Written by Grover

22 Feb 2008

I\'m 40 and have always fantasied about modelling nude for either a photographer or artist. Well an opportunity presented itself when I saw an add in a local paper from a photographer looking for a male model. I called the guy and he explained that he wanted to take a series of nude shots in his studio at the back of the house. Well this is what I wanted so off I went, really nervous but excited at the same time. When I arrived there I was greated by him and his wife both late 40s by my estimation. They took me to a studio at the back of the house, quite professional looking with a small changing room. They asked me to get ready, well undressed really so I went to the changing room, totally nervous now, and got undressed. I\'m not big when flacid unlike some men so I gave myself a gentle rub just to increase the size but not erect or even semi. When I can back into the studio they were ready for me, weird that as soon as I walked in both of their sets of eye looked straight at my penis, this made me grow a bit more. He needed me to have oil on my body to emphasis muslcle tone so gave me a bottle of baby oil which I rubbed in all over including my cock, his wife helped me with my back and seemed to take a long time over rubbing it into my bum. Well to cut a long session short I did lots of poses then he asked me to lie on my back stretched over one of those large exercise balls, very difficult to balance on the tips of my fingers. He took a could of shots then ask if I could lay my cock back across my stomach, I just couldn\'t balance and do that at the same time, so his wife just walked over took my cock in her hand and positioned it, pulling my foreskin back at the same time. Well, I immediately became hard, but he took more shots then stopped and asked if it was alright to photograph me when I was erect, I said well you\'ve already taken a few so you may as well keep going, so for the rest of the session he asked if i could stay hard so with the aid of some more oil rubbed in now and then by his wife I kept erect. By this stage I was ready to burst so when he said he was finished, I ask if you mind if I came, both his wife and him nodded enthusiastically and she asked me to lie on my back and gave me the most slow gentle cock massage. I have never been so big and the precum was pouring out of me. I couldn\'t stand it any longer and I exploded cum all over my stomach, never produced so much cum. I\'m looking forward to the next session already.