Written by Charlie

14 Feb 2018

My wife Janet is 52, 5’7”, 38dd bust, a good figure and very shapely legs. We go out every Friday for a meal at a local restaurant and she wears a skirt that is above her knees, high heels, stockings, suspenders and a thong. Near the end of the meal she goes to the toilet and removes her thong and sits at the table with her legs apart so I can see her smooth shaven pussy. As we walk home I put my hand up her skirt and finger her pussy. By the time we arrive home in ten minutes she is warm, moist and had an orgasm. We walk up our secluded drive and at the front door she pulls up her skirt and exposes her naked arse and stocking clad legs. She spreads her legs and I get my hard prick out and fuck her, coming up her warm pussy. We go indoors and she strips just to her stockings and suspenders and we have a good sex session for about an hour both coming again.

Well last Friday Janet was invited to a work colleagues retirement do. I drove her to work and was going to pick her up later when the do finished. She decided to wear stockings, suspenders and a thong to work so on the way home we would have some sexy fun. Janet said the do started at six and she would ring me at about nine to collect her. Well at eight thirty she rang me and told me she would ring if she needed collecting as the disco was booked until one am. She sounded quite merry and I could hear the disco music. Before I could ask why I might not need to collect her she ended the conversation. I felt uneasy about what she had just said so I decided to drive to the Sports Club the do was at, it was only a twenty minute drive away. I arrived, it was poorly lit but found a space in the corner facing the back of the club. I was just about to get out of my car, a large suv so I was sitting quite high I saw a couple come round the corner. In the darkness I recognised the blonde bob hairstyle. It was Janet. As she and the male she was with walked to the end of the building a security light came on and gave me a good view of the two of them. I remained in the vehicle and wondered what she was up to.

She had her back to me and started to kiss the bloke and he was running his hands down her dress and found her bum. He was squeezing her bum cheeks hard as they snogged. He then eased her dress up exposing her stocking tops, then her white thighs and then finally pulling the dress above her bum. He grabbed hold of her naked bum cheeks. He then moved one hand in between them. It looked like he had found her pussy and was playing with it. Then Janet slid down his body and undid his trousers and pulled his erect prick out from his pants. She gave him a slow wank and then took his prick into her mouth and proceeded to give him a blow job. He had his hands on her shoulders and then moved them to the top of her low cut dress. He slid the dress off her shoulders and exposed her bra covered tits. He then massaged her tits. After a couple of minutes Janet stood up and unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground exposing her magnificent 38dd boobs. The bloke bent down and took hold of one and started to suck her right tit. Paying attention to her nipple. Janet loves her nipples sucked. Then Janet turned to her left and bent over placing her hands on a container. The bloke stepped behind her. I had a good view of Janet bent over with her large tits dangling in front of her, her dress pulled up exposing her stocking clad legs, her exposed thighs and suspender belt. The bloke pulled her thong down and Janet stepped out of them. The bloke then stood behind her, grabbed her hips and slid his prick into her and proceeded to fuck her. As he fucked her tits were swaying back and forth. I got my stiff prick out and wanked as I saw my wife being fucked by another bloke. He started to speed up his fucking and gave a shout as he came up her. He then pulled out of her. Janet stood up, bent down and picked her thong up and used it to wipe his prick. She then gave them to him. She then put her bra into her handbag and straightened her dress and they walked back into the club.

A couple of minutes later my phone went, it was Janet asking me to collect her in half an hour. I did not how I was going to handle the situation. I had always gone on to her about fucking another bloke but felt a bit let down that she had gone ahead without me being part of it. I waited half an hour and moved the car to the front. As I stopped I saw Janet walk out with the bloke she had just fucked. She opened the passenger door and got in and the bloke walked to the car park. Janet put her legs on the dash, spread them and pulled her dress up exposing her naked pussy. She then said” I’ve been naughty. I just got fucked by that bloke I walked out of the club with. Feel my pussy his spunk is still in me. I know you wanted to be part of it but I’m pissed and really felt like fucking another bloke. Dave is a nice bloke and if you want we can get him to come to ours and we will have threesome if you want.” I then told I had seen it all as I was in the car park. I then felt her pussy and stuck in finger up her and felt his sticky spunk up there. I drove home as she got my prick out and wanked me slowly as she pulled her dress down and exposed her breasts. We got home and Janet pulled her dress off and got out of the car. She walked to the front and faced the bonnet and lent over it, spreading her legs. I wasted no time and dropped my trousers and pants and slid my prick into her wet sloppy pussy and fucked her. As I fucked her I slapped her arse cheeks. She seemed to enjoy it so I slapped her hard, leaving red marks on her arse cheeks. She and I came together. We went indoors and I watched as two lots of spunk dribbled out of her pussy down her thighs. We spoke about a threesome with Dave and will arrange it in a few weeks’ time.