29 Jun 2016

"Are you adventurous?" Sarah asked. She was crashing at my flat for the night with her friend Mary. We had met at at wedding several months before and had a great evening. Then, I had offered space at my flat for their trip up to town. They had done the sights. Mary had gone to sort their return tickets or something. Sarah had complained of a stiff neck so she was sat on a dining chair, in front of me, while I massaged her neck. "Mmm that's better" she sighed as I kneaded her shoulders.

"Are you adventurous?" Sarah repeated. "I would like to think so". With that she grabbed my wrists and wrenched my hands down on to her breasts. I cupped them. Sarah sighed again - different, more sensuous. Through her black cashmere jersey I felt her nipples rise. She tilted her head back. I lent forward, kissed her bobbed blonde hair, her nose, her lips. Sarah's tongue met mine. She sucked hard, giving me a tingling, erotic jolt at the back of my throat. She released the pressure and whispered "Take me to bed".

Sarah led me to her room. She turned to me, put her hands to my face and kissed me. "Fuck my breasts". Jersey off, bra discarded Sarah laid back. Damn lace up shoes. Sorted, undressed I knelt over her. I kissed her belly button, then tongued between her breasts, moistening the path, finishing at her throat. I sat back, teased her nipples with my cock then met her wish. Sarah squeezed her breasts together enfolding my cock. Slowly, at first, I trust against her soft tanned flesh. I bent double and kissed her - Sarah tongue sucked me again.

"My pussy's soaked". I rolled on to my back. Sarah stood up. Thumbs inside her skirt, tights and panties she expertly shimmied them off together. Sarah edged towards me, on her knees, her pussy bearing down on my face. Brazillian, a delicate slot - I love pussy. I started blowing softly on her clit. Sarah couldn't bear the teasing, "lick it, lick it" she cried, pulling my head up. I tongued her greedily. Kneeling above me, her legs pinned me to the bed. Sarah's juices dripped over me.

"Mary would love to be here". I broke off from circling Sarah's clit -"Sorry?!". "We play together, is that OK?". Like I'm going to say no in this situation with a raging hard on under a hot girl offering even more pussy. But Sarah knew that already. In a single movement she reached into her bag whipped out her phone, flipped it open, pressed a speed dial and said "Go girl". Sarah tossed the phone back in the bag and jammed her pussy against my face.

It seemed moments before Mary was there. Dark haired, french plait, smaller breasts, fuller pussy and a healthy thatch. she held a bottle of massage oil. Mary oiled my cock and slid on. She dripped oil over Sarah's shoulders and down her breasts. Mary then caressed her from behind. Sarah lent back against Mary and said "pussy race?". Mary nodded.

We were soon rearranged, the two girls lying side by side on their backs. I was kneeling over them with one leg between each of theirs. One hand fingering each pussy. Sarah came quickly in a writhing orgasm, allowing me to concentrate on Mary. Slowly, quickly, slowly I worked her pussy. Mary alternatively gasped and moaned as the tension coiled up within her body - building - building. I raised the tempo of my fingers pushing hard and deep into Mary, adding a further finger as she bucked against my hand. A final spasm and Mary orgasmed gushing all over my hand.

"Your turn" said Mary, recovering herself. Led by the girls I stood up. They knelt in front of me. A new discovery - the joy of a double blow job. The girls took it in turn to flick the end of my cock with their tongues - heavenly. I didn't last long. "I'm coming". "Over my breasts" the girls chimed almost together, cupping them up in supplication. I stood to the side and with two strokes jetted over them.

Spent we collapsed onto the bed and I gently massaged the girls with the oil as they basked in their post coital glow. Finally, a joint shower to clean off the combination of oil, spunk and cum. I was hooked, who could not be hooked on such an adventurous lifestyle?