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Long way home

"Sharing a mother and daughter on the long trip home"

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This is mainly a true story with just a few bits of literary license. Sue and I were in Vera a small place in the south of Spain holidaying in our motorhome. "did you hear that," Sue asked. "What" I replied. "something about a virus," she replied. We listened intently to the radio. It was four hours later that we heard that a virus had escaped China and there were cases in several other countries. "I hope it doesn't come here," Sue stated. "Me too," I replied. The next few days we heard of other cases in several countries and that China was going into lock-down. This started a small panic in us. We decided that as Sue has several health issues and would be classed as at risk we decided to drive to an airport and get Sue on a plane back home to England. Nearly ten hours later I watched Sue go into the customs check area prior to catching her plane. I arranged for Steve, one of Sue's boyfriends to meet her at Bristol airport to get her home. For me it was the trip back to Bilbao, in the motorhome, to catch the next boat home. As I made my way back to the motorhome I was approached by two women, one early twenties the other probably early forties. "Can you help us," the younger one asked. "I'll try ," I replied. "We cannot get a flight back to Birmingham. Did I hear that you said that you will be going to Bilbao?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. "Can you give us a lift to the boat?" she asked. I agreed and we were soon in the motorhome and on our way to Bilbao. Jane the older one sat in the front next to me and Mandy sat behind us. Four hours later I had to stop for a rest and some food and drink. Looking at the map we had just over 90 minutes left to get to the boat. Back on the road we made good time and were soon in the Harbor office to book our crossings. Then like a bolt hitting us, were were told that there were no more boats and they would have more news at 09:00 the next morning. What shall we do Mandy asked Jane, looking worryingly at her Jane and myself. I offered that they could stay in the motorhome until morning. They agreed and we left the port and traveled to a place I knew where we could stop for the night. After more food and drink, we cleared everything away. I showed them how the toilet worked and where the spare bed was and retired to the master bedroom to rest. Fora long time I could hear them moving around, but eventually dropped of to sleep. Next morning they were both up and dressed and making a cop of tea. I helped prepare some breakfast and after more clearing up we were on our way back to the port. On arrival the gates were locked and a notice pinned on the gate. I do not speak Spanish, but Jane who was half Spanish translated the note telling us that the port was now closed until further notice. Jokingly to lighten the moment I said that they were stuck with me until we can get to one of the French ports. They both half laughed. I decided that if we were to travel all that way we would need to get a lot more provisions, so made our way to a supermarket and stocked up on everything we could. The shop was manic and everyone was stripping the shelves of everything. I later heard that the same thing happened in Britain. As we made our way around the shop, I heard Jane and Mandy talking about the previous night and how uncomfortable the bed was with the two of them in it. I pretended that I didn't hear. Freshly stocked I planned a route and we set off. We heard on the radio that the border between France and Spain might close. We stopped briefly and using Google maps selected a small crossing that hopefully would not have closed. Three hours later we crossed into France. We stopped for food and drinks and then plotted a course up the Atlantic Coast avoiding all the larger roads. Jane asked how long will the trip take. I told her that I thought it would take 7 to eight days. As we cleared everything away I took a good look at Jane and Mandy. Jane was a tall slim woman about 5' 10", shoulder length black hair, with brown eyes. She was a good looking woman. I guessed that she was probably a 34C bust size. Many on the other hand was shorter about 5' 2" a little on the chubby side. With her long bottle blond hair and green eyes and a 32B chest , she was quite a beauty. I noticed that Jane did not wear a wedding ring and Mandy had an engagement ring. All clearing up done it was back to the road. Four hours later we pulled into an Aire (cheap or free camp site) I had used before. I was shocked, it was empty. I set the motorhome up for the night as the women made us a meal and made drinks. when finished and cleared up, we watched a film on TV. It was a little racy so I excused myself and went to bed. About twenty minutes later I awoke to someone getting into bed with me. For a minute I expected it to be Sue, but them remembered that she was back home by now. I lay there wondering, was it Jane or Mandy? Then I realized that thinking about it I was getting a boner. I tried to sleep but just tossed and turned. Then the body next to me rolled over and I had my face in a nice pair of 34C's. It was Jane. As she turned her hand brushed my boner and she just froze and tried to stay still, hoping that I was asleep or hadn't noticed. Noticed! my boner was now at the full seven and a half inches and throbbing for action. She rolled again and now my boner was pressing into her butt. Oh what a lovely but it was. Then she rolled over again to face me and said, "Well get on with it then or nobody will get any sleep." Who was I to refuse. I had those tits out and my face between them nuzzling them and sucking on the hard nipples. One hand held one boob whilst the other slipped under her nighty to find a hairy bush trying to hide a hot damp pussy. As I fingered and suckled her she let out several small moans. Then she said, "No more, just fuck me." Her demand was my pleasure as I climbed on top and sunk straight in up to my balls. Jane humped back to meet my thrusts and then she groaned out loud as her orgasm rolled over her. This triggered my response and I filled her hot fanny with my love juice. After climbing off Jane said, "I needed that." We cuddled and dozed off. Next morning It felt very uncomfortable as we made breakfast with Mandy. It was obvious from the looks she was giving us that she knew we had screwed. It was hard not to have heard or felt the van rocking as we screwed. I phoned home to see that Sue was OK. She was and Steve had stayed over with her. I told her about Jane and Mandy and that I had slept with Jane. Lucky you she told me. Then it was back on the road. After breakfast lunch and tea breaks we stopped on a beach site I knew well. After our meal and clearing away the three of us had a walk along the deserted beach. Then back to the motorhome for the night. This time there was no pretense as Jane went into the bedroom with me and stripped for bed. Leaving Mandy to the other bed. As we settled into bed Jane reach for my cock which quickly rose to the occasion. "It's bigger than my husband's was, " she said. "I need some more of that." Then she stooped under the duvet and her mouth clamped down on the bell end of my cock. "Mmmmm." was all that I could hear from Jane as she sucked most of my cock into her mouth. I swiveled around so that I could get to her bush and buried my face into it seeking out her slit and clit. Gasps and squeals escaped her mouth even with my cock filling her face. Jane then shock uncontrollably as she hit the stars. As she calmed down I rolled her onto her front and entered her from the back. I lasted just about five minutes before seeding her womb again. I fell into a deep sleep. If yesterday was embarrassing, it was nothing compared to this morning. Mandy looked really pissed with us. Later as we drove along talking I was told that Jane's husband, Mandy's father had died two years earlier from a heart attack. Mandy was engaged to her boyfriend who she had grown through school with. They lived together in a bungalow in Birmingham. Mandy's boyfriend would sometimes sleep over with Mandy. I learn that Mandy was 21 years old and Jane was 43. I told them about Sue and why I had put her on the plane. Mandy asked if Sue would be pissed if she knew I had slept with her mother. I told her no and that I had told Sue when I had phoned them. Both Mandy and Jane was shocked that I had told Sue. I explained that we enjoyed seeing other people as long as we were open with each other and told our partner what was happening. Later I took photos of Mandy and Jane and sent them to sue. She texted back have you slept with both of them yet. I texted her only Jane. Another long day of driving. As we sat that evening watching a little television, Mandy asked had I spoken with Sue today. I told her no, but we had texted and that Sue had asked if I had slept with both of them. I told a small fib as I told Mandy that I had texted back , not yet just Jane so far. Mandy went red and rather quiet. That night was another great fuck with Jane and we made no effort to hide our passions or to keep quiet. Next day there was no uncomfortable moment and we were soon on the move. Another long day and that evening we walked along the beach with Jane holding my hand as we wandered along. I told them that tomorrow would be a fairly shot hop as I needed to get to a site where I could fill with water and service the toilet and grey water. also I told them that I needed a bit of a rest from all the driving. Mandy joked that it wasn't the driving that was wearing me out. Jane went a little red. We made the hop and Jane wandered into the town to see if any shops or anything was open. Mandy watched as I serviced the motorhome. That being done I parked up. I bent down to a cupboard to get the kettle out for a cup of tee and as I was bent, Mandy grabbed my cock from behind. I jumped at the contact. Mandy looked at me and said, "I wanted to see what had my mother so worked up over." I replied, "Well if you wanted to see you only had to ask," I replied as I stepped forward and dropped my shorts down to my knees. "Oh my god," Mandy said, "that's huge", she continued. "It's half as long again to my boyfriend's". Then her hand came forward again and touched it. Then she took to stroking it. I asked if she wanted to suck it. She told me that her boyfriend had often asked her to but she had never sucked a cock before. She said that this was only the second cock she had ever seen let alone touched. I held her face between my hands and eased my cock forward towards her mouth. Reluctantly she licked the bell end a little. I gently pushed for her to take it into her mouth. Very reluctantly she took an inch into her mouth. I told her to run her tongue around it whilst it was in her mouth. She did and then took it out. "Did my mum do this with you?" she asked. "Oh yes," I replied, " she took almost all of it in her mouth. Then as if this was some kind of competition, Mandy took it back into her mouth and tried to get all of it in. She gagged and pulled back. I told her to take it gently and get used to it. She tried again and got much better as she practiced. It wasn't long before the seed in my balls started to boil and I warned Mandy that I was about to cum. Either she didn't hear or she didn't understand what was about to happen. She looked shocked as my baby batter filled her mouth and run down her chin and onto the floor. She looked at me as she squatted there with her mouthful of my spunk. "Swallow it," I said. She did. She told me that she had enjoyed it and that it was salty. We had just straightened ourselves up when Jane returned. She told us the the town was completely closed, but she had found a launderette on the site we was on. She said that they could do with doing a bit of washing if it was open. The three of us went to have a look. When we got there it was closed, but there was a small window open, probably for ventilation. I found a stick and leaning through the window managed to flick another larger window open. I climbed inside and opened the door. I found the main power switch and turned it on and there was power to the machines. Jane went to the motorhome and got their washing and the sheet off of my bed and started the machine running with the three euro coins in the machine. Mandy and Jane went for a walk whilst I tended the machine. Some while later when it finished I took the washing from the machine, take particular care to look at all the panties trying to visualize which was Jane's and which was Mandy's and what they would look like on them. I started the dryer wit another three euros, and sat back day dreaming. I was brought back to the real world as Mandy and Jane returned. We waited until the dryer finished and Jane took the washing from the machine. As they walk away I locked up and pot the room back to how we found it. That night I turned in whist the women talked. Later I felt Jane get into bed. I put my arm around her to cuddle her up to me. WOW! The wasn't Jane, the tits were too small to be Jane's. I reached for the light and turned it on. I was right, I was holding on to one of Mandy's tits. All I was able to get out was, "What the." when Mandy explained that she had talked with Jane and told her that she had sucked my cock and it was huge. Jane told her that whilst it was fairly big there was much bigger out there. The discussed that Mandy's boyfriend's was nowhere as big as mine. Her mother told her in that case she should dump him and find someone bigger and better. Mandy told her that she wanted to start looking with mine. Here I was with one hand on her tits and the other stroking the pussy of a young woman less than half my age. Mandy started wriggling every time I made contact with her clit. Moans and groans kept passing her lips. I moved down and kissed up her thigh and then landed on her mound. She had a small patch shaved into a heart shape and just below it her clit had escaped from the hood as her lips had peeled back. I kissed and licked her lips and clit. The squeals and moans got louder. We heard Jane call, "keep it down you too, others will hear." We giggled at the thought and the fact that probably the next nearest people were half a mile away. I went back to licking and shortly Mandy grabbed my head and clutched it hard to her fanny. Sh had just cum. I crawled up her young body and positioned my cock at her entrance. I slowly pushed forward and it slipped off the hole and stabbed up towards her clit. I re positioned again and pushed slowly and firmly, I felt the bell end slip in. "Ooh," escaped Mandy's lips, and as I pushed again, "Aah". The first two inches were in. "God it's big she squealed." I told her that there was a lot more to come. There was many "Ooh's and Aaaah's as I slowly fed her very tight fanny my full length. We rested as she got used to the full feeling. Then she said, "well fuck me then." I screwed and hammered her tight fanny giving her three or four orgasms before giving her my love seed. Then we slept. Next morning Jane teased us that it sounded like I was killing Mandy from the noises she was making. Mandy went bright red. Later she told her mom that it was the best feeling she had ever had. It was a fairly long day on the road. at the end of the day as we sat before bed, they turned the tables on me by asking who I wanted in my bed that night. I told them that they were both so different, but it was too hard to choose, so I chose both of them. We all laughed. I went to bed first and waited to see who would join me. I had a huge boner thinking about what both of them felt like and fantasizing what both at the same time would be like. The door opened and in stepped Jane, and then Mandy. Jane joined me on the bed and Mandy watched as we made out, Petting sucking and licking and then into a 69. eventually I put Jane on all fours and fucked her really hard from behind. As we both came, Mandy left and went to the other bed. I was so wound up that I managed to go a second round with Jane lovingly and slowly spooning her for what seemed an age. The women took alternate nights to fill my bed and get their fill of man juice. Both had watched the other giving and receiving loving. Mandy's cock sucking skills improved exceptionally well. They were shocked when I showed them the text to Sue when I told her that yes I had fucked both of them, now all I need was both at the same time, When we got to Roscoff the port was closed. The sign said that only Calais was open. What a shame it took another six days to complete the journey. As Birmingham was only 45 miles from where I live I took them home. They insisted the night. As I climbed into what I supposed was Jane's bed, Jane and Mandy entered the room wearing just thongs and climbed into bed with me. Whilst they would not touch each other, they strokes kissed and sucked all over my body before both kneeling on all fours offering their pussies to me. I sucked and fucked both pussies till I could fuck no more. I cuddled up with a woman in each arm. Next day Mandy told me that it was her first time in doggy position, but would definitely not be the last time. Sadly I had to return home to leave, but was pleased to finally get back to Sue. On arrival home I found her still in bed with Steve. At breakfast he told me that he was unable to go home as his family was in lock-down. His brother had the virus. Sue is in her element as Steve and I have shared her on alternate nights for eleven weeks now.
Written by Willibob

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