Written by Alan_Rhodes

30 Sep 2009

Bad Times - Good Times - Part 3.

As mentioned in a previous story, I am now a 70 year old widower and having the time of my life. During my married life of over 30 years, sex was a rare treat, and finally after my wife got ill when I was 60, I felt that was it for sex.

How wrong I had been! Not only was it not finished, but for all intents and purposes, it had just begun.

I decided that it would be a good idea to get some kind of hobby to keep my mind active and photography seemed to be just the ticket. I already had a few cameras and was fairly adept at it as was. I did purchase a nice new digital camera and decided to photograph some of the fine old cottages in the local area.

I started my task and had found a few interesting cottages to photograph and usually knocked on the door to ask permission, out of courtesy and everyone was more than happy to oblige. One of the more interesting places I came across was quite isolated and surrounded by shrubs. It was quite difficult to see much of the front at all. I knocked on the door several times and no one responded. I was about to take a few shots of the front when to door did open.

“May I help you?” came a voice. I glanced over to see a woman of about 50 or more years and with a few extra pounds on her frame. I came a bit closer and noticed the lady had a very attractive face. She was wearing a bath robe of some sort. I explained what I was doing and she said that I couldn’t really see much of the cottage from the front, you should really look at it from the back. It looks much better.

Not to miss an opportunity for a good snap, I took her up on the offer and she showed me through the cottage and out the back. It indeed did much better. This place had an outdoor pool as well. I was able to take a few good shots and the lady asked if I wanted her to be any of them. To be honest, I really hadn’t thought of but, since it was her place, I did ask her if she would mind being in some.

“Where would you like me pose?” she asked. I didn’t really know, but wanted to sound like I knew what I was doing so I said . .

“How about on that step.” There was a step made of stone that was about a perfect height. As she sat down, her knees were up a bit and she let the robe open to her knees. As mentioned, she was woman with a few extra pounds but rather attractive with large breasts that were struggling to escape from her robe. As I focused the lens, I noticed her legs part a bit and more of her leg was showing. With her being somewhat bold, I decided to see how far I might push her.

“Have you ever been a model?” I queried.

“Oh goodness no, me? Ha ha ha”

“Would you mind terribly if I asked you to pose for me? I rarely come across such a lady as yourself.”

“ You really want me to pose?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, you have lovely skin and it seems very nice legs as well.”

“Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. No one is going to see them are there? “

“No no, I like a few shots for my personal enjoyment. just to remind me of my lucky day.”

“Well, what should I do ?”

“You’re doing fine already. Perhaps move the robe over a bit to show some more leg.” She didn’t seem to mind in the least and I began to shoot several shots, and she kept moving her robe up showing more and more leg and thigh. Eventually, I had her part the top and show a bit of tit. And she had a lot there to show. Turns out the lady was a born model or perhaps just a plain old exhibitionist, not really sure. With the request for more cleavage, I got what and wanted and then some! I took a few shots and then she parted the robe down to her waste to show off her beautiful large tits.

“Is everything all right? I am doing ok?”

“You’re doing much better than OK!”