Written by S anon

15 Jun 2008

First of all, many apologies as I am posting this under a pseudonym - I have posted a couple of stories about my adventures under my SH username but for various reasons this one needs to be anonymous. I wouldn't write at all this time but I'm absolutely burning to tell someone about what happened to me last week... (this is true fact and please bear with me through the intro as I want to tell the whole

story). It's a long tale and I hope you stay with it.

Before I start let me tell you a little about myself - I'm a 32 year old woman, 5'5, slim, 34D boobs and I really love sex. I've always considered myself a man's woman but at the same time I've fantasised about sex with a woman since I was a teenager - and despite many varied adventures I've never had a threesome - of either flavour.

I have been friends with a couple - Ben and Rachel - for a little while. I know Ben a little better than Rachel as we've been flirting since we met last year and our conversations have often been about sex. Ben and I have had some pretty hot chats - so I knew already that they are quite open in their relationship. I also had a pretty good idea that Ben would like to take me home and fuck me if the opportunity arose, and I felt sure we'd have a good time if it happened. Rachel is also very sexy and the idea of getting to know her a little better made me pretty fucking horny too. Rachel is about my height with a beautiful slim, but curvaceous figure, amazing soft looking skin and a naughty look on her pretty face.

So it happened that I was in London overnight for work - staying in some shitty hotel in Paddington - so I gave B and R a call to see if they fancied meeting up for a drink. They agreed - but asked if I'd mind heading down to South London to meet up, but they'd take me out to dinner for my trouble.

Obviously I knew what I hoped would happen - I wanted them to take me to bed - but at the same time I didn't know if I'd have the balls to make the first move. Even so I don't think I've ever made such careful preparations for a night out - I scrubbed my skin smooth, shaved my legs (I have my pussy waxed so that's all taken care of!) and wore my best black silk knickers and a new dress - a short silk shift dress with no bra and lovely high heels.

I jumped on a tube south and and the journey seemed to last for ever - finally I arrived and walked into the restaurant to find both B and R waiting for me with big grins on their faces, and both looking very sexy indeed.

We immediately ordered some wine and the conversation flowed really easily - and before long we were telling each other about our various adventures. As we sank more wine we got louder and louder, laughing more and more and I'm sure half the restaurant could hear our outrageous conversations (the person sat behind me certainly kept clearing her voice in disapproval but I didn't give a fuck by this

point). We'd shifted our positions around so Rachel and I were now sat on either side of Ben, and as we ordered a third bottle of wine he slid a hand playfully under both of our dresses as he suggested we play 'I have never'.

I'm sure you know the game - someone starts by saying 'I have never...' - for example 'I have never worn shoes' and if you have, you drink. Given that all three of us had done plenty we were soon getting very merry and admitting to all sorts of sexy things when Ben said 'I have never wanted a threesome tonight' and all three of us took a big drink. We took that as our leave the restaurant and make our way back to their place which was just a couple of streets away.

I was by now feeling really horny - although I also felt quite shy, almost like a

virgin again. Once we got to their flat Rachel sat next to me on the sofa and Ben brought in more wine and sat on the floor in front of us. I felt that time had almost stood still as Rachel leant forward to kiss me - so gently at first as I felt her soft lips against mine, I placed my hand gently against her cheek and jawline as she slipped her tongue between my lips and I opened my mouth to receive her as she began to kiss me harder.

Ben started to push our dresses up, running his fingers over and between our thighs until his fingertips reached our knickers, at the same time I dropped my hand to Rachel's breast which yielded to my touch until I reached her nipple which was bullet hard. I pulled away from her kiss to lean down and kiss her nipple through her clothes. I felt both of Ben's hands on me as he eased my knickers down over my

thighs and off before parting my legs and dropping his head to lick my pussy. Rachel lifted my head from her breast and pulled my dress over my head so I was naked - and feeling so exposed as B and R were still fully dressed. Any reservations I felt were soon blown away as Ben lazily dragged his tongue over my pussy and Rachel started to lap at my breasts.

I leant down to unzip Rachel's dress which she wriggled out of and I then undid her bra - first time, no fumbling - I was so pleased! Her body was beatiful with soft curves and immensely kissable skin. As Ben increased the pressure of his tongue on my clitoris I lay back on the sofa and he slipped two fingers inside me to finger fuck me. I gasped, close to cumming as Ben pulled away (the tease) grinning and held out his hands to us both, to lead us to bed.

As we all fell on the bed Rachel and I thought it highly unfair that Ben was fully dressed and we were naked so we, between us, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled first his jeans and then his shorts off to reveal the hardest cock I have ever seen - a good length and so thick.

He rolled me on top of Rachel saying he wanted to see me kiss her again, I could feel our breasts pushed together which felt unfeasibly erotic and pushing her hair back I kissed her gently but firmly feeling the delicious pressure of her lips against mine. I pulled away and we both looked down to see Ben sat by our feet looking up at our two pussies with a ridiculously happy look on his face.

I felt it was time to try out my ultimate fantasy - going down on a girl so I wriggled down the bed til my face was level with Rachel's cunt. While it has been a fantasy of mine for years I've always been afraid that when, actually faced with a naked, wet pussy I might not be able to do the deed.

Rachel has a Brazilian wax (like me) and I placed the fingertips of both hands against the lips of her sex and parted her gently to fully reveal her cunt and her clit. I tentatively placed my tongue against the entrance of her cunt and, for a second slipped it inside to taste her - she tasted good and I felt her hips tilt in encouragement, her legs opening even more as I pushed my tongue more deeply inside her before I slipped it back out and dragged it out and over her sex in one long motion moving up, over and past her clitoris before dropping my tongue back to the base of the opening to her cunt and drawing it over her sex again in another firm stroke. This time as my tongue passed over her clit she gasped loudly, so I pressed my tongue to her clitoris pulling her lips more firmly apart and using the flat, wide part of my tongue against her clitoris in a firm, rhyhmic motion.

Ben pulled me up onto all fours and began to lick my pussy from behind - I found the combination of it all quite overwhelming but, feeling Rachel arching her cunt into my mouth I tried to concentrate and gently slipped two fingers into her pussy. It felt like slipping into myself as her muscles gripped me, and I tipped my fingertips forward to find her g-spot while trying to maintain a firm, constant motion with my

tongue against her clit. I could hear Rachel starting to give little cries of pleasure so I started to finger fuck her slightly faster and buried my face into her pussy as she came against me. I came up for air smiling like the proverbial cheshire cat and pulling Ben around kissed him deeply so he could taste his girlfriend on me.

Rachel sat back on the bed saying it was my turn now and also that Ben was incredibly good in bed - and I was going to get the fuck of my life. How horny is that??? I'd always had concerns that in a 3some with a couple things could become awkward but in that moment I felt so comfortable that I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside me.

As Ben leant over to pick up a condom from the bedside table I dropped down the bed to take his cock in my mouth sliding my mouth up and over his shaft in long, slow, firm movements - this I have certainly done before and Ben was soon gasping and sighing as I used my tongue against the underside of his shaft and over the head, tasting the precum with each stroke. Rachel moved down behind me and, pressing her body against mine she pulled my hair back so Ben could clearly see my mouth on his

cock and she started to increase the pressure of my strokes until she was controlling me fully and pushing my head down so I was taking his full length.

Ben pulled away - so as not to cum and rolling the condom onto his cock he turned me over onto my back and lay fully on top of me and kissed me me hard pushing his tongue into my mouth at the same time he drove his cock into my cunt. God, he felt hard and amazing inside me - he pulled my hands over my head and looking right into my eyes slammed into me. Rachel, lying alongside me slipped her hand between my legs to frig my clit while Ben fucked me.

Pulling my hands out of Ben's grasp I reached down and grabbing my knees, pulled them wide open and up towards my chest, arching my back into him as he kissed me hard again, his hands in my hair. He kissed me hard again as I came - so intensely - with Rachel's fingers working busily against my clitoris.

Pulling out of me Ben rolled onto his back before pulling me on top of him and I rode him hard - his hands were on my hips to pull me onto him faster and faster til he was writhing beneath me and shooting his load deep inside me - while he kissed Rachel.

I've typed enough - but we carried on playing awhile later. I made Rachel cum

again with my mouth and then Ben made love to Rachel while I watched his cock slide into her - which was just so erotic I made myself cum while I watched. I stayed over in the spare room and then fucked Ben again in the morning. It was, all in all an incredible twelve hours - and here's hoping I get the chance to go back and have another encounter with this sexy pair!!