9 Apr 2017

this is a repost due to a request

What i am about to relate is 100% factual and totally true.

I was a very jealous man when i was in the first few years of my relationship with my girlfriend (later to become my wife).

If she looked at another guy i would give her a verbal lashing on the way home.

We eventually got married in 1980 after 4 years of courtship and engagement.

I became more relaxed and trusting as time moved on and realised how stupid i had been to dispute my wifes loyalty.

My wife has only ever been with me sexually as i was her first and only lover.

I started to feel guilty as i had had many a sexual encounter having been a stand up comedian / impressionist and D J, girls where is to pick up as they would approach me.

I began to think that it would be good for my wife to experience what sex is like with another man.

I broached the subject with her but she wasn't interested in the slightest.

I asked why she wouldn't want to, as other wives would jump at the chance to play away from home.

She replied "we have been married for 26 years, why rock the boat"?

I told her that i love her very much and as long as she came back to me i didn't care.

Every now and again she would go out with her few friends that she had, and i always told her to "make sure that you come back filled".

But it never happened.

she worked in a shop, when a new girl started.

I knew this new girl and she is a right slag as i knew her, and her husband (he's a very good friend of mine).

I will call the new girl B, and my wife H. one year the staff christmas party was coming up where they would go for a meal and then onto a club.

I thought this was the chance to get my wife fucked by a guy. I spoke to B, telling her to take my wife under her wing and find her a guy with a big cock. B replied "i'll try but i can't promise anything".

Nothing happened at the party other than talk about which members of staff had strayed behind their husbands back.

Of course B was quite blunt with her confession telling the company that she had fucked over 200 guys.

Move forward 2 years and it was my wifes 49th birthday.

I told her "why not arrange a celebratory night out with B, you never know you may get laid if your with her.

I went to pick her up from work one day and B approach me and told me that herself and H had arranged to go for a night out to celebrate H's birthday. I told B to make sure that H got a fella for the night. she promised she would try her best.

To say i was excited was an understatement, and couldn't wait for the night to arrive. They had arranged it for a thursday night as neither of them were working on the friday.

The thursday arrived and i took my wife up to B's home to pick her up and take them into to town and drop them off.

she told me they went into a couple of bars and eventually settled down in a chicago rock cafe with a kind of disco going on .

The rest of this story is what she told me in her own words what occurred.

well, this really did turn into a very strange night.

They were sat at a table just chatting about this and that.

2 guys came and went to the bar, got themselves a drink and moved over to the table that the girls where sat at.

They just plonked the backsides down without even asking. They asked the girls their names and duly replied.

One of the guys introduced himself as matt, the other was paul.

Matt was 24 and Paul was 35. Apparently the shared a 2 bed apartment in the next village which is about 7 miles away.

Matt asked the girls if they would like a drink, but the girls ignored the question.

The guys got up and went to the bar and they got a round in for the all.

Matt asked the girls if they would like to dance.

They all got up and went to the dance floor for a couple of numbers.

Then they sat back down, and B flashed her tits, (she is always doing it) when Matt suddenly asked H "why haven't you fashed yours"?, so she pulled her jumper out as far as it would go and he looked down at her tits, exclaiming WOW!! beautiful. my wife was at the time 36c and B was 34b (iv'e played with them). Matt asked my wife if they would like to go back to their apartment for some more drinks. he added, as i would love to shag you. My wife said she couldn't stop laughing, picked up her handbag and went to the loo. while in there she phoned me and related the conversation, expressing the "because i would love to shag you". I reminded her that she had only ever been with me sexually. You do know what you will be required to do?

She said "yes in know but i like him he's cute.

I said, Well got for it and enjoy yourself. I asked her find the address and let me know as when you are ready "and i will come and pick you up).

She said that the bar was ready for closing so they will be leaving shortly. she returned to her seat and asked B if she would like to go back with them.

B just shrugged her shoulders and my wife took it as a yes.

They left the bar and went around the corner to a taxi office and got one straight away.

They arrived at the apartment and entered. in the lounge they both sat on a sofa. Matt went straight into his bedroom and paul went to the kitchen to get some drinks. H declined saying she had had enough. paul B and H where sat down.

Matt just came into sight in just his boxers and beckoned H to go to him, she got up off the sofa and went into his bedroom.

By the time she got there Matt was lying on the bed totally naked facing the door.

She closed the door and joined him on the bed facing him.

They started to snog and after a couple of minutes he took hold of her hand and place it on his cock.

She stroked him for a short while and he then movedup on the bed and straddled her feet.

He started to rub his hands up her skirt and got higher and higher up her legs until he reached her knickers, he pulled them down and slipped them off her.

However, he didn't know how the skirt came off so he asked her how it worked.

She unzipped at the side and he pulled it down off her.

He opened her legs and lay down in between them. they again started to snog and she said she could feel his cock on her stomach and underneath her jumper.

After about 10 minutes of snogging he got off her and started to walk towards the door, he opened it, turned and said "take your jumper and bra off for when i get back, i need a wee.

She took her top and bra off and put them on top of her other stuff.

He came back and resumed his position, again she said she could feel his cock on her stomach.they snogged fer even longer this time.

He then got off her and lay down besides her he then asked her a question, "how do you know if you have met the right girl"?

Apparently he had a 35 year old girlfriend and wasn't sure if "she was the one".

After about 20 minutes of small talk my wife realised that that was as far as this was going, so got up and started to dress.

she asked him for the address so "i can phone hubby to come and pick us up".

He was very reluctant to tell her as he seemed frightened in case i didn't approve.

Eventually he relented and told her.

She phoned me and gave me the address. i put it in my satnav and arrived about 20 minutes later.

I phoned her and told her i was waiting outside. of course at this time i had no idea what had gone on.

I went through all the usual excitement, anxiety etc etc.

She came out and i told her to sit in the back as i wanted B in the front with me.

Once in i asked if she had been satisfied, but she said no.

I was gobsmacked, so what went on? i asked, "i'll tell you when we get home".

I told her to go back in the apartment and jump on him and beg him to giver her one , but she refused.

B came to the car and she got in the front.

I drove off after about 5 minutes B looked at me and laughed " hahaha your wife has just been shagging".

Itold her that it was not true as H had told me otherwise B turned to H and asked if that was right and she confirmed that she hadn't been intimate with him.

I'll tell you next time at work what happened.

I took my wife home first and dropped her off first.

I the proceeded to take B home, i stopped on the way in a quiet spot and screwed her.

We have shagged many times, with my wife's knowledge,as H says as long as i doesn't see it i'm is not bothered.

I took her home and dropped her off about 5am.

I arrived home and asked her what went on and she related to me everything that i have written above.

And that was it, my wife's first ever attempt at extra marital sex turned out to be a disaster.

To say i was disappointed was an understatement.

We tried again to get her laid and that turned into a disaster, but thats another story.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

in another episode i set her up with a friend of ours but that was not a success either.

if you like to know about that then let me know.