Written by Julia

30 Sep 2010

My husband had fantasized about me having sex with other men for years, but it wasn’t particularly something that appealed to me. It had never happened and it we stopped talking about it. But things change. We started swinging a couple of years ago and the subject kept coming up again and again. I’ve become more adventurous too and so it was on the agenda again; this time for real.

It took about a month to sort out, but we managed to find 4 men I was happy with and we booked in to a nice hotel in Birmingham city centre. Me and my husband went out for a meal and a couple of drinks and planned to get back to the hotel for around 9 o’clock. I was as nervous as hell (and so was my husband) and I could hardly eat anything. I did manage three quarters of a bottle of wine and a vodka and coke though.

We left Cafe Rouge and slowly walked the 5 minutes to the hotel. We went straight to the 3rd floor and knocked gently on the room door. It seemed ages before it opened. I went in first and was immediately handed a glass of champagne. My husband took a glass and went over to the other side of the room where he sat down. There was a terrible attempt at small talk from one of the lads so I decided that if I delayed things that I would end up chickening out. So I kissed the guy nearest me and grabbed his dick through his jeans. He responded by retuning my kisses and squeezing my left boob as he did so. We put our drinks down and kissed more passionately as his hands roamed all over my body.

I was wearing a black knee length halter neck dress which was made of very thin fabric and he had his hand between my legs rubbing my fanny. I now find it a little funny, but at the time, when he did this, my first thought was that because I wasn’t wearing any knickers, I was concerned that my new dress would get ruined. So I moved his hand away and hitched my dress up around my waist. This was the start of the main event.

He took hold of my shoulders and moved me over to the bed. I sat down on the edge and undid his jeans. He was rock solid and is bell-end was lovely and swollen. I asked my husband to pass me the lubricant we’d brought with us and rubbed a goodly amount on the head of his dick and down the shaft. I then moved backwards up the bed and, making sure my dress was well out of the way, lay back and spread my legs for him. I saw him look over at my husband and then he crawled up the bed and got between my legs.

His well lubed dick slipped in to me nice and easily and he immediately started to pump me good and hard. I could feel my braless tits bouncing under my dress as hammered me. Probably because we were all so worked up, unfortunately, he came before I did and I had the first load inside me before I’d had an orgasm. I didn’t have to wait very long before the next dick was in me and I was getting fucked hard again. This time though, I came with a nice strong orgasm. I came again just as the second guy spunked up me.

The third lad had got naked and seemed to be a much more skilled lover. He was slower and deeper and showed much more control than the other two. His dick felt great and I was really enjoying sensations he was giving me. He kept asking me if I was close to coming as he wanted to come at the same time as me. It didn’t take long before I could feel that I was getting close. I told him and he drove his meat deeper and harder in to me. It really felt wonderful and my orgasm started to rise in me. I looked over at my husband as I experienced the best orgasm so far. He looked very nervous but managed a smile as the lad pumped his spunk very deep inside me. After he came, he kept his dick in me for longer than the others, but eventually withdrew and made way for the forth lad.

The forth lad was also naked and by now I was completely soaking and my fanny was so sensitive I came within seconds of his dick entering me. He fucked me slowly and gently with long steady strokes. All the time he was inside me the orgasm never quite went away and he was by far the most skilled of the four lads. He lasted a good long time and I thoroughly enjoyed the time he was giving it to me. Eventually he unloaded in to me too and quickly withdrew his dick from me. Now it was my husband’s turn for sloppy seconds; or should that be sloppy fifths?

He climbed on top of me and asked me if I was alright as he began to fuck me. I raised my legs high and opened them as wide as I could to make sure I got maximum penetration. The sound of our bodies slapping together and the sound of the wetness as he plunged my fanny with his meat was amazing. He soon pumped the fifth load of spunk up me and he lay on top of me as I unsuccessfully tried to reach orgasm myself. I looked over at the clock and was surprised to see that the whole session had taken less than 15 minutes.

We were all feeling quite relaxed by now and we drank more champagne. After half an hour or so rest, one of the lads asked me if I was up for more sex. I was certainly game on, so I got naked and one of the lads made a start by taking me doggy style. The next hour or so was spent with all five men banging me in almost every position I could think of. Certainly a night to remember for me and my husband.