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Charlotte's Birthday Sex

"Demolishing his wife"

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11am last Friday I went round to Charlotte's house. Darren had gone to work and Charlotte had not long come back from the school run and doing the shopping.

We had prearranged to meet as it was her 40th birthday coming up and she wanted some fun for a few hours.

Going through the door, Charlotte greeted me with a long deep kiss. We stood in the hallway kissing passionately and embracing whilst in each others arms. Charlotte was wearing her silky white dressing gown and I slowly started to to underdo the belt. After exposing her part of her body, I began sucking her sizeable tasty tits, moving from one to another. I was rock hard at this point and Charlotte and I made our way upstairs.

Whilst in the bedroom, I removed her gown and quickly stripped myself naked. As she was laying on the bed with her legs open, she invited me to eat her out. Moving my head towards to her pussy I dived in and began eating her out like I hadn't eaten in a week. Biting her clit and sucking her dry as she screamed in agaony and ectasy. I got my hand and began fingering her profusely I could feel her getting even more wet as I continued. I had my whole palm in Charlotte twisting and turning back and forth. All of a sudden without warning she squirted all over the bedsheets. I was surprised by this and even she was. She had informed me that her husband Darren had never made her squirt before. I kept at this with my hand and again she let out a flow of juice. After discharging this I went back down on her and began tasting her swetlet juices.

I made my way to her legs licking her all over both legs feet and toes. I worked my way up her body licking and covering her in my salvia. This was my way of marking my terrority on her.

I got to her lips and we began deep French kissing. I was rock hard at this point and slid my cock into her missionary style.

I pounded her missionary style as she weep in joy. We shared deep kisses in between as she grabbed my ass to push me deep inside her.

I got her up and turned her around and began pounding her doggy style. I'm grabbing her hair as the sounds of my balls slapping her ass and her adulterous screams fills the room. I grabb the bedhead and began pounding her at super speed like I was riding a horse at the Grand National.

As I getting a bit tired I layed on back and Charlotte climbed on top of me and began riding me. Her sexy bbw body was bouncing on my cock as I grabbed her lovely tits. I told Charlotte to turn around and do me reverse style. I watched as she sat down on my cock. Up and down she went screaming in delight. I brought her closer to me and sat up. I began drilling my cock in her whilst grabbing her tits. I laid her back down. I could see her pussy was red from all the pounding I lick it to cool it down a bit

Charlotte didn't want me to stop fucking her. Charlotte had placed her legs in air and got into a half headstand position. Whilst she held opened her pussy I had dripped some saliva onto her pussy to lube it up. I stood over her as she held my legs and began sliding my cock into her. She had told me that her husband didn't like trying sex positions like this as he too fat and not flexible enough. We began laughing at this as I continued fucking her I could feel myself getting close and she went back into the missionary position. I jumped back into her and began pounding her as hard as I could. I kept going as the bed was almost on the verge of breaking. The headboard was smashing against the wall as Charlotte screamed as she orgasmed. I kept going and unloaded deep into her. Holding position to ensure she got all the warm spunk. I began kissing her some more before removing my cock. I could see my warm spunk flowing out of her sore pussy.

Charlotte climbed on top me as we shared more cuddles and kisses as she whispered "Best birthday treat ever"

Written by Stupastar21

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