Written by Anonymous

27 Dec 2018

Driving back to Blackpool i stopped off in a HGV stop off for a cuppa and a piss .
It was late at night , i the toilet there were 3 cubicles , one was in use the door to the middle one was open , i could see a hole in the wall and lots of graffiti.
I went in and dropped my kecks having a read of the stories, cock sucking and cock drawings.
I saw the hole, there was a man on the other side i was mesmerized what was going to happen next , i saw him looking through the hole , he put a finger through the hole and gestured me to come close then he pushed his cock through the hole , it was a lovely thick cock , uncut , i reached out and pulled his foreskin back , his cock grew with my touch. I licked my fingers rubbing it on his exposed bellend , i started wanking him , not seeing a face just a cock was so horny.
I lowered my head and licked his cock end then bit by bit i took him in my mouth , i got into a rhythm taking As much as i could down my throat.
I sucked and slurped away , i could hear him moaning , then i felt him twinge in my mouth then my mouth was filled with his warm man juice.
I spat it out and then i cleaned him up , he removed his flaccid cock from the hole , i quickly pulled up my kecks and left the toilet.
My head was all over the place thinking what i had just done, i know there are a few gay saunas on blackpool , online it says there are glory holes i am going for more fun and i will tell you all about it soon .

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