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Taking a drive with you has always been one of my favourite things to do. Just hanging out, talking, like we’ve done many times before, however tonight’s drive was so much more than that.

The teasing conversation earlier with yes/no questions had gotten me quite hot. You really know how to wind me up however this time it was different, no funny sarcasm, no stupid jokes to make me laugh just tantalising teasing questions that made my pussy ache. You have always known how to push my buttons.

Sat at the traffics lights you reach into my top and grab my breast, hard. “Ouch that hurt” I protest, “didn’t hurt me” you laughed. Your fingers then paid attention to my already hardening nipple, damn you’re making me wet just with nipple play. You get my breast out for more ease of access, the lights turn green, you don’t stop. Twisting, teasing, grabbing, pulling at the nipple, I can feel the build up in my pussy already. I quietly moan and fidget in my seat. Your hand moves down to my thigh, grabbing it, stroking it, all the while expertly hitching my skirt up without my realisation until your fingers are on my clit. I’m already wet for you. Massaging my clit with your left hand, fingers sliding in and out, you have me cumming in an instant. Grabbing your arm, I don’t want you to stop, 1,2, fingers I lost count, I don’t care what ever it is you were doing, you were doing well. My clit was tingling, my juices were flowing “just imagine what I can do with my right hand” you tease. I cum again, just at the thought of more pleasure. You continue to play as we drive around looking for somewhere secluded, have to give it to you, definitely skilled at multitasking. I lost count of how many times you made me cum, over and over again, my dress was soaking from my juices and well your passenger seat….I’ll pay for the clean up!

Finally found somewhere, I’m out of breath, panting. You ask if I’m ok? I can’t speak, my pussy is still pulsating, heart racing, breath heavy. You lean in, grab me by the throat and kiss me. Damn I’m cumming again! My legs open again for you to swiftly use your dominant hand this time…..less than 10 seconds and I’m in spasms, moaning, cumming. You grab me by the neck again and pull me in for another kiss, biting my lip, making me cum over and over again.

“I gotta work in the morning” you laugh, “time to take you home” I pout, don’t want it to end and I desperately want your cock! I start massaging you through your boxers, “I can’t quite get a proper grip, my arms are too short” I moan, you laugh at me as per usual. “Turn here” I direct you to a quiet, secluded, dark car park that we have used before for late night talks but never gotten any further than a snog. You remove your belt, as we both know I’m not great when it comes to belts, lower your trousers and move your seat back. I finally grab hold of your cock, mmmm damn it feels good. Can’t wait to put it in my mouth, sucking it, licking it, hearing you quietly moan. You hitch up my skirt and start to play with both my arse and pussy, I try so hard to concentrate on sucking you but you’re distracting me. Damn I need you right now, im so wet, throbbing I need you inside me now. I climb into the back, you follow, you take me from behind grabbing my hips you thrust hard and fast. Oh god im cumming again and again, ive lost count, im a hot sweaty mess, my pussy is dripping, my clit is throbbing and my nipples are still hard.

Recounting last nights events, my clit is still throbbing, my nipples still tender, just writing this has made me cum again but all with a smile on my face. Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Who knows? Hope it made you smile? I owe you a proper bj but that’s up to you to claim it…..until then

Written by curiousmilf75

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