Written by Ray'salaugh

29 Jan 2017

Dee ran an escort agency in Milton Keynes and when I was working in her area I would sometimes call her up to see what was happening. Dee knew the sort of girls that I liked, which in short were girls new to the business under 25. If none of those were available, new girls over 25 would do nicely.

Dee told me she had a girl called Jo who had been on her books for a week or two, but she hadn't done any jobs as she couldn't accommodate, and was short of money, so couldn't afford to take a room in a hotel. That wasn't much of a problem to sort out. I could book a room in the Ramada Hotel at the Newport Pagnell Services on the M1 and meet her there. take the cost of the room off my escort fee and give her the key to the room when we finished so she could use it to get another punter or two for the rest of that day. Dee rang Jo to see if she would agree to that plan and she said OK. If Dee said Jo would turn up I trusted her enough to book a room at the hotel and pay cash up front. The hotel was used to travellers turn up and booking a room on the spot so no problem there. The hotel was easy to access and had side entrances away from view of the main desk. I phoned Dee to tell her I would meet Jo by one of these, and what my room number was.

A while later I was lounging by the side exit when a car drove into the car park with 3 females in it. One in the back could have been a teenager, the front passenger about 20 or so and the driver looked about 40. The car parked up and the driver and front passenger got out and walked towards the side entrance where I was.

This couldn't be Jo as I was only expecting her, so I moved off back into the hotel with the pair some distance behind. I reached my room, unlocked it and went in, closing the door behind me. I would wait a few minutes then go out again. I didn't have the chance as almost at once there was a soft knock on the door. I opened the door to see the 2 ladies standing there. "Are you Ray", the younger asked. "I'm Jo" I let them both in. It turned out that Jo didn't drive. The older lady was her driver. She was also Jo's Mum! She and Jo had talked this through and inspite of all her objections, Jo was determined to become an escort. Her Mum, Jenny, knew that whatever she did her daughter was going to do what she wanted to do, so the best she could do was to check out the punters and look after Jo as best she could. Who was the other girl in the back seat? It was Jo's younger sister. She was not on offer, and stayed in the car. OK, an unusual set up for sure, but Jenny was happy with me, more so when I said I would give her the money so she could see I wasn't going to try and rip off Jo.

Jenny and her younger daughter would go for a coffee in the Motorway services over the way and Jenny would be back in an hour to collect Jo. OK fine. Before she left, Jenny made sure that Jo had got her condoms, and Jo showed her a couple of 3 packs in her handbag. Reassured that I wasn't going to bareback her daughter, she left and we shut the door.

Jo was a slim girl and was wearing a tight dress and stockings under her coat. She obviously was fairly hard up as her clothes had a worn look to them. Never mind, I always look as a dressed whore as a wrapped Christmas present. You normally unwrap it as quick as possible to see what is inside. We got down to business. Jo had taken off her coat, but I unzipped her dress down the back .She shrugged it off her shoulders and stepped out of it, leaving her in bra and panties, and a pair of hold ups. I like my girls naked so I sat on the bed and took off her shoes then rolled down each of her stockings in turn. Now just in bra and panties, I told Jo it was her turn. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. She unfastened my trousers, and they soon followed. Next, she knelt on the floor to remove my Y fronts as I stepped out of them and kicked them away, she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. I might be her first customer, but she knew what she was doing, and gave a very sweet blow job as well. While she was on her knees with her head bobbing up and down on my cock I unclipped her bra and she took it off, releasing a pair of 34B tits. Not big, but enough to play with.

She stopped sucking and I sat down in the chair near the hotel room table. She moved forward so I could pull down her panties and get a look at her cunt. It was fully shaved. She told me that Dee had suggested she shave it when she put her name on the books. Dee had also been giving her tips on what most punters liked, and what to do in the bedroom. That explained the blow job then.

Standing in front of me naked, I got her to open her legs, and with me sitting in the chair, I started to finger her cunt, playing with her clit and pushing first one, then two fingers into her. She stood there with her legs apart and her hands on her hips letting me have full access. Very nice. After a little while, I thought she was wet enough and ready to fuck, so I asked her to get a condom. She took one out and rolled it onto my prick making sure it was on properly. I was still sitting on the chair, and asked her to straddle me and lower herself down on my cock. I don't think she had done it like that before, but did what I asked, holding my cock as she lowered herself down onto it so it slipped in easily.

Once it was in her fully she relaxed a bit. She had finally done it and was being fucked for cash. She started to rock backwards and forwards while I played with her 34B's which were more or less at eye level and bouncing nicely as she moved on my cock. I played with her nipples, sucking each in turn and squeezing them gently. Once again, here I was with a girl I had never met in my life, yet within 10 minutes of meeting, we were both naked and my cock was deep inside her. I asked her how that felt for her. She said that her emotions were swinging from one extreme to the other. She was frightened about what she was going to do, yet horny at the thought of doing it. She was scared about what kind of guy I would turn out to be, but looking forward to being fucked by me. The idea of stripping off in front of a stranger made her feel sick, but she was tingling at the thought of showing off her tits and pussy. Now she was actually fucking me, she was feeling much better and was starting to enjoy the experience. She said she was still very nervous, but knew what to do and would do everything I wanted during the hour, she didn't think I would make her come as she couldn't relax that much.

She was doing the right things and had the right attitude from my point of view. After all, I wasn't going to take her home to mum was I? She was only there so I could fuck her, get a good blow job, and play with her tits and to earn the cash I was paying her. Agreed, while we were both together, I would be as sweet as I could, try and relax her, and make her laugh, but all that was for no other reason then to get her to do a better job on me. I found out long ago that the friendlier you are with the girls, the more they open up to you and the better time they give you.

After bouncing up and down on my cock for a while it was time to move onto the large hotel bed. I asked her to hug me round the neck as I was going to hold on to her and walk the three or four steps to the bed with my cock still in her while she wrapped her legs around me. I would lower her onto her back on the bed and keep on fucking her. We tried it. It worked and she said she had never done that before but liked the feeling of the cock in her as we stood up.

With her on her back on the bed it was my turn to push it into her. I could feel the start of a cum building up, so fucked her hard until I came thrusting into her as deep as I could as I came. I rolled off her. She found a tissue and took off the condom cleaning up my cock, disposing of it down the toilet in the bathroom while I was getting my breath back.

I love watching naked girls, especially freshly fucked naked girls, moving around the room while I am lying back in the middle of the bed. Jo had performed well, and had the makings of a pretty good whore. A bit more experience and she would be a very good fuck indeed.

She flopped back on the bed beside me and took my cock in her hand slowly wanking it. I went for her cunt again and soon had a couple of fingers inside her while I sucked in one of her tits. My cock started to get hard again. Once it was she sucked it for a while until I was ready to take her again. "Time for another condom Jo " I told her. She took one from the shelf by the bed and rolled it on by putting it in her mouth and rolling it on with her teeth and lips. She said Dee had told her how to do it and she had been practicing on a cucumber at home. Good girl. This time I turned her over and took her doggie. After a while, I stood her up and bent her forward over the dresser. Standing behind her I slipped it back in so we could both watch me fucking her in the mirror.

I always like looking into a girls eyes when I cum in her, so again I mover her onto the bed on her back. She lay there with her legs open, her cunt ready for me and her hands behind her head. I stood at the bottom of the bed looking at her. I had fucked her till I had cum , had fucked her again in a few positions and she was now waiting for me to push my cock back in her again. I got on the bed, took my cock in my hand and slapped it on her pussy lips a few times then pushed it into her nice and deep. I looked her in the eyes and started to thrust. She started to talk dirty. Another of Dee's tips. "Fuck me Ray, come on, harder, faster, push it in my cunt, play with my tits, Oh yea oh yea, fuck, fuck!" I came again. Just what I needed. I rolled off her again and she got up to dispose of the second condom and clean up my cock.

She came back to bed and I asked her to suck my cock. I wouldn't be able to go again for a third time, but a gentle blow job while I fingered her and played a bit more with her tits would be good. We talked a bit and I got to find out a bit about her. Mum and Dad had split up years ago. Mum had done cleaning jobs, and she had worked in several poorly paid jobs in the 4 years since she had left school. She knew a girl who had been a tart for a year or so and was making fair money. Not huge amounts, but enough to be comfortable. She discussed it with her Mum and she tried to talk her out of it. Anyway, they needed to replace some things in the house and were broke, so Jo said she was going to try it if Mum liked it or not. Now she had tried it and it was OK, so she was going to do it again. With my help, she now had a hotel room to use for the rest of the day and all night. If Dee could get her a couple or three more, she would fuck them.

A soft knocking came from the hotel door. I looked at my watch. We had been at it for an hour and 10 minutes. Jo jumped up, grabbed for her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. "Just a minute" I called, pulled on my boxers and went to the door. It was Jenny come to collect her well fucked daughter and see all was well. Jenny came into the room and gave me a look. I shut the door behind her saying Jo was in the bathroom and I started to dress.

Soon Jo came out of the bathroom fully dressed, but blushing in her Mums presence. All three of us knew I had fucked Jo. I finished getting dressed and put on my coat. Turning to Jenny, I gave her the key card for the room, and said I hoped the rest of the day went the way they wanted, and that Jo got fucked a few more times. I had enjoyed our hour together and would contact them again to set up another meet.

After I left, I called Dee. I always gave her feed back on her new girls so she could decide if she would keep them on or let them go. I said it was a good hour, that Jo had acted on Dees tips, and she would be better once she had some more experience. I would do her again. And I did, but that story is for another time.