Written by gemma

3 Apr 2016

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When we got back from our massage Claire went to the loo as i made a cup of coffee and she came out holding my black thong between her thumb and fore finger with toilet paper and told me the cleaner had left them on the shelf above the sink. I took them off her and was shocked at hot wet and sticky they were and Claire asked had i not used protection last night and I told her I am not on the pill now. We sat down and she asked me why I hadn't used a condom and I had to confess i didn't know how to and having just had my first ever orgasm I just wanted more of the same. She suggested that i should go to the walk in medical centre up the road and get the morning after pil on our way out later.

She looked at me in total shock and could not believe it when I told her that i never played with myself and did not know what a sex toy was. She went to her suitcase and Pulled out a strange object and told me this was her rabbit . I took hold of it and was fascinated by it and the feel. I asked how it worked so she turned it on and i almost dropped it in shock as it moved She picked it up and I asked did it go inside her so took a tube of something out of her case too her leggings off and and thong then lay on the bed and put a little lube on the end she then opened her legs and slowly inserted it into her vagina as she turned it on she the told me that would position the ears at her clitoris and it was soon very and she was starting to have an orgasm after 5 mins she removed it and wiped it with some body wipes. I asked if i could have a go but she said that you must never share toys but we could get one from Ann Summers on the way to our session in the Roman baths at 4.00 pm. I undressed and got into bed But left my thong on as i started to doze my hand was rubbing my vagina over my thong and I plucked up the courage to insert 2 fingers inside me as I thought about the rabbit I was going to buy later and although i did not have an orgasm I got very exited and Claire asked if I was enjoying myself I just blushed and took my fingers out. I woke up at about 2.00 and went to the bathroom for a shower and washed my thong as it was very damp. as I got dressed i packed my bikini in my bag and put the kettle on and Claire woke up and had a shower and then we both got dressed and set of to the Roman baths . We called at the walk in centre and after answering a few questions was given the morning after pill which I took there and then . We the found Ann Summers and i picked up a rabbit but then saw their selection of suspender belts and bought a black one and a red one and also 4 pairs of stockings one black one nude one with a seam up and on pair of black fishnet ones. On the way I told Claire i had not felt comfortable in the hold up as i felt they were coming down even though they weren't. We arrived at the baths were given a white towel and robe and white toweling slippers. We got changed and i was conscious about how revealing a bikini was for the first time as i put the robe on collected my clothes and went out and found a locker. I met Claire and we made our way to one of the large steam areas and took our robes of and relaxed and we were soon perspiring and. After about 20 mins we stood up and made our way to the indoor pool and i commented to Claire that her nipples looked very prominent and you could make out the piercing and also see the outline of her vagina as he bikini clung to her. She told me not to worry as everybody was the same and the men in trunks you could see the shape and outline of their dicks. we relaxed in the pool before making our way to the rooftop pool. After spending a very relaxfull 2 hours in the baths we made our way back to the hotel. I rinsed my bikini and put it over the radiator to dry then decided to open my rabbit. Claire came out of the bathroom and saw me holding it and asked would I like to try it out I nodded and she told me she would help me the first time and told me to lie on the bed. She took the rabbit and slowly moved it up and down my leg before putting it up my skirt and over my stocking tops till it was rubbing against the front of my briefs she pulled my skirt off and pulled my briefs down after rubbing it over my vagina she knelt between my legs and after putting some lube on the end and also over my slit she gently guide it inside my and turned it on i had a sensational feeling ans she guide the ears to either side of my clitoris and the impact was immediate as i started groaning and within a few minutes could feel and orgasm building and screamed in delight as It reached its peak and my muscles gripped the rabbit inside me for an age as I climaxed. I slowly came down form the climax but my whole body was tingling as Claire gently removed it she suggested that I should give it a blow job. I asked what she meant and she told me that i put it in my mouth and run my tongue up and down then suck it up its length and see how far i can get it down my throat. She added that men love it and it is a quick way of getting them hard again and if you do it well you can suck them till they come and then swallow the cum as it is not too unpleasant a taste if a little salty. But remember to suck and not blow though. She handed me the rabbit and i slowly licked it with my tongue and could taste my juices which were not unpleasant and soon was was sucking it before drying it with some wipes. we got our showers and i decided to wear my yellow mini skirt along with my yellow bra and briefs my black lace blouse. I also wore my new black suspenders and black stockings. It was a lovely warm evening so we did not need a jacket so we made our way to a pub we had passed near to the baths and went in ordered a glass of rose and checked the menu after ordering we found a table and sat down chatting I told Claire how fantastic the rabbit was and i was looking forward to using it on a regular basis she just laughed and said that it was good but not as good as the real thing. Our food came and we ordered a bottle of rose to go with the meal . There were a couple of guys at the bar kept looking at us. so Claire said she would nip to the loo on her own and check them out. when she returned she said they were very nice and she knew why they were watching because my stocking tops and suspenders on my right leg were clearly visible as my skirt had risen and was a couple on inches above my stocking tops. She told me to just leave it as they have seen it now and it would be obvious if you tried to cover up. We finished our meal and poured the last of the wine when one of the blokes came over and introduced himself as Alex and asked if they could join us I excused myself to go to the loo and when i returned Alex was sat next to me and Sam was next to Claire I sat down making sure my skirt was covering my stocking tops. We had a very enjoyable evening and had too much drink as i was feeling tipsy at the end of the evening as there were 3 empty wine bottles on the table. They called last orders and they asked if we wanted to back to their place for a few more drinks Claire readily accepted but I said I need to go to the toilet first Claire followed me and as soon as we were in she asked if i was alright with it and i said i was but needed to come here first she saw me looking in my bag and asked what I was looking for I told her i needed 2 1£ coins to get a pack of condoms she laughed and gave me 2 i see you fancy him then . I asked did she not recognise them from the baths earlier and she remembered that Looking at the trunks Alex was wearing he has got a very big dick and I want him to stretch me. She laughed as we came out of the toilet and I was putting the packet in my bag Alex and Sam were stood atthe side of the door and as we left the pub Alex had his arm around my waist and whispered that he had plenty condoms at home I didn't need to buy any. I just blushed . We got back to their flat which was fantastic and i sat on a large bean bag at the side of the coffee table and was joined by Alex Claire was talking to Sam at he kitchen bar before holding his hand as they disappeared Alex leaned over me and started to kiss me as his hand was unbuttoning my blouse and he was soon

rubbing my tits his other hand was on my knee but slowly moved up to the top of my suspenders and paused before touching my briefs He stood up took my hand and led me into a very large bedroom with an en-suite and slowly removed my blouse and started to me my chest between my boobs he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor stood back and asked if he could take my picture I nodded as he did so of me in my undies and asked for my number and then texted it to me . I sat on the bed and he came and stood in front of me and took his shirt off and dropped his jeans and boxers so that he was naked and yes it was big. I put my hand out and touched it and it was really hard he guided my hand and his dick to my mouth and i remembered what Claire had told me so i licked the to p before tying to put it in my mouth I could just taste what smelt like urine and remembered he had also bee to the loo just before we left the pub . he started to push it further into my mouth and i started to suck it I was soon gagging as it touched the back of my throat so he stopped pushing as I sucked it hard. After about 5 attempts with me gagging each time he slowly managed to it in further and was soon going in and out as I held his bum I felt his bum go tight and he stopped but the I tasted his cum as he shot three or four spurts down my throat as he started to pull out I was licking and sucking him and was enjoying the taste . when he was out he slowly eased me to lie on the bed and too k my bra and briefs off . He said to me that my husband was lucky to have somebody who can give a blow job like that so I just smiled as he started to slowly kiss my body he saw the bite marks on my boob and laughed before saying we will improve them as he sucked at my nipples and tits he then continued to kiss my body and was soon kneeling between my legs pushing them apart and slowly kissed me above my vagina and was biting me before moving and licking my slit parting my lips with his tongue and thrusting it into me the feeling was fantastic and he withdrew his tongue before licking my clit and as I started to react he was soon nibbling it with his teeth I was soon on the way to an orgasm as he move back to my slit as as I filled his mouth with my juices as the orgasm reached its peak. I reached down and grabbed hold of his dick and gently stroked it and pulled the foreskin down he moved up my body and I put the end into my mouth and could feel it start to harden he then lifted my legs over his shoulder and reached out his hand before doing something I could not see he then told me he was now dressed and slowly started to enter me I put my hand on it and realised he was using a condom he slid in easily as i stretched to accommodate him he went deeper than I had ever been entered before and he started to kiss me as he was in completely he moved his hand between my legs rubbing his finger on his dick as he went in and out. He the put his hand on my bum and I could feel the dampness as he rubbed his wet finger on my bum hole then slowly i tensed as i could feel him trying to push his finger up my bum but it was painful so he stopped and was soon pounding away and i started to reach another orgasm and felt his finger rubbing below my clit as i reached the throes of the orgasm i felt a sharp pain in my bum and realised his finger was right up my bum to his knuckle he started to move it in and out in time with his thrusts and another orgasm started I screamed for more and felt a second finger in my bum as i grasped his dick with my pubic muscles I sensed him pumping inside me but realised he was just filling the condom. He pulled out slowly and as he removed the condom i put his dick into my mouth and sucked him clean . I got up and went to the loo and as I washed my hands and face I saw my tits and around my vagina were covered in bite marks. Alex shouted through and asked if I wanted a drink so went into the bedroom and the door was open so went to the kitchen and Sam and Claire were both stood there naked . She came over and asked me if i would mind if Alex joined them so the could spit roast Her i just nodded not knowing what she meant They had left the bedroom door ajar so when i heard the noises start I crept over and saw that Alex was fucking Claire as she bent over Sam who was lay on the bed getting a blow job off Claire. I stood fascinated for a few minutes before moving to the kitchen for another drink. I then heard Claire screaming for more and peeped around the door again to see Alex lay on the bed with Claire impaled on his dick and leaning forward as Sam was fucking her up the arse at the same time after 10 mins or so Claire came out and her face was covered in cum she said they were waiting for me . I entered the bedroom and Alex lay on the bed and pulled me down as i started to suck on his dick I then felt Sam enter me and start pumping away he was no were near as big as Alex and in fact was quite small I felt him put a finger up my bum and i was soon bucking as my orgasm started and I screamed out with pleasure they pulled out and then they both put a condom on As I was guide to sit facing Alex as I was entered by him and I was looking him in the face he then pulled me forward and I felt Sam attempt to enter my bum after three attempts he finally did and they both started to fuck me in time and I could feel both of them rubbing and was soon having another orgasm followed by another till I felt them both stiffen they both withdrew and as I collapsed on the bed the both removed their condoms and emptied them over my face and hair. Now I knew why Claire was covered in cum. as i looked up Claire was stood in the door a big smile on her face .

She told me not to wash but we both got dressed and made our way back to the hotel and it was 5 in the morning . As we got back to the room Claire took my hand guided me to her bed and started to kiss and caress me before licking all the dried cum off my face so I returned the complement she then removed my briefs and started to lick and suck my clit and it was like heaven and she swung herself around so my face was under her vagina so I returned the complement I the experienced my first ever night of passion with a woman. i was woken by a finger entering me and opened my eyes to see Claire smiling and I pushed 2 fingers into her. I said that i had enjoyed being with her but do not normally have feelings towards women but Claire said don't let it worry you it is natural at times

I started to ask her more questions and was taken aback when she asked me what her job was . I told her she served in Boots but she just laughed and said do you think I could dun my house and have holidays that I have or spend as much

time with you on the wages of a shop assistant . i will tell you i am a self employed independent escort and sometimes am asked to have sex with another woman but am not in contact with somebody I trust. If you are interested we could work together. i know you do not need the money but think of the fun we could have together.

I stood up in shock at this and told her I would think about it when we got home

Part three to follow soon