Written by Laura

23 Oct 2016

I split from my husband about a year ago. We'd met in the first year at Uni. He took my virginity and was, until recently, the only man who'd fucked me. It was only after we married, after graduation, that I discovered that I was the only woman he'd had sex with. Both sexually inexperienced, it was no wonder that the sex was unadventurous and unfulfilling. I didn't realise that he had a particularly low sex drive and thought two or three times a month, almost always missionary position was normal. I don't recall ever having an orgasm when we fucked with him on top. The only time I came, other than when I masturbated, was when we tried Doggy and I was able to finger myself. Those occasions were rare because he could see my anus while we fucked and he thought it was rude and said it put him off.

I'd have liked him to touch my bum, perhaps stick his finger up my arse. I was intrigued to see what it felt like after Jessica, a girl friend, had told me and the other girls,when we were out on a hen night, that when it came to sex there weren't many things she and Chris, her husband, hadn't tried. Anal sex was mentioned and she'd said a finger was nice, though personally she preferred a cock up her arse. Given my husbands prudishness I never dared ask. I can imagine his reaction if I'd asked him to stick his finger up my bum, let alone suggesting anal sex and asking him to arse fuck me.

We'd been married five years when we separated. It wasn't the sex or lack of, not primarily anyway. We had just grown apart, frequent arguments and I decided I'd had enough. He moved out, I kept the rented flat. Finding another guy and sex were just about the last thing on my mind at first. I suppose it was a case of what you've never had you don't miss. After a few weeks I began to think about sex and more to the point the things I'd fancied trying but never had. I started to masturbate and after about six months I was masturbating most nights. I really let my imagination run wild, imagining all sorts of thing and began to wonder about actually doing some of them, though I hadn't a clue how to go about it.

The best person I knew to talk to was Jessica and suggested we went out for a drink. It wasn't difficult to get her talking about her favourite subject. Sex. I tentatively broached the problem I had and she was soon telling me all the things she did, not just with her husband but other men too. It was a real eye-opener for me. I'd known from previous conversations that she and Chris were sexually adventurous, but I'd never imagined the were into swinging or that she enjoyed having sex with three, four or sometimes more guys. “The more the merrier” she enthused. It made me feel a bit inadequate having only ever been fucked by my husband. I had a bit to much to drink, pouring out my tale, ending up telling her just about everything, including how I regretted not having had sex with more men.

She pointed out that at 28years old, long legs, nice figure I'd have no problem picking up men, suggesting we hit on a couple of guys at the bar and take them back to mine to prove her point. I declined though later regretted it. She laughed and invited me to her flat the following Saturday evening. “If it's the last thing I do. I'm going to get you fucked” she giggled.

We chatted on the phone, exchanged texts, social media and met again during the week. I was somewhat embarrassed about how much I'd revealed about my sexual inexperience at first and attempted to back out two or three times. She was having none of it. We were in contact every day and I told her more, including some of my fantasies. She'd actually done most of them, adding details. I found myself revealing things that turned me on, slipping my hand inside my panties, masturbating, while on the phone, when she described having sex with two guys. She was very persuasive and by the end of the week, I'd allowed her to talk me into agreeing to do whatever she told me. The first thing being to have a threesome with them and let Chris fuck me on the Saturday night. It was perhaps against my better judgement, but I had decided that if I didn't do it then, I never would.

On the Saturday morning I went shopping and bought hold up stockings and a sexy half cup shelf bra and thong set to wear instead of my normal tights and plain underwear. On the Saturday evening I was nervous and excited in equal measures. I almost cancelled my taxi and called Jessica to tell her I wasn't going. She must have read my mind, phoned saying how much they were looking forward to the evening. A couple of glasses of wine helped fortify my determination to go through with it.

I went to shower, washed my hair, then doing as Jessica suggested, shaved my pussy. Dried my hair, put on my make up. Before dressing I couldn't resist, touching my pussy, liking the smoothness, I began to rub my clitoris, felt my juices beginning to flow. Deciding I had enough time, I opened my legs, sat masturbating, wondering if Chris's cock was as large as Jessica claimed, and if my tight pussy would be able to take it. It seems silly now but it really was worrying me. I'd never owned a vibrator, worried that even if I hid it my husband might find it. I noticed an aerosol can on my dressing table which looked about the size she'd described his cock. My pussy was well lubricated already. I picked it up, rubbed and rolled it along my gash, coating it with my juices then put the end against my hole and pushed. Most of it slid inside with surprising ease. Holding it with one hand, sliding in and out of my hole, rubbing my clitoris with the other, I imagined he was fucking me, until I had a satisfying orgasm. Feeling more confident, and ready for the real thing, I washed my pussy again and dried between my legs before dressing.

I rolled the stockings up my legs, smoothing, pulling the lace tops level. I stepped into the thong, pulled it up, the little lace triangle covering my mound and little else. I put on the bra and stood in front of the mirror, adjusted my 36d tits in the cups, feeling very naughty with my nipples exposed. I recalled Jessica telling how she enjoyed going out dressed in clothing that revealed her tits and slipped on a semi transparent blouse and fastened the buttons. I stepped into my skirt, pulled it up and zipped it, tucking the blouse in tight, on my feet a pair of court shoes with a four inch heel. A check in the mirror almost made me change the blouse, the bra and my hard nipples clearly visible through the material. I felt sexy, but looked really tarty. Remembering Jessica's suggestions on how to dress, elected to remain as I was, compromising by putting on a light linen jacket but leaving it open. A final glance in the mirror and I was ready to go.

The taxi arrived. Walking down stairs, I could feel the blouse, lightly rubbing my erect nipples. The driver turned watching as I bent to open the door and climbed in the back of the taxi. I realised that my jacket had fallen open and he was staring at my tits. I started to close the jacket, then changed my mind. Enjoying teasing him I slid onto the seat, letting my skirt ride up, uncovering about six inches of stockinged thigh. Deliberately I pulled the jacket wider open, sticking my tits out at the same time, stretching the material even tighter. I glanced down as he turned to drive. My hard nipples were, poking through the thin material.

Excited that he could see my tits and nipples even more clearly I removed the jacket, sat back, undid another button revealing the swell of my tits then sent Jessica a text to say I was on my way. She phoned back immediately telling me that there was a change of plan and to meet them, and three guys she'd invited, at a bar near their apartment. She didn't tell me any more but it was obvious that with four guys and me and her, what she intended and I was too hyped up to even consider backing out. I was enjoying flashing my tits at the driver, found it a turn on, purposely leaning forward, giving him an eyeful when I paid him and was dropped off near Jessica's dockside apartment block, a short walk from the bar.

I was on a roll. Elated by my behaviour, I stopped in a quieter spot, facing towards a moored barge and unfastened three more buttons. People were passing a few metres behind me, but didn't appear to notice me opening my blouse almost to my navel, exposing my tits while I tweaked my nipples, getting them really hard again. I refastened two buttons, turned side on, checking my reflection in one of the barge windows to see how much I was exposing. Swivelling from the waist and jiggling my tits, the blouse opened momentarily revealing my nipples poking out proudly. Satisfied I turned to leave only then realising a guy had been watching me from inside the barge. I felt excited he'd seen my tits and gave him a wave, before walking on, blouse loosely open to just below my bra, my tits practically spilling out of the cups, nipples peeking out as my blouse gapped open with every step.

It was a two or three hundred metres walk along the dockside, passing numerous people, shops, restaurants and a couple of bars to reach the one where I was meeting them. A warm evening, people sat outside as I strolled passed, carrying my jacket. Acutely aware that my tits were visible I was thrilled by guys, nudging each other, turning to look at me. Two or three called, inviting me to join them for a drink. I ignored them, spotting Jessica, getting up from a table, waving and walking towards me. Dressed to kill, in a miniskirt, crop top, obviously with no bra and “fuck me” heels, guys heads turned, eyes following her as she joined me. She kissed me on the cheek, told me I looked horny, congratulating me for being brave enough to flash my tits. We spoke briefly, what amounted to a final opportunity to change my mind. I was ready to put my sexually unsatisfactory marriage behind me and told her I was eager for Chris to fuck me. “And may be one or two of the others” she suggested, leading me over to be introduced.

Chris I knew already. The other three, Kurt, Luke and Ben were about my age, all fit and athletic looking, the sort of guys I'd told, Jessica I liked. They were all attractive and I would have gone out with any of them. I sat between Ben and Chris while Kurt and Luke went to fetch drinks. They returned handed out the drinks and sat either side of Jessica. We chatted, laughing and joking, more drinks were bought. I felt relaxed, comfortable with them. Chris draped his arm over my shoulder. Urged on by Jessica he slipped his hand inside my blouse, resting it on my tit, fingers stroking my nipple. Ben put his hand on my leg, caressing my thigh from knee to my pussy. I thought to stop them, but didn't want to appear prudish. Anyway I was beginning to get turned on, and let them continue, even when Chris slipped his hand inside my bra, lifting my tits completely out of the cups in turn, before opening and closing my blouse several times, exposing my breasts to Jessica, Kurt, Luke and some guys at a nearby table. What Jessica was up to hidden by the table, I couldn't see but she was getting plenty of attention too.

It wasn't until we were getting up to leave that Jessica whispered to me that my soon to be ex-husband had been watching for the last few minutes. I saw him standing alone near some flower planters looking towards me. He appeared angry and resentful which for some reason pleased me. The devil inside me took over. I ignored him but as we approached I couldn't resist pulling open my blouse and exposing my tits when I passed within a few metres of him and several other guys. I could hear Jessica giggling, saying to me “Go girl. Go” then telling me to hurry and catch up with Chris and the guys who'd gone a bit ahead. Thinking about it afterwards it was a surprise to see my husband there and wondered if Jessica had set him up, though she denied it. Not that it really mattered.

Chris let us into their flat. I put my jacket and bag down. The door was hardly closed before Jessica had removed her clothes and I realised that she'd been out with no knickers and had been flashing her pussy at guys at the bar. Naked except for her heels she told me it was a rule that everyone was nude and as a first-timer I was to stand in the centre of the room while they stripped me. Behind her the guys were undressing. I watched as one by one they removed their underwear, revealing their cocks. They were all much larger than my husbands, pathetic little cock. Chris's, 8 inches long and quite thick was the longest but not the thickest. The other three had nothing to me embarrassed about in the cock department, all 6 to 7 inches, one of them noticeably thicker than the rest. None of them were fully erect yet, but they were all holding and stroking them, with the exception of Chris who moved behind me.

It was the first time I'd seen Jessica completely naked. Slim and lithe, tits small and pert, about a 32b, pussy shaved. She seemed aroused, nipples hard, between her legs and the top of her thighs, wet, glistening with juices as she slowly walked towards me. She looked incredibly sexy and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She stopped in front of me, raised her hands, stroked my face, down my arms, before moving on to my tits lightly stroking them though the blouse until her fingers found the buttons.

I glanced around as she slowly unfastened the buttons. I was the only one still dressed. I could see the three guys were now fully erect, holding and stroking their throbbing cocks. The one I'd noticed as being particularly thick now looked massive, easily as thick as my forearm. I remembered Jessica saying about more than just Chris fucking me and wondered what it would feel like to have it inside my tight pussy. My attention went back to what Jessica and now Chris were doing. The last button was undone, my blouse open. Behind me, Chris pulled it down my arms, and dropped it on a chair, then unzipped my skirt.

Jessica slipped her fingers inside the waist band, tugged my skirt over my hips and down my legs while Chris deftly unclasped my bra. As I stepped out of my skirt I let my bra slip down my arms and drop to the floor. Jessica stood in front of me, Chris behind his hands on my hips thumbs hooked inside my thong. He began to kiss the back of my neck, I gasped. Looked at Jessica. She had a gleam in her eye, moved closer, her hard nipples brushing mine. She moved closer our tits squashed together and she kissed me on the lips. I felt the tip of her tongue against my lips and responded, not by pushing her away, but by parting my lips, letting our tongues touch. She kissed me deep and passionately, our tongues entwined until she stopped, leaving me excited and gasping for breath.

Jessica kissed and nibbled my neck, told Chris to pull my thong down before she ran her tongue down the curve of my right breast, licked around my nipple then began sucking it. I sighed and put my hand on her head. I felt my thong being pulled down to the top of my thighs, the elastic stretching taut when Chris put his leg between mine forcing them apart, his stiffening cock pressing against me. His hand moved from my hip, gliding over my smoothly shaven pussy, fingers delving between my legs slipping in to my increasingly wet cunt. I pushed back, rubbing my bum against his cock and was rewarded by feeling it getting harder.

Jessica and I had talked about many aspects of sex including girl-girl and whilst I'd said I wanted to explore that side of my sexuality I hadn't expected it to be the first thing we did. However her mouth and Chris's fingers were doing wonderful things. I was becoming increasingly aroused, enjoying what they were doing. She sank lower, kissing and licking down my body, pulling my thong down to my ankles as she moved Chris's hand out of the way and began kissing my mons. I felt her lips on my smooth skin, then her tongue flicking out, teasing my clitoris. I managed to kick my thong off. Opening my legs wider, almost inaudibly I asked to lick my cunt. I felt her warm breath first, then her tongue sliding along my gash and into my sex.

With Jessicas skilled tongue probing my hole, licking and sucking my clitoris, Chris cupped my tits, playing with my nipples, grinding his erect cock against me. An almost animal like moan, from deep inside me escaped. The sheer eroticism of them both pleasuring me while three guys sat watching and wanking was amazing. I gasped that I was going to cum. They manoeuvred me towards the guys on the sofa. Just as we reached it Jessica slipped from between my legs, stood and put her hand on my back bending me over. Chris's hard cock slid between my buttocks and he immediately guided it into my wet, gaping cunt and began fucking me.

Luke at one end, Ben in the middle and Kurt the other end were sat on the large sofa. Jessica moved her hand to the back of my head, pressing down. “Suck Ben's cock” she instructed. I'd never done it before and though I was aware of the theory didn't know how to go about the practicalities. I wrapped my fingers around it and began by stroking it. Next to me Jessica climbed on top of Kurt, with her back to him she held his shaft and lowered herself onto his cock. I watched fascinated as the tip entered her, stretching her cunt until he'd fully penetrated her. She began to move on him, looking down at me, telling me to stop wanking Ben and suck him.

There was just so much going on. The distraction of Kurt and Jessica fucking beside me. Luke masturbating the other side. Chris fucking me, sending delicious tingles through my body, rocking me back and fore as I attempted my first blow job. I gave Ben's cock a lick, tasting the mildly salty secretions, seeping from the tip. It wasn't unpleasant so I gave it another lick. Next to me Jessica was enthusiastically riding Kurt, but still watching me. “For fucks sake Laura put it in your mouth and suck” she told me. I opened my mouth, hesitantly took the knob between my lips and gave it a tentative suck. I could feel Chris distractingly twitching his cock inside me, teasing me by stroking and circling my anus with his fingertips. I sucked a bit more cock into my mouth, trying my best, nervous because I knew they were all watching, my inexperience obvious.

I began moving my head up and down, trying to suck and use my tongue, not taking probably more than two of his seven inch shaft in my mouth. After a minute or two, Jessica took pity on me and said it would be a good idea if I was shown what to do. I looked at her gratefully as I felt Chris withdrawing his cock from my cunt and Luke stood up. I can only assume I missed some signal between them. I thought they were just making room. Instead, Jessica continued fucking Kurt. Luke moved behind me, rubbed his cock between my legs then pushed it slowly into my hole. His was the really thick one, one I'd thought I might have difficulty taking. In my state of arousal, well lubricated, my fuck hole already stretched by Chris fucking me I took his thickness with almost embarrassing ease. The sensation was awesome, my cunt stretched and filled as never before, as he began sliding in and out, fucking me.

I was expecting Jessica to climb off Kurt, but she was well on the way to orgasm, frantically rubbing her swollen clitoris. Moments later I realised what was going on. Ben shuffled over a bit, Chris knelt next to me, took hold of Ben's cock, told me to watch how to suck cock. To my surprise he lowered his mouth and took Ben's erect cock between his lips and slowly sucked the majority of his length into his mouth. I quickly recovered from my initial shock and found the sight of a guy sucking another guys cock incredibly erotic.

I tried to concentrate on Chris's cocksucking demonstration. However, Lukes wonderful cock inside me, heavy balls smacking my clitoris with every increasingly harder and faster thrust, was rapidly bringing me close to climax. Next to me Kurt was grunting, raising his bum, shoving his cock into Jessicas cunt. She rode him hard, head thrown back, squeezing her tits as she climaxed and I had a birds eye view if his cock twitching, balls contracting as he pumped his spunk into her which turned me on even more.

For the first time in my life I was being fucked without restraint by someone without any hang-ups or inhibitions. I heard and felt him spit on my bum. He spread my buttocks, his saliva ran down my crack, to my anus where his finger was waiting. He rubbed his slippery finger around my anus, then pressed it against the puckered hole. I couldn't stop myself from pushing back against it. “Push it right in” I begged as I felt it overcome the sphincter resistance. I screamed as it slid in, and he began finger fucking my arse, ramming his cock into my cunt. I'd never been fuck so hard or roughly and adored it. My whole body seemed flushed. Trembling and shaking I had an intense orgasm, cumming in several waves, only subsiding when I felt Lukes cock pulsing inside me, pumping his seed deep in my cunt.

I'd almost forgotten about Chris, blowing Ben, until I felt his cock touch my face, Chris holding it. “He's nearly there you finish him” he told me, directing Ben's cock to my mouth. I was on a high, took it and began to eagerly, if inexpertly suck him, while he held the base and wanked it into my mouth. This time I managed to take more of his length. Probably more to Chris's efforts than mine he shot his load quite quickly. Being a good girl, who never spits I did the only thing I could and swallowed. Finding the taste pleasant I had no hesitation gulping down his semen when he spurted again and sucking the last dribbles from his cock before letting it slip from between my lips.

Beside me Chris had turned on his back, head and shoulders on the sofa, Jessica squatting over him while he licked and sucked Kurts spunk from her pretty pussy. She saw me looking, grinned at me asked if I was enjoying myself. I smiled back said I was. “Well, don't let that go to waste then” she told me nodding at Chris's still rampant cock. I was still aroused, had never felt so horny and took her invitation. I stood, could feel spunk dribbling from my cunt, running down my thighs, soaking into my stockings as I straddled Chris. I looked between my legs as I lowered myself, watching a string of spunk, dangle and swing and drip on his cock just before it entered me. Kneeling, I watched Chris's tongue, licking Jessica's pussy, drawing the spunk from her hole, swallowing it, while I began to ride his cock, just as I'd seen her doing with Kurt.

I got into a steady rhythm, used one hand to squeeze my tits, play with my nipples, the other soon between my legs, stroking my clitoris. Listening to, and watching Jessica cumming on Chris's tongue and overwhelmed by all the sexual stimuli I quickly climaxed for the second time in only a few minutes. Urged on by Jessica I continued riding Chris until I came again and he ejaculated inside me. I rolled off him and lay on my back on the floor. I felt incredible, dreamily thinking about all I'd done, but inwardly cursing my husband for depriving me of so much pleasure. I lay relaxed, contented, unresisting when Jessica spread my legs and went down on me, cleaning Chris's, and the residue of Lukes, spunk from my gaping cunt.

After an hour or so, helped largely by Jessica's expert mouth, with a little help from me, the guys were ready to go again. I went to bed with Ben and Kurt and had the pleasure of being taken by them both, while Chris and Luke shared Jessica in her bedroom. In the morning, after breakfast, I showered with Jessica. We soaped, washed and fingered each other. Whilst she fingered me she whispered in my ear, generously offering to let me have the four guys all to myself. I didn't even have to think about it before accepting, taking her advice and allowing her to douche my rectum, flushing me clean, “Just in case you want to try Anal” she said. Clean inside and out she took me through to her bedroom to use the super king sized bed.

While she videoed, I got on the bed with the four guys. It was amazing, hands, mouths and tongues exploring my body, sucking, caressing and squeezing my tits, biting and pinching my nipples, fingers and tongues, probing and and licking my cunt, rubbing and arousing my clitoris. I had four hard cocks to play with, stroking, wanking and attempting to suck them. I must have orgasmed at least six times before any of them fucked me. They took me in different positions, fingered my bum hole when they could reach. While one shagged me the others continued to play with my tits or my bum or took turns to offer me their cocks to suck. At times I felt fingers rubbing my clitoris or in my pussy as well as a cock. None of them had any hang ups about their cocks being touched by the other guys. With Jessica encouraging me, giving the occasional words of advice, I felt energised, allowing them to spread my legs wide, turn me over and do with me more or less what they wanted. They put their cocks in my cunt, fucked me for a minute, before pulling out and shoving it in my mouth while one of the others took over fucking me. I licked and sucked, tasting my own juices as they took turns to penetrate and fuck me.

I'd sucked them all. Kurt, Luke and Ben had all fucked me, deposited their cum in my cunt and laid on the bed watching and recovering. Chris was getting ready to fuck me. I'd just given his cock a suck, and was on all fours, spunk dripping from my pussy onto the bed, ready for him to fuck me from behind and flood my cock craving cunt another load of semen. It occurred to me that in that position, my arse hole was just as available as my cunt. My bum had been douched, it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity to attempt anal sex. Before I could change my mind, I blurted out that I wanted him to fuck my arse.

There was a delay while Jessica gave the camcorder to Ben and went to fetch her anal lube. When she returned I asked her to lubricate my anus for me. Chris spread my bum cheeks while she inserted the end of the tube in my bum and squirted lubricant up my arse. As she pulled it out she dribbled more around my anus then used her fingers to spread it around and in my puckered hole. She turned to Chris, poured lube on her hand then rubbed it onto his cock. With both of us lubricated I was ready to try my first anal.

Jessica helped, slipping two fingers into my arse and prising me open. Chris slid his cock between her fingers, pushing the tip into my bum. He pushed harder, my anus began to stretch open. I bit my lip to stop myself crying out. He pushed harder still, a little more of his cock slid in, but I had to ask him to stop. She asked one of the guys to get one of her vibrators from the bedside drawer and another tube of lube which contained something to help desensitize my arse and deaden the pain. He found the lube and several vibrators. She selected a smooth plastic one about an inch in diameter, lubed it, pressed the pointed end against my anus and it entered me. Shiny and smooth it slid into my arse with only a little discomfort. It was in me, felt nice, particularly when she switched it on and slowly increased the vibes to maximum.

She began to slid it in and out, simultaneously moving it from side to side, loosening my anal muscles, squirting in more lube. It seemed to be working and this time Chris slipped his fingers in, holding my anus open as she withdrew the vibrator. A squirt of lube on his cock and she helped guide it into what felt like my gaping arse hole. He pushed his cock in, at the same time wiggling his fingers out. My arse stretched, the pain reduced to a mild discomfort, I pushed back and was relieved and delighted to feel his hard cock sliding in my arse. The initial resistance overcome, once the thickest part of his girth was inside me, the rest slid in until his full length had penetrated me and he began to fuck my arse.

The discomfort disappeared and I began to enjoy the pleasure of his cock moving in and out of my slick bum hole as he arse fucked me more vigorously. Having said that I didn't find it sexually arousing until Jessica laid beside me and joined in, working her fingers into my cunt. She folded her thumb into her palm, slid her hand inside me and before I realised what she was doing closed her hand and began fisting me. The sensation of her hand rubbing against Chris's cock through my cunt wall was something else. I was close to cumming when she stopped and pulled her hand out. I begged her to continue fisting me but instead she got on her back and wriggled underneath. She raised her head and began alternating between licking my pussy and sucking my clitoris and Chris's balls. Only inches from my face, her cunt was invitingly close. I decided to return the favour, lowering my head between her legs. Intrigued to taste another womans cunt, copying what she was doing to me, I licked her sex, stopping when she made me cum. Shortly afterwards Chris pumped some of his semen in my bum, before I felt Jessica move, as his cock slipped from my arse and she took it in her mouth, sucking and swallowing the last drops of cum from him.

They were intending to go to lunch at one of the dockside bars and continue in the afternoon. I'd have loved to have joined them, but I had a presentation to prepare to be delivered first thing Monday morning. Reluctantly I declined and after a shower, dressed and left, jealous that Jessica was going to be getting fucked while I sweated over my presentation. That was the bad news. The good news was that I was subsequently invited to join them and their circle of friends.

Since then Luke has practically moved in with me. I'm always willing to open my legs for him, welcoming his very thick cock in my cunt and, after some practise, in my arse whenever he wants to fuck me. I've been to five more parties with Luke, Jessica and Chris. At each of them I've been fucked by between four and six different guys, including some Anal. At one party I had sex with Jessica and another woman, who fucked us both with a strap on, with about twenty people watching. Until I was fucked in a group, it never occurred to me that being naked and watched having sex would be such an amazing turn on.

In between parties I've had a threesome and two foursomes with Luke and some of his friends. It was at one of those, looking for something new to try I confessed to enjoying being fisted while being arse fucked and asked to be DP'd. Wow. It was fucking awesome. I just wish I hadn't waited so long.

Jessica has told me that I'm becoming as much of a Slut as her, which I think was a complement. It's only now, doing a quick calculation in my head that I realise that I've quite probably been fucked by more than thirty guys in the last few months. It's that many because until now it's all been novel to me and I've been spreading my legs, offering my cunt, and sometimes my arse, to any guy with a hard cock, even a few I didn't really fancy. Admittedly there weren't many but I might be a bit more choosy in future. As for oral, I suck cock, let guys cum in my mouth, but try as I might I can't master deepthroating without gagging.

My only regret? That I didn't separate from my sexually inadequate husband much, much sooner. At least it gives me the excuse, as if I need one, to fuck as many men as I can and make up for those wasted years.

The future? Bondage fascinates me. The thought of being tied up, restrained and helpless, while guys take turns to fuck me, attracts and arouses me. Unfortunately it is one of the few things that Jessica isn't into and Luke hasn't tried, so any suggestions from you guys for the best methods or techniques to maximise my sexual pleasure would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed my story.

Love you all,

Laura xxx