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Memory of Taboo Cinema, Birmingham

"Male group fun"

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Taboo Cinema in Birmingham has closed to make way for HS2. New premises are being sought. Perhaps it will re-open at another place. I had many memorable times there. Here's a re-posting of a visit a few years ago. Totally true. It might seem odd to go to an adult cinema at lunchtime on a warm sunny say but previous experience has shown that this was a very good time to go. Wearing just shorts, no underwear, and a shirt that opens easily I arrived at the nearby station and with my cock growing in anticipation I walked down the hill and under a bridge and slipped in to the cinema. After the bright sunlight my eyes took a while to adjust and then I could see that I was not alone and that there was fun to be had. I stood at the side, released my smooth, shaved cock and enjoyed its wonderful hardness. Within a minute another man was stroking me and I was enjoying the feel of his thick erection. We were watching a group of guys surrounding a fair haired fellow who was sat avidly sucking their cocks. One after another he took them sucking and savouring before moving on to the next. We edged forward and when there was space I presented myself. He was good, very good, taking my prick deep in his mouth then moving his head excitingly. I had to move him away; I had arrived only minutes beforehand and if this expert had continued I would have exploded. Four of us surrounded him all with very stiff cocks and all gently stroking ourselves or each other. Wanting to become fully involved I removed my shorts as I was eager to be fully involved in this thrilling scene Two men sitting nearby and playing looked very interesting. One had a slender but totally smooth cock that was begging to be sucked. In a moment I was on my knees working my mouth over it. The smoothness was a delight and I was able to take the full length in my throat. My head moved up and down and saliva lubricated my mouth as I savoured the pleasure of this lovely weapon. 'I'll shoot in a moment if he goes on like this,' the guy said to his companion. Hearing this I made a great effort to give pleasure sucking greedily and working my tongue and mouth with enthusiasm. He began gasping and moaning so I stroked and sucked as expertly as I could and felt the delicious fountain of spunk explode in my mouth. I kept on gently sucking enjoying the erotic sensations an the creaminess of his load until eventually he withdrew. I hadn't been in the cinema fifteen minutes and I had already enjoyed a very satisfying encounter. Some more men of all ages had arrived and there was a lot more group fondling and sucking. I find it so exciting to move from cock to cock and have attention to my own stiff prick without know who is giving me so much pleasure. A lithe bronzed guy was standing having his beautiful shaved cock sucked by the fair haired enthusiast I had encountered earlier. This lovely cock was thick and a full nine inches and totally hairless. Just the sight of it was thrilling but feeling it and then sucking was total delight. I always do my best to take as much as I can deep in my mouth but this was a challenge! I managed about six inches and enjoyed the hardness in my mouth an don my tongue. Then I needed a rest and the fair haired chap who had already sucked many, including me, took over. I was treated to a display of the most sublime sucking imaginable as he took the full nine inches of this wonderful weapon deep into his mouth and held it there for what seemed like ages! I felt totally jealous of this skill and will have to practise if I am ever going to be so good! We then took turns to pleasure this lovely cock and sometimes as one of us sucked the crown the other used hands, mouth and tongue lower down. Throughout all this my own cock was rock hard and receiving gentle strokes from somebody. The steel hard cock was in my mouth and I determinedly worked hard with my lips and tongue, The man leaned back against the wall and with appreciative moans and groans enjoyed the servicing he was getting from two eager mouths. Suddenly he gave a prolonged low moan and his cock twitched a little in my mouth. I was delighted to have another deluge of delicious spunk fill my mouth. I slurped greedily on the lovely smooth cock and when I released it it was shiny with saliva and spunk. The other sucker immediately licked it avidly and I watched; thrilled and delighted. After so much pleasure and excitement I needed to calm down. I enjoyed gently exploring several nice hard cocks with my hands and mouth and I too received some treatment that kept me very hard. Several times I became involved in small groups of semi-naked guys. Hands roamed from cock to cock, ages mingled and mouths savoured all that was on offer. Eventually I began to play with a dark haired man who had a fine firm and smooth prick that was very tasty as pre-cum oozed from it. I enjoyed swirling my tongue over this the taking him in my mouth. A man watched us closely and began to give instructions whilst he pleasured himself. 'Take him deep, the whole length,' I heard and happily obeyed urging this lovely prick deep into my mouth and stroking the area under the man's smooth balls. More instructions came. 'Use your tongue on the tip.' I obeyed loving every moment as I swirled my tongue over the tip of this lovely sexy cock. The older man giving the instructions gazed in delight. 'Thar's beautiful,' he whispered watching intently as he stroked his own cock. 'You suck beautifully.' The oral expert who could take nine inches in his mouth joined in and together we worked on this hard and rampant cock. I stroked and he sucked and together we worked excitedly and were soon rewarded with a series of spurts of lovely hot come. After over two hours of intense pleasure, well wanked and superbly sucked, my cock was had plenty to offer. I rested for a while idly playing with my cock and others. I told the expert I needed to spunk. 'Spray it over me,' he said. 'Give me another a beautiful suck and I will,' I replied. He sucked fabulously and I knew spunk would soon be flying out. I pulled out from his mouth and concentrated as my hand worked my hard, hard cock to a climax. With a moan I exploded and splashed some heavy spurts upon his chest, even surprising myself at how much shot from me, then two more big spurts flew from me and on to his face, He was amazed and.thrilled. 'I'd like a group of men like you spraying over me,' he said. I had had a fabulous and hugely exciting and erotic time - one of the best sessions I have ever had. My jaw was aching, and I felt drained of energy but supremely satisfied. As this exciting place I was already looking forward to another visit.
Written by Huggym

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