Written by Alan_Rhodes

30 Sep 2009

Bad Times - Good Times - Part 2.

So, here I am, nearly 65 years old and having the time of my life, sexwise. I mean, its like everyday Sylvia would drop by and we would end up doing something naughty. But, all good things must come to an end and it did for us as Sylvia and I both moved in opposite directions and many miles apart.

I had purchased a small cottage near Sidmouth and felt my sex life would be over once and for all. But how wrong I was!

Not long after arriving, I ventured into a small cluttered bookshop. As I entered, there didn’t seem to be anyone about, not even staff. However, as I turned into the second aisle, there stood a woman of about 40 years of age mid-way up a library ladder. She had a stack of books that were being filed away and wearing a skirt that appeared far too short for a woman of her age.

She greeted me with smile and ‘Hello, anything I can help you with?’

“Not really, my 65th birthday is coming up next week and was looking to treat myself to something.”

“You’re 65? You could pass for much younger, perhaps 57 or so.”

“Well, wish I were a bit younger, but time marches on for us all. By the way, my name is John, I recently moved into the old Covington cottage.”

“Nice to meet you John, my name is Diane, I’m the sales clerk, cleaner, CEO and everything in between of this shop. Your wife with you?” Just as she spoke, the rain came out of nowhere.

“No, she passed away last fall. I might have to stay here til this rain ends, I’ll get drenched out there now. ”

“Oh, I am sorry. Don’t worry about that rain, I’m closing up for the day in a few minutes and give you a lift to your cottage. I live not far from it. And perhaps you’d be a dear and let me have a look inside. In all the years I’ve lived here I have never been inside that place. Its always intrigued me.”

‘Well, yes, of course, I would be delighted to have you stop in for a drink if you’d like.”

Diane smiled at me and went over to the counter. She reached over for something and her skirt rose quite high giving me a very nice view of her panty-clad ass. Diane quickly turned and caught me eyeing her but only smiled more.

“Ready then?” “Ready!”

Off we went in her car to my cottage. Along the way she told me history after history of the building and cottages we passed.

“What about my cottage, have a history?” I asked.

“Of course. Let me see, yes, the previous owner, before his untimely passing, was a bit of a perv I understand. Got his jollies photographing naked ladies from what I’m told. Usually tourists, but some locals as well. Have you come across any boxes left behind?”

“Well, I’m really just been trying to unpack my own bags, haven’t had an opportunity to check for anyone elses.”

We stopped at my cottage and went inside. I fixed us both a G&T. As Diane sat down, her skirt lifted high on her thigh, and what a lovely thing it was!

“Do you like my legs, John?” Oh my. I blushed a bit I am sure. Getting caught and all.

“Well, I do have to admit that you do have lovely long legs, nice and firm.” And then out of the blue I decided to add on . . “would you mind lifting your skirt a bit more?’ What did I have to loose?

With that Diane did indeed lift her skirt up to her waist and revealed her black lace panties.

“I saw you looking at my panties when I was on the ladder at the shop, do you like?”

What a question! “Yes, they’re lovely as is your entire body.” I moved over to where she was and sat beside her. Soon my arms surrounded her and I pulled her close to me as we kissed. My hand felt her firm tits and her ass. She was busy undoing my pants and soon had them around my ankles. I stood up and removed my shirt as and my underwear and was naked before her.

Diane pulled me over and took my cock in her mouth and gave me a suck to remember. I told her I wasn’t going to last with her doing that but she took my prick out of her mouth long enough to tell me to enjoy myself and so I did. It wasn’t long before I filled her mouth with my cum and she swallowed it all down. Once she had finished me off, took the remaining of her clothes off to view her lovely body and return to her what she had done to me.

We spent several hours in my bed and I was able to get another erection and give her a good fucking. After that first day, Diane would drop by the cottage about once a week. She turned out to be a delightful lady and would steer me to any woman that she felt needed some attention.