Written by Kate

23 Apr 2013

I wasn't sure what title to give my story. It's about how, after almost twenty years of conventional marriage I, a demure, modest, quite shy and sexually inexperienced woman, tasted the “forbidden fruits” and became what can only be described as an insatiable Slut. The story is quite long and covers the first few months.

I suppose what you've never had or experienced you don't miss. It wasn't until I separated after nineteen years of marriage and started going out with Joe, a guy twelve years younger than me, that I discovered what a sexually sheltered life I'd led. I was thirty eight years old, had married to young, only had three sexual partners. I'd never used or owned a vibrator. Though I masturbated sometimes, my fantasies were generally tame, except for one where I imagined I was a prostitute. I'd certainly never been watched playing with myself, not even by my husband. As for sucking a cock, no never. Other sexual activities, many of the sex acts I now perform willingly and enthusiastically, had never ever occurred to me. In my defence all I can say was that I knew no different to my twenty odd years of boring, unadventurous, sexually unfulfilling fucking. Before Joe I rarely orgasmed other than when masturbating and actually believed there was something wrong with me. When he shags me I invariably cum, usually more than once. I soon realised that I'd never been fucked properly. I think it would be no exaggeration to say that seldom had a woman's CUNT been so neglected.

After I separated, word soon got around the company I work for. It was about 3 months before I went out with a guy, it was obvious he only wanted one thing – sex, which he didn't get. I went out with another guy with the same result. I met Joe on a night out with some friends from the office. Talking about the night out the following Monday, I was surprised to learn that Sue, who was married, had been fucked by a guy we'd met. What really shocked me though was that she apparently took him home for a threesome with her husband. Joe and I had only kissed, which at the time I'd thought daring with a guy I'd only just met, however he had asked to meet me again.

I was flattered, a handsome much younger guy, asking me out. I knew he'd probably want to fuck me, I found him attractive, deciding I could deal with it if the time felt right. I'm 5' 5”, a natural blond, have quite a good figure, have always worn good bras which has helped keep my 36DD tits almost as firm as they were in my twenties. I think my best bits are my bum and legs. I'm told I look younger than my age, but I still had reservations about the age gap. Like the others Joe wanted sex, but was more subtle and patient about it.

Being an old fashioned girl it was on the fourth date that I let him undo my bra and touch my tits. The next date, he got my panties off and fingered me, getting his cock out for me to wank him. I don't know why I didn't let him fuck me then. His cock was gorgeous, very thick and compared to my limited experience, at about 7 inches long, I thought very big. He was also completely smooth, his cock and balls hairless which surprised me but I found it sexy. It was after our next date that we had sex. That first time he fucked me, I came three times before he ejaculated inside me, cumming again on each of the three times he fucked during the night. It was incredible, I'd never experienced anything like it. I was in lust, infatuated with his cock, kicking myself for not having let him fuck me sooner. I went to his house every night the following week, desperate for his cock, enjoying being fucked in different positions, rather than boring old missionary.

He had obviously realised how inexperienced I was. I was eager to learn, overcoming my embarrassment, talking about sex. It was the end of the week, a Friday, before things really moved on. Over that weekend I began to discover just how good sex could be and with a little encouragement and persuasion, behave in ways which I'd have thought myself incapable.

We'd been out for a drink, I felt mellow, not drunk, back to his house where he slowly undressed me, leaving me in just a pair of hold up stockings. I laid back on his bed, my legs together, watching him undress, his semi erect cock swinging between his legs when he walked to the bed and joined me. Kissing my neck, I felt his fingers brush through my bush, then stroking my clitoris. I opened my legs a little, moaning quietly as he sucked my erect nipples. I reached for his cock, found it almost fully erect, wrapped my fingers around his thickness and began stroking him as his fingers slid in to my wet hole.

I was unused to getting such attention. Without realising, I'd spread my legs wider, allowing him to push his fingers, deeper inside me. I shivered with pleasure as his tongue traced over my tummy to my pubes. It was only when he moved on top, his legs either side of me, lowered his head between my legs, his cock in my face that I understood what he intended to do and what he wanted me to do. I turned my head to one side, shocked, tensing at the thought of sucking a cock. Joe didn't try to make me, but continued licking and kissing my pussy, softly sucking my clit. The sensations of having cunnilingus performed on me for the first time were wonderful. I began to relax, took hold of his cock again, turned my head, the tip of his prick only an inch or so from my mouth. I decided that just because I'd never sucked a mans cock before there was no reason not too. I gave it a tentative lick, tasted the slightly salty liquid leaking out. It tasted quite pleasant, so I gave it another lick. Joe was sucking my clitoris harder, hitting just the right button, I gasped, my mouth opening. Somehow his cock slipped between my lips, into my mouth and I was sucking my first cock.

I took only an inch or two into my mouth, my lips tight around his shaft, moving my head up and down, the soft skin of his cock head against my tongue, seeming to fill my mouth as I sucked his prick. I probably only sucked his cock for a minute or two before I had to stop, as Joe brought me to an incredible climax with his mouth and tongue. He rolled off, turned me over, lifted my bum off the bed, parting my legs. I felt his large knob touch my hole, his cock entering me, my hole stretching to take the still relatively unfamiliar thickness, as he slid his length into my pussy. He fully penetrated my tight hole, pulled almost fully out then rammed his cock back into my Cunt fucking me hard. It's all still a bit of a blur, I was so sexually aroused, but I’m sure that my first climax hadn't fully subsided before I felt another building rapidly and I came again, begging him not to stop.

In a sign of where things would lead, he stopped fucking me and pulled out, the tip of his cock only just inside me. I tried to push back to get his is cock back inside me. He gripped my hips preventing me. I looked over my shoulder at him.“Please don't stop. Make love to me” I pleaded. He grinned at me, “Ask properly. Ask me to fuck you” I felt myself blush, felt him slipping his cock from my pussy. “No don't. Please fuck me” I blurted. He didn't move. “Please. Fuck me” I said louder. He pushed his prick in a little. I moaned, bit my lip. “Is this what you want?” he asked. “Yes” I managed to gasp. “Tell me what you want” he instructed. “I want you to fuck me” I said again. “Tell me you want my cock in your cunt” he started to pull out. “Joe. Please. I want your cock in my Cunt and I want you to FUCK ME” I said clearly and loudly, pushing back as he thrust into my soaking hole. I guessed he got a kick out of me talking dirty and I found it exciting behaving in such a slutty manner.

In that moment I realised what I'd been missing all those married years. Feeling liberated, excited, incredibly aroused, not making love but fucking, finding real pleasure and enjoyment from sex for the first time. Joe fucked me for about twenty minutes, I came twice more, and climaxed again when I felt his cock twitching inside my cunt as he shot his spunk deep inside me. With Joe fucking me I achieved real sexual satisfaction and learned that sex was something to indulge in freely, and to be enjoyed.

I was so drained afterwards I fell asleep almost immediately, waking an hour or so later, cuddled up to Joe. I awoke holding his cock, almost possessively, maybe my subconscious holding onto it so I wouldn't loose it. The TV was on, a porn DVD playing, a woman being fucked by one man while sucking another ones cock. I smiled at Joe, rested my head on his shoulder, watching the DVD, stroking his cock, pleased and surprised he was able to get hard again so soon. I'd fallen asleep without wiping my pussy, I could feel a damp patch on the sheet under me, my cunt was still wet, his spunk still seeping out when I reached down and touched myself, my fingers lightly stoking my clitoris. I gave a little shiver, my clit still sensitive. Joe noticed, asked if I was playing with myself. I denied it, to quickly. He moved my head off his shoulder, sat up. “Play with yourself if you want. I don't mind. I'll watch” I told him I didn't think I could, I’d never done it in front of anyone, it would be embarrassing.

Less than five minutes later he'd persuaded me. I was laid on the bed, legs spread wide, though with my eyes closed, masturbating for him. I felt him get off the bed, and after my initial nervousness and reluctance felt comfortable masturbating in front of him. I opened my eyes just before I came, to discover he was videoing me. I could see myself on the large TV screen on the wall at the end of the bed. To close to cumming to stop, object or frankly even care, I fingered my Cunt harder and faster, fascinated watching myself writhing on the bed as I climaxed. The video camera was still running when he put it down on the cupboard, aimed at the bed. He climbed on the bed, pulled me on top, back to him, guided his cock into my gaping hole and I watched his cock sliding in to my pussy. Watching myself being fucked was extraordinarily horny, in some ways as if it was some other woman being fucked, but I found behaving in such a debauched way sexually gratifying. He fucked me, holding my tits, teasing my sensitive nipples, then as I came he pulled his cock out and ejaculated over my pubes and tummy. He smeared his spunk over my skin, rubbing it onto my tits, before offering me his fingers to lick and suck clean. I did, without hesitation, tasting sperm for the first time, finding that I rather liked it.

This time we showered before returning to his bed and sleeping until about 10am on the Saturday morning. Awakening to the the feel of his hard cock pressing against my bum brought the memories of the night before flooding back. All good, I had no regrets. I pressed my bum against him, raised my leg when he moved, letting him slide his prick between my legs and guide it into my moist Cunt from behind. He took my hand placed it on my pussy, and with his hand on top of mine rubbed my clit while he fucked me again. He removed his hand leaving me to frig my clit while he caressed my tits and teased my hard nipples. He fucked me slowly, bringing me to a shuddering climax, before turning me on to my back, putting my legs over his shoulders and fucking me hard and fast until we both breathlessly came simultaneously. I'd never had sex like it and of one thing I was certain, I wanted more, to explore, experience and learn how to fuck.

We stayed in bed, talking until lunch time. I told him I hadn't realised how awful sex had been with my ex and had never imagined how amazing it was to be fucked properly. Told him that the previous night was the first time I'd ever sucked a cock, masturbated in front of a man and now I'd tasted spunk too. Practically the whole time I held his cock, enjoying the feel of it stiffening in my hand. I asked if he'd mind if I sucked it again, “No need to ask, suck it whenever you want” he replied. I took his prick between my lips, and inexpertly began to suck, listening and learning as he told me how to suck his cock. I sucked him for about 20 minutes before he warned me he was going to cum. The tip was still in my mouth when he shot his first load, the next two spurts sprayed my face. Being to ladylike to spit it out, I held it in my mouth, for a moment, savouring the taste, unsure what to do, then swallowed his spunk. I sat up, grinned at him happily, his cum running down my face, dripping on to my tits and rubbed it into my skin.

Discovering that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my pussy was a revelation. The feeling of being fucked to climax by a big fat cock, the sensations coursing through my body when I came, made me eager for more. I quickly overcame my initial inhibitions, willing to do things which Joe suggested, to experiment and experience sex acts I'd never imagined in order to achieve maximum sexual pleasure. The greatest surprise was how easily he'd persuaded me to do things. Perhaps more so, how willing I'd been, after my initial embarrassment and reluctance, to masturbate in front of him, suck his cock and even taste his spunk, not to mention allowing myself to be videoed not only performing these acts, but also whilst being fucked. It was almost as if there was another hidden me just waiting to be released.

I wanted to know why he was shaved and he explained he found it more comfortable, running his fingers through my bush before adding, “I'll shave your pussy later” I said I'd like him too. We talked more about sex. I admitted that I'd never owned or used a vibrator or dildo, telling him things I'd never told anyone. He laughed when I confessed to using a cucumber to fuck myself once, then putting it in the fridge unwashed, how my ex had unwittingly eaten it. It was just so refreshing to be able to talk so openly and frankly about sex, my desires, my fantasies without embarrassment and I determined to make up for all the wasted years.

He decided he'd take me to a sex shop in the nearby town to choose a vibrator. We got up, showered again. When I returned to the bedroom, my bra and panties were missing, “You wouldn't want to go out in yesterdays undies would you” he said with a grin. I had a spare pair of hold ups in my bag which I put on, then just wearing skirt, blouse and jacket, feeling very naughty and daring being naked underneath, intensely conscious that my hard nipples were poking out and in the bright spring sunlight would be visible through the tight white blouse, if I hadn't been wearing the jacket.

We went to the train station. About a fifteen minute walk and my willingness to be more uninhibited was put to the test when were half way there. Taking a short cut through a park he suggested I undo the top buttons of my blouse, almost exposing my tits and walk the remainder with my jacket open. I wasn't sure how much I was showing until I caught my reflection in a shop window, my tits barely covered, my nipples visible through the thin material and when I turned a nipple peeped out momentarily uncovered. I started to close my jacket, but he stopped me. A few encouraging words, telling me how sexy I was, were enough to persuade me to undo another two buttons and continue. With my blouse unbuttoned almost to my navel, jacket flapping open, my barely covered, naked breasts swaying I walked the last few hundred yards to the station.

I sat in a window seat, looking out the window, ignoring a guy sat opposite who spent the whole 20 minute journey staring at my tits. Excited by what I was doing, my pussy felt so wet, I was sure there would be a damp patch on the back of my skirt. I did one button up, still displaying a lot of tit, then walked through the city centre, to a seedy looking shop, with blanked out windows in a side street. What an eye opener that was for me. You don't need me to list what I saw. We spent over an hour browsing, looking at bondage gear, the clothing, sex aids. I picked up and examined, dozens of vibrators and dildos. With Joe’s help I selected two. A large black 10 inch Penis shaped, multi speed vibrator, about 2 inches thick and 7 inches in circumference which, despite my doubts, he insisted I'd be able to take, and a small smooth one about ¾ of an inch thick and 6 inches long, the first of my now quite large collection of toys. He added a couple of tubes of lubricant, just in case I needed it.

I wanted to hurry home and try them out, but first went to Boots for shaving foam, razors and some soothing lotion to apply to my pussy after being shaved. We went for a meal, despite my pouting my disappointment. The anticipation built, Joe telling me over dinner how much he was looking forward to shaving my Cunt, watching me masturbate with my new vibrator and then fucking me afterwards. By the time we went to catch the train home, I was feeling so horny, if he'd suggested it, I'd have let him fuck me on the way to the Station. Never before had I felt such an appetite or craving for sex.

The train was quiet and when he suggested it I flashed my tits at some guys on the platform as we departed. The only other thing of note was by the time we reached our stop I was bursting for a pee. No facilities at the station or on the way to his house. It was still just light when he led me down a path behind some shops, between some skips. I hitched up my skirt, giggling nervously, squatted, leaning back with a hand on the ground and pissed while he crouched next to me watching closely as a stream of golden liquid, arched from my pee hole, splashing on the ground. Another boundary crossed as I explored how far I was prepared to go.

Back at his house I wanted to play with my new toys but first he insisted on shaving my pussy. I showered, then laid on a towel on his bed, watching myself on his TV once again, legs spread wide, as he smoothed foam all over my Cunt. He then carefully shaved around my hole, protected my seemingly increasingly sensitive clitoris with his fingers while he delicately removed the tufts of hair along my pussy lips and clit hood, before removing all the blond curls from my mound. He wiped me clean, rubbed the soothing lotion onto my skin before allowing me to touch my silky smooth pussy and finger myself while he put lube on my big black vibrator.

It looked even larger than it had in the shop, slippery with lube as I watched greedily, eager to feel it vibrating inside me. Satisfied that it was well lubricated Joe switched it on and held it against my clit. I was already aroused from my fingers and thought I was going to cum instantly such were the sensations. I gasped as he slid it into my Cunt, twisting and turning it as it entered my fuck hole. My fingers returned to frigging my clit. I moaned quietly, watching on the screen as the vibe, stretched my hole open, more and more of the vibrating shaft entering me. I took all except about 2 inches inside me, Joe turned the vibration up to maximum, the humming and pleasure increasing as he moved my hand from my clit to the vibrator and told me to fuck myself with it.

Joe wiped his hands on the towel then picked up the wireless video camera which allowed him to video anywhere in the house, though I'd no idea how it worked. He videoed me while I pleasured myself with my new plastic prick. I had two great orgasms before slowly withdrawing the vibrator from my pussy. On the TV my Cunt looked huge, my hole stretched and gaping open, as he zoomed in until my pussy, pink and glistening with my sex juices filled the screen. I turned over, positioned myself where I could still see the TV, bum up, legs parted, pussy dripping and asked him to fuck me. He continued videoing in close up as his cock slid into my Cunt letting me observe myself being fucked, see my juices running from my cunt, drenching his cock. He wet the slim smooth vibe and held it against my anus as he fucked me, it felt nice, but it was a week or so later before I let him actually insert it into my rectum. My pussy seemed to flutter when I orgasmed and finally Joe's spunk slowly seeping from my hole after he came inside me and pulled out. I caught his cream in my hand before it dripped on the quilt, turned towards the camera and licked it all off my fingers.

I moved in with Joe. I took a few personal things and clothes there. When I was at the house I usually remained naked. The blinds at the front we kept closed the back we left open. I'd been living there about a week when I discovered I was being watched. An older guy lived in the house behind. It was the only house with a view of the back of our house and he could see in through the kitchen window and the patio doors. We noticed him watching me, spying from behind his bedroom curtains. I deliberately made a point of making sure he could see me from then on, standing naked by the back door, touching my pussy or playing with my tits, sitting on the patio step with my legs spread, my fingers touching my clit. A couple of times when I was certain our neighbours were out I walked around the garden naked. He soon realised we knew he was watching and would watch openly. At night we'd sometimes leave the lights on, curtains open and Joe fucked me next to the patio doors. I moved an armchair where the old guy would be able to see me and I masturbated or used one of my vibrators, sometimes sucking Joe's cock, enjoying performing sex acts while he watched.

Except for when I went to work I rarely wore panties or a bra any more. Wearing tops, buttons strategically unfastened, I became adept at accidentally giving nipple flashes and briefly exposing my tits. That was just a start and I soon mastered flashing my pussy, getting in and out of his car wearing a short skirt. Late night shopping was great fun, exposing my tits and bending over flashing my gash. I'd practised exposing my tits wearing wearing one particular top. I wore the top and mini kilt when we went out one night. Travelling home on the train I removed the pin which kept the skirt from flapping open, there were only four people in the carriage. I sat opposite a guy, Joe sat across the aisle. A few minutes into the journey, I bent to reach something from my bag on the floor. As planned my tits spilled out, I pretended not to notice, sat with both my breasts exposed, then crossed my legs. The kilt opened to the waist, he could see the top of my gash. The guy didn't say a word, so I uncrossed my legs, slowly parted them exposing my cunt to him. He got a good eyeful, smiling at me when he got off. A great success and Joe suggested I go further next time. We got home and I asked him to fuck me over a chair in front of the patio windows at the rear of the house, give the old guy a treat.

I'd been with Joe about 8 weeks when he made a DVD compilation tape of me masturbating and us fucking. I got a real thrill when he showed me that he had uploaded it on to a Porn site. I got even more excited when I saw that in only a few hours, thousands of people had viewed it and seen me naked, masturbating, sucking cock and being fucked. It was just the reaction he'd hoped for and he suggested signing up to a website and letting people watch me masturbate and use my toys, live. I eagerly agreed, demanding that he do it immediately. I came several times, overwhelmed by the knowledge I was being watched, by total strangers, finishing off, being fucked by Joe.

I'd been thinking about the things I'd been doing, and the part of me that thought I should stop was getting weaker and weaker. I was enjoying the sex to much and the thrill of pushing the limits of sexual exhibitionism became more intense. I asked if we could go and buy a little dress I'd seen in the Sex Shop. Although I knew which one I wanted, I tried on several dresses, skirts and tops, at first leaving the curtains parted in the little changing cubicle, then not bothering to use it. I felt confident with my body, lots of fucking, and less food, I’d lost weight, stomach flatter, my trim figure making my tits look larger. Stripping naked in the shop, watched by Joe, the owner and several customers, made me so horny, my pussy was dripping by the time I'd bought the dress. We left the shop just before 6pm, with a large dildo I purchased, in my bag and I kept the indecently short lycra dress on to go several bars. I flashed my pussy in all of them. In the last bar I sat on a high stool at the end of the bar, next to a table of lads, crossing my legs, then when I'd got their attention sat for several minutes, with my legs parted until it was time to leave.

This time going through the park I asked Joe to fuck me. There was a bench, just off the path, screened by some bushes. I knelt on it, pulled the dress up to my neck and Joe fucked me from behind. I could hear people passing on the path which added to my excitement. I tried to keep quiet, as I felt an orgasm building, but gave up, urging him to fuck me, climaxing noisily when I felt him cumming. Our fucking had caught the attention of four guys, who had heard, if not seen me. When I appeared from behind the bushes, there was enough light for them to catch a glimpse of my pussy, as I wiped it with a tissue, before pulling my dress back down, which gained me a cheer and whistles.

We followed then to the station. They were only young lads, late teens, early twenties but they kept looking at me. The train pulled in seconds later, only three carriages, a few people in the front two, the third empty. The four guys got in the empty carriage. I looked at Joe questioningly, he gave me a nod and we followed them. They sat together, we took the seats the other side of the aisle. I bent, stretching to put my bag on the window seat, feeling the back of my dress ride up exposing my pussy before sitting down in the aisle seat where they could see me and I could see if anyone was coming. Joe took the window seat opposite. No more passengers got on and the train departed.

The guys were expecting something and I didn't want to disappoint. I put my foot on the seat opposite, they all leaned forward in unison to look. I swivelled towards them, parting my legs at the same time. Though I'd wiped myself, I felt some of Joe's spunk trickle from my Cunt. I quickly reached down, slipped a couple of fingers in my pussy and scooped it on to my fingers. I held it out for them to see before licking it off. “Do you want to see my tits?” I enquired. They did of course. A quick glance along the train, no one paying attention and I pulled the dress down and eased my tits out. I played with my stiff nipples and invited them to touch them. They got up, one sat beside me, one opposite, two stood in the aisle. They touched my tits, I lifted my bum off the seat and pulled the dress up to my waist and opened my legs wide. They didn't need to be asked, two of them began to finger me. My breathing quickened as I became aroused. The train started to slow, and stopped. Joe whispered people were getting off, no one got on.

It was about 10 minutes to our stop. I was as good as naked, the dress bunched around my waist, two guys fingering me, five or six fingers buried in my cunt, finger fucking me, one of them rubbing my clit with his thumb. The other two had taken a nipple each and were sucking on them. I had my head back against the seat moaning, looking at Joe who was videoing me on his phone. I was almost cumming when Joe warned me we had almost reached our station. I quickly covered myself up, frustrated at having to stop so close to cumming.

The guys got off too, though I don't think it was their stop. The six of us on the station, “Any chance of a blow job?” one asked hopefully. I'd been wondering what to do next and remembering my fantasy about being a whore, replied “I don't see why not. It'll cost you a Tenner” He reached into his pocket and handed me a a ten pound note. I took it, looked at the other three guys, “What about you. Do you want me to suck your cocks too?” I had forty pounds which I handed to Joe.

I took them to the area behind the shops where I'd pissed in front of Joe. I took off my dress, gave it to Joe to look after and crouched in front of the first guy, unzipped him, took his cock out. With all the practise I'd had with Joe I had become quite a good cocksucker. I wanked and sucked him until he came in my mouth. I did the same with the second guy, swallowing his spunk too. I was getting seriously turned on by the time I took the third guys cock between my lips and began to suck him off. My hand had strayed to my pussy and I was frigging myself urgently as I sucked. I noticed the fourth guy, probably the youngest, had his cock out wanking. It was large, bigger than Joe's certainly and already erect. I had to touch it, wrapped my fingers around it stroking him, whilst sucking the other lad as deep and hard as I could, willing him to cum. I took his load, swallowed and stood.

I'd already decided that I wasn't going to suck the last guy. I reached for his cock again, stroking it slowly, “I want him to fuck me” I told Joe, turning around, bending over with a hand against a rubbish skip. I heard Joe encouraging the guy “Get your cock in her cunt, fuck the whore” I moved my legs further apart, reached between my legs holding my cunt open and told him to fuck me. I felt his cock touch my fingers, sliding between them in to my waiting fuck hole. He was a big lad, my cunt stretched to take him as he pushed his cock up me, sliding his length into my tight hole, fully penetrating me. I groaned as I felt his heavy balls touch my clit and he began to fuck me. Slow, steady strokes at first, then faster and harder, slamming his cock into me hard. It probably only lasted two or three minutes, but long enough for me orgasm just before I felt his cock twitching as he ejaculated, his cock buried deep in my Cunt, pumping three or four heavy loads inside me. He kept his softening cock inside me, until it slipped from my hole followed by a gush of his creamy young spunk. By the time I'd recovered enough to stand, the four guys were leaving. I put my dress back on, walking home with spunk running down my legs. We talked about what I'd done, “Here's your earnings” Joe laughed handing me my £40. “Do you reckon I could make a living as a whore?” I joked. He thought I could but only if I charged more. Since then I've been fucked for money numerous times, mainly for the buzz I get from whoring myself.

Being fucked by Joe in the park, what happened on the train, sucking off three guys, then fucked by a guy who's name I didn't even know. Fulfilling a fantasy and selling myself for £40. What a night! If I had to pinpoint a time, I think it was probably that night, that I appreciated that I was becoming a Slut. Having accepted that, there was no turning back, I had a lot of catching up to do and I wanted cock and lots of it. On the walk home I excitedly told Joe how much I'd enjoyed being fucked my the guy and that I wanted to have sex with other men. To all intents and purposes I told him I wanted to be Slut. He was more than willing to share me with other men and had no objection to me whoring occasionally.

We logged onto a chat room, as soon as we got home. I described what I had done that evening, before telling Joe I was going to the loo and to shower if he wanted to bring the camera and let everyone watch. He videoed me pissing in the bath, then soaping my body, paying particular attention to my slippery pussy. Afterwards I showed them my new dildo before using it to masturbate while they watched. Joe joined me on the bed. He used the slim vibrator in my bum at first and then introduced a well lubricated one about the same size as his cock. We'd done this before, both on camera and privately. Joe had wanted anal sex but I'd declined. That night it felt right for me try it. Doing it on cam, people witnessing me losing my anal virginity would only add to the excitement of being arse fucked for the first time.

Joe picked up the camera videoing while I lubricated his shaft. Still with the dildo buried in my Cunt, I knelt, reached behind, spread my buttocks, pulled the vibrator from my bum hole, using my fingers to hold my nicely stretched anus open. On the screen in front of me I watched Joe slide his cock between my fingers, the knob end entering my dark hole. I felt my anus stretching, the moment of discomfort I was familiar with, knowing it would quickly subside. He pushed harder, the bulbous knob disappeared inside my arse and I took an inch of his shaft. I let go of my buttocks, raised my head off the bed, reaching with one hand to frig my clit. I felt more of Joe's cock entering me, looked up at the screen, seeing his prick sliding smoothly up my bum. I pushed back, moaning softly as the final couple of inches penetrated my anus. He kept still for several seconds, then pulled out and began to fuck my arse. The video picture was rather shaky, but I’d given up looking, relishing taking his cock in my arse, feeling it rubbing against the dildo filling my Cunt. The sensations radiating from my pussy and bum, the pleasure of being anally fucked, viewed by numerous strangers and receiving his spunk quickly brought me to an electrifying orgasm. While Joe was in the bathroom washing his prick, I knelt in front of the camera while his cum oozed from my bum.

The following Wednesday evening I had to meet my soon to be ex-husband at the marital home about 5 miles away. We had a buyer and he wanted to collect some things and discuss the sale. I wore a shortish shift dress, quite demure by my new Slut standards, but shorter than any I'd worn while with him. Naturally I wasn't wearing a bra or panties, though that wasn't obvious. He looked at the dress when I let him but made no comment. He went upstairs to find what he wanted. I followed a couple of minutes later. He kept glancing at me, and eventually asked if I remembered a guy he worked with. I must have made more of an impression on him than he did on me because I couldn't recall him. He laughed nervously before saying that this bloke claimed to have seen a woman who looked like me a few nights previously, “Behaving inappropriately in a bar” was how he put it.

To good an opportunity to miss to shock and embarrass the prude. “That was me. Did he like my shaved Cunt?” I asked casually, enjoying the shocked look on his face. “Tell him to follow next time and he can fuck me or I'll suck his cock he prefers Oral” He stood frozen to the spot, mouth hanging open a look of horror on his reddening face. I pulled the dress quickly over my head, further shocking him when he saw I was naked underneath and flopped back onto the bed, spreading my legs wide. I asked him if he wanted to watch me play with myself and began to masturbate, telling him my new boyfriend liked to watch me. “I think you should stop. What's wrong with you?” He stammered. “Nothing's wrong with me. You were the problem” I told him. “Do you want to fuck me for old times sake. Go on get your cock out, stick it in my Cunt and fuck me” I taunted him. He fled, I was off the bed, followed him out of the house, still naked, telling him what a useless wanker he'd always been. As he got the car started and reversed off the drive I walked alongside to the end of the drive, loudly telling him which website to look at if he wanted to see video of me masturbating and being fucked. It was dark and I may have been seen, but felt no shame.

What I did feel was horny. I went back upstairs and laid on the bed masturbating and though I came what I really needed was a good hard cock. I'd told Joe I was staying the night, I could have called him to collect me, but decided to see if I could pick up a guy to fuck me before the pubs closed. There was a particular pub I'd never been to, used by soldiers from a camp outside town, which had the reputation as the sort of pub only a Slut would go to. I felt both nervous and excited entering the pub. It was noisy, about 25 to 30 blokes, two or three girls. I could feel eyes on me as I crossed to the bar, bought a drink, then sat at a table and crossed my legs, letting my dress ride up. Guys were looking over towards me, weighing there chances up. I deliberately made eye contact, giving them the come-on, stuck my tits out a bit, recrossing my legs showing more thigh.

That's all it took for two of them to saunter over. Both strapping young lads in their early twenties. They put their drinks on the table, one crouched next to me so I could hear what he was saying, “How much for a fuck then?” Not what I'd intended, but I suppose in that sort of pub that was the impression I'd given. After a moments thought, I uncrossed my legs, took his hand, put it on my thigh, parted my legs and moved his hand to my pussy. “Do you think that's worth twenty quid?” my voice surprisingly steady considering how hard my heart was thumping. He looked at his mate, he gave him a nod. Two Ten Pound notes appeared on the table, a screwed up fiver, then they started counting their loose change. I stopped them, told them not to bother with the change, they could both fuck me for £25, and asked where they wanted to go.

One of them, Gary I later learned, had an old Transit van parked in the car park. I went with them, climbed in the back of the van, took off my dress, lay on a blanket naked. They fucked me with the doors open. By the time they'd both had me, three guys had stopped to watch. They wanted to fuck me, Gary said it was £25 which they didn't have so I offered to give them blow jobs for a tenner. Two loads of spunk in my cunt, three tasty loads in my mouth, with the bonus of £55 in my purse. Not bad for a first solo effort as a Slut and although I'd intended to let them fuck me anyway, by taking money for sex again, further proof I was also a Whore. I fancied Gary who had a lovely thick cock, not especially long, but he made me cum and I arranged to meet him again.

When I returned home after work the next day, I told Joe all about what I'd done. He laughed when I told him what had happened at the house. He wasn't jealous of me being fucked by Gary and his mate, or with me sucking off three more guys, just a bit peeved that he hadn't been there to see me. It proved I'd been serious about becoming a Slut and wanting more cock which led to numerous meets, Dogging which I adore and Watersports to name a few. I think those stories will have to wait.

I'm ever so sorry, the story has got rather longer than I intended and I didn't really want to split it because the stories seem to be uploaded so irregularly and unpredictably. I apologise if it's to long but I hope, if you've read this far, you enjoyed it. Leave a comment if you want me to continue and if I do post again whether you'd prefer it if I tried to make it shorter with less detail.