny rolled onto her back to put the glass on the bedside cabinet and that caused the shirt to open fully exposing her breasts. She shrieked and covered herself up. I told her she was being horrible to Arnold so she opened and closed her short several times laughing and teasing.

I reminded her that she said she would do anything for me and suggested she let Arnold have another suck of her nipple. She lay on her back and closed her eyes, her short open and her breast on show. I motioned to Arnold to have a suck.

He lay next to her and put his head down to her chest and put one of my wife’s nipples between his lips, Jenny laughed and gave a little moan then asked why she was the only one showing a little skin.

She waved her hand at me and said ‘ get your cock out you boring shit’. I did as I was told hoping that this was going further. I asked Arnold why his wasn’t out. In a flash Arnold pulled his trousers down and let him long semi hard cock fall out. Jenny looked down and shrieked ‘ fuck look at the size of that’. Arnold stopped sucking her nipple and just lay there, I asked Jenny if she wanted to put it ( his cock ) in her mouth. She laughed again so I just said ‘go on, give it a suck, what’s the harm’.

She moved to the centre of the bed and lay more on her side, ’that if sucking big’ she said. I told Arnold to let her feel it and he shuffled up. At the same time Jenny slid down, his cock was now resting on her tits. She stopped laughing and was just staring at it, I egged her on ‘go on, put it in your mouth for me’. Jenny slid down, put her fingers round his shaft and put it on her mouth. I was hard as fuck now and expected this to be as far as it went but I really wanted to see how far I could push it.

I took a few more shots then put the camera down and watched my wife sucking Arnold cock. I sat on the bed and gave Jenny’s shorts a tug expecting a protest bit there was none so I pulled them a bit more until I pulled them past her feet.

I had a feel of her tits, her nipples were solid and her tits felt good. I pulled my shorts off and took my top off and pushed my cock against her bum. I so wanted to fuck her in the ass but I wanted to see how far I could get her to go with Arnold.

I pulled her back my her shoulders so she was laying on her back. Compared to Arnold her skin was milky white, her nipples a bright red. Arnold was now naked, Jenny just lay there and looked at him whilst he slowly massaged his cock looking at her, then me, I guess waiting for instructions.

Jenny giggled and I asked her to let him put his cock inside her, to see what a big black cock felt like. I told her not to worry about a condom and that bareback felt better anyway. She told me I was being naughty, I said I was bit it was only this once and we were on holiday.

I put my hand on her leg and pulled them apart. I nodded to Arnold who slid between her legs looking at Jenny for the ok I guess. All credit to him for not just fucking her.

I moved back to the chair and grabbed my camera. Jenny closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Her knees raised slightly to accommodate Arnolds cock skinny body and his cock.

Arnold slid up and in one slow move he entered my new wife. Jenny arched her back and there was a sharp intake of breath. Arnold started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her pussy slowly fucking her.

Jenny still had her eys closed and was quietly moaning. Arnold was gentle with her, fucking her slowly, bending down managing to fuck her pussy and suck her tits.

After a few minutes Jenny pushed him off and I though that was the end of that but she slid off the bed, turn round and resting her head back on the bed she lifted her ass, looked at Arnold just said ‘ fuck me’.

Arnold stood behind her and re-entered my wife’s pussy. Jenny was moaning and groaning telling me that this was amazing and that he was deep inside her and that she had never felt a cock so deep in her.

I sat by her head still taking photo’s until she told me to stop it. She said ‘stop taking fucking photos of me shagging and put her mouth over my cock and started to suck me off.

For the next 20 mintes or so Arnold fucked my wife doggy style whilst she sucked my dick until her moaning got deeper and she moved her head. My cock slid out of her mouth.

The sound of my wife telling me that he was going to make her cum and the sight of her tits swinging and the sound of his shiny lack body slapping against Jenny’s ass made it difficult for me not to shoot my load.

I told Arnold that Jenny like me to grab her hair when I fucked her from behind, so he did just that and pulled her head back. Jenny let out a scream and told him to keep going and to fuck her harder.

He did just that, Arnold pounded my new wife hard and started to grunt, Jenny sounded angry and looked back calling him a ‘fucking bastard’ demanding that he cum inside her. She asked me if he was wearing a condom, I reminded her that he wasn’t. She raised her self up and shouted ‘fucking hell’. I asked her if she wanted him to pull out and cum over her back but she just said ‘ what the fuck’ and started countering his hard thrusting by pushing her backside against him as he thrust himself into her. She growled at him telling him to cum inside her. Then she cried out and started to shake, her head dropped to the bed and I knew she was having an orgasm.

Arnold grunted and have a few sharp thrusts at the same time. I knew he was impregnating my wife and I started to wonder if it was a good idea.

Jenny climbed onto the bed and onto her back, I slid my cock into her wet pussy just in time to cum inside her, when I slid off her Arnold emptied his balls onto her face and then sat on the floor, the three of us out of breath

A few minutes later Arnold dressed and left.

Why is my story called ‘ a word of warning’ ? Jenny is now 8 months pregnant. We have fucked hundreds of times times since our honey moon 8 months ago and we fucked at least twice a day everyday of our holiday but we can’t help wonder if Arnold cumming inside my wife bareback that one time is the cause of her large bump. Only time will tell.

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