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Indian Mother in Law Boob Massage

"Massage lead to fondling MIL's big boobs"

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Hello, If you have read my previous post/stories, you would know the build up to this point. It took me a long time to get to this point. But it happened lot sooner than I expected. I can't tell you the excitement I have had since. So my MIL was over for the weekend. On Sunday morning, she woke up with severe migraine. My wife and I massaged her head and some acupuncture massage points on her hands. She felt little better but not a whole lot. She got up from the sofa to go get some water. Wife had left to wash her hands. When she got up, I asked her for me to check her swelling in ribs and shoulder blade. I slid my hand under her t-shirt. There was good amount of swelling. I asked her to do light stretched as I guided her and supported her body. She started to feel dizzy. I told her she should lay down and may be I should massage her before it gets worst. He promptly agreed. She told my wife she would like to me to give her massage and we will be back downstairs soon. Up in our normal spot, she played face down, I slipped her t-shirt up and unhooked the bra. she got up and said she is going to completely remove her bra. Back down, I massaged her really well for extended period of time in the back area. At the end of the day want her to feel better and don't want to rush to touch her. after the back, I moved her to on her side. massaged the under shoulder and rib cage. then asked her to lay face up. slowly started to massage front ribs, which were hurting pretty bad. I slowly moved to the side of the boob as she said it hurts there too. I moved her shirt up and her boob was fully exposed. Oh my GOD! What a lovely boob. She tried to cover it up, I told her not to worry about it. Since it hurts, I should take care of it and started massaging it. I told her it's probably better as sexual arousal helps with pain. She was little shocked. I asked her if she feels excited when I touch her boobs, she played it down. She in return said she hates my FIL. So I got the confirmation, there is no action there. I started to massage her boob really well. after a while I heard wife was coming up the stairs, we covered her boobs and I started massaging her head. My wife checked on us and MIL commented how my massage is making her feel better. She said I should stop now and she would take a nap. After a while I saw her going to the restroom, not looking very good. She said she feels like throwing up. I know how bad it gets when she throws up. So wanted to help her get better soon. I remembered my friend once told me how certain essence oils help with headaches. I googled and it was peppermint oil. We had them for diffusers. I went and got the peppermint oil for MIL. Made her take deep breaths with smelling it. She asked me to massage her head. I obliged as she was in lot of pain. my wife came and gave her migraine medication. I continued to massage her head. She said she is feeling much relaxed. She asked me to go get hair brush as her hair were quite messy now. When I returned back to the room, she had switched place and had laid down straight with her head on the edge of the bed. She asked me to massage her head and comb her hair. After couple minutes she asked would she feel better if I massaged her pec muscles. I said not sure it might. She said please try. I started and of course briefly rubbed top of her breast. She said, "fuck it massage my boobs it sexual arousal will help, I want to feel better!" I went to work, fondling her boobs, pinching her nipples. I was using one hand by entering neck part of the t-shirt. She said massage with one and play with my other hand. Oh boy I loved it so much. I sucked on her nipple with t-shirt and kissed her on her cheeks with little peck on her lips. I took her hand and placed it on my fully erect penis. She gave me a smile but moved her hand, asked me to calm down as someone can come. It was amazing, I wanted twice yesterday as I get hard on rethinking what had happened. I cant wait for next time.
Written by hulkindian

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