26 Aug 2019

Over the years my wife has amassed a collection of little tattoo's scattered around her body, its become quite the fun mini sex game exploring her bare skin trying to find them all.

In our younger days, she would book in with a particular tattooist based in a neighbouring city, she was very fond of his work and it turned out, him as well.

Another weekend away and my wife had her latest tattoo booked with her favourite tattoo guy. During these sessions, which take about an hour, I check out a few shops nearby to kill the time, leaving my cute little wife alone with another man.

Being just as chatty as my wife is, the tattoo guy revealed how he was now single and had been for a while. My wife had always considered him off-limits having briefly met his now ex-girlfriend.

We found each other after her tattoo was over and do with and, she told me how this particular occasion the conversation with the tattoo guy turned very flirty. It clearly stuck in our minds the rest of the day as later on that night while fucking in the hotel, he came up during some dirty talk.

Seeing an opportunity to make things more interesting, I dared her to offer him a blowjob for a tattoo. Needing zero persuasion my wife set to work and began texting her fave tattoo guy, he was up for it of course.

She went back to his tattoo shop early the next day, before opening time, I again waited nearby. The tattoo guy, already there, let her in and locked the door. They went to the back area, out of sight from the shop window, he already had everything he needed ready and set about working on my wife's body one more time. The tattoo is a cheeky little heart, my wife made sure to have it done somewhere more private on her body, help get the mood going and juices flowing. It only took five flirtatious minutes, with my wife saying at one point, 'hurry up so I can pay you'.

When he was done and all his gear out the way he pulled my wife up from the tattoo table and up close to him. My wife loves being manhandled by big men and submitted to him as he began kissing her. She got down to her knees and waited as he took out his already hard cock. She wasted no time and began sucking him, his hands holding her head and pulling her close as she deepthroated him. He got quite rough for a little bit and fucked her mouth while she held on to his shirt, then he let her settle into it and she finished him off, shooting a big load of cum for her to swallow.

Having composed herself, she left to find me and greeted me with a kiss, I could taste the tattoo guy's cock on my wife's lips.

Every time I see the tattoo I relive that day, it's the perfect souvenir.

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