15 Apr 2018

While I was in the writing mood thought I'd recount a story from about 4 yrs ago on how I was picked up very late one night, or more like it very early one morning. Since moving to Greece about 7 yrs ago I've done very well with women, especially younger ones. Do my good looks get better with age or it it a combination of a warm climate, sun and sand? I don't know but something certainly seems to work.

I had to take some friends for a night return flight back to the UK. An awful time, had to drop them at the airport something like 01.00. When I first arrived here I had been to a lap dancing club in Heraklion called Diamonds & Pearls. Strictly lap dancing some touching can be had but the girls panties stay firmly on. It's a long way to go for what you can see on the local beaches all summer long but since I was there so late at night thought I'd drop in and maybe have a little fun.

The club itself looks as if it's an old theatre or cinema with a long narrow stage that extends right out downstairs with a balcony upstairs with 4 semi private rooms where you can get to know the girls a little better. If you sit at the side of the stage at the front facing backwards you can, through the low lighting, get a reasonable voyeuristic view into the upstairs rooms.

So I sat myself down just there which also has a really close up view of the stage. One of the girls gets up about every 15 mins or so and dances for two records. Her top comes off towards the end of the first then she gyrates around topless wearing just a thong for the second before returning back to the general area. where the audience sit.

There were about 6 or 7 girls, all scantily clad. One by one they came over and sat next to me. The standard intro seems to be 'Hello, my name is XXXXXX, , I'm from (they were all from either Russia/Bulgaria/Romania) how are you?' After a bit of small talk, sometimes you can have a grope and the occasional one will feel you up, they ask if you would like to buy them a drink or go for a private dance.

Most of them looked pretty similar, heavy make up, generally blonde hair often dyed and busty. There was one who looked a bit different, smaller breasts a really slender figure and medium auburn hair. I'd been thinking maybe a couple of private sessions upstairs would be good. She was the last to come over, but when she sat close to me she wreaked of cigarettes so much it was a turn off. Not for me.

I headed back home, it must have been about 02.30. I had been drinking Coke and felt I could do some real damage to a couple of beers, so stopped at a resort closer to where I live knowing a late night music club, The Crazy Horse would still be open. As I went down the stairs the blast of loud music hit me. I sat on a stool by the bar and above all the noise managed to order a cold Mythos beer.

Sitting there after a few minutes a very attractive slim girl came up to me and said 'My name's Jovita, how are you?' Well blow me I never thought this was that type of place. She already had a drink and as she finished hers asked me if I would like another beer. Well well! Perhaps this isn't quite what I thought after all.

Turns out she was Lithuanian and working for the summer at a local travel shop. This was her second summer over here. Very attractive with a slender figure, tall standing at about 5'10" and short fair hair. We had a few beers, she even dragged me onto the dance floor, then she suggested we go for a night swim. She got some raki from the bar to warm us up afterwards then we got into my car and drove to the far beach.

We quickly stripped off and went splashing into the water. We stood in the water, arms around each other kissing. I had a good feel of her firm body and slender small breasts, the cold water making her nipples stand out firm which I gently nibbled with my mouth. An hour and a half after her sliding up to me there we were skinny dipping by moonlight together. When we got back to the beach, didn't stay in too long as it was quite cold, we sat on an empty lounger and shared the raki. One thing led to another and we fucked each other.

Rather than give me her number we stopped by her office on the way back and she took a leaflet out of the dispenser with all the office information on. I was a bit sceptical so went back the following day and sure enough there she was sitting outside the office. We were fuck buddies for the summer until the season drew to a close at the begining of October. The offices closed every day from 2.00 until 6.00 and we fucked each other most afternoons. Jovita went clubbing most nights after the office closed at 10.00 but not really my scene so generally gave that a miss.

There was one evening when not long before closing time a young German couple came in and booked a coach trip. She was off the next day and coming over to mine. As Jovita was shutting up shop she suggested we all go for a drink together so made our way down to the harbour. We drank quite a lot of wine and were all well oiled but not drunk.

As we passed their apartment they suggested we come in for a last drink. There was a double bed so we all sat around it. Pretty soon they began kissing and were quickly deeply into each other. We did the same so all four of us were stretched out on the bed, then we sort of rolled into each other and suddenly found ourselves with our opposite partners. The girls got well involved with each other as we guys watched in awe. as full lesbian sex was happening right in front of us. After every one fucking all together, we swapped partners back and fro several times it was time to go. An amazing night.

Sadly Jovita didn't return for another season, turns out her work rate wasn't too good so the boss didn't want her back. Pity, but it was fun while it lasted!