12 Jun 2017

He continued to twist my nipples back and forth and then pull them away from my breasts; the pain was exquisite and burnt like fire from my nipples to my clit. I could feel the heat of his naked cock against my shoulder and tried to turn my head to suck it but just couldn’t quite reach.

My eyes turned back to the bed, the waiter was obviously close to cumming, his arse had tensed and his pace was now even faster. His cock literally slammed into Helens pussy and with each thrust she screamed. Quickly the waiter pulled his cock from Helen and wanked it fast. With one final shout he shot a huge stream of cum up Helens back, followed by another and another and another. The spunk was running down her sides onto the bed. The final jet went all over her arse.

The waiter then straddled Helens back and proceeded to cover his cock in the spunk he had shot over her. Helen lay motionless beneath him as he bathed his cock in his spunk. The waiter got off the bed and slowly walked towards me, his cum and juice covered cock swaying in front of him. As he stood between my legs he lifted his wet cock and placed it against my lips. I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips over the thick, wet head of his cock, sucking the spunk and juice off quickly before he could take it away. Amazingly his cock started to harden between my lips and the more I sucked the harder it got until it was fully erect again and starting to leak more of its liquid onto my tongue. Agonisingly he pulled his cock from my mouth but did not walk away; he grasped the shaft and rubbed the wet knob all over my face leaving streaks of cum and cunt juice all over me. The smell of pure, unadulterated sex made me cum, yet more juice ran from my pussy, soaking the chair.

The waiter stepped back and gently untied the ribbons around my wrists and ankles and then offering me his hands he helped me from the chair. I stood up and gently leading me by the hand he led me to the bed. He laid me down next to Helen who was still struggling to get her breath from the fucking she had received. Immediately his head went between my legs and his tongue probed deep into my pussy and I immediately orgasmed. My hips rose from the bed and I pulled his head harder against my clit, demanding that he make me cum again and again, which he did. My legs started their familiar shaking and my chest heaved as wave after wave of lust ran through me. By now he had lifted me so far off the bed only my shoulders were touching it and I could clearly see his tongue reaming in and out of my cunt, his face covered with my juices.

As hard as it may seem I had nearly forgotten about him until I heard him say “is her cunt ready now”. The waiter looked up and said “yes” and slowly lowered me down onto the bed. The waiter slid across the bed and stood behind my head, he reached forward and grasped my ankles lifting them up towards my shoulders. My pulsating pussy was now completely exposed to him. Then he said “for you now my gorgeous slut” as his cock slid straight into my soaked cunt. As I looked back the waiters cock was now directly above my mouth and as I gasped at his first thrust into my pussy the waiter plunged his cock into my mouth. The harder he thrust into my cunt the deeper the cock went into my mouth. As it touched the back of my throat I would swallow and grasp the knob tightly in my throat causing the sexy young waiter too groan with pleasure. Such a good trick

The double fucking of my cunt and mouth became relentless until it suddenly stopped and they were gone, only for them to changes places, the waiter now mercilessly fucking my cunt and him plundering my mouth. The sweat was now pouring off me adding to the juice running from my pussy, so much juice that I could feel it between the cheeks of my arse, lubricating my other fuck hole.

Out of nowhere I felt fingers running between my arse cheeks but couldn’t see who it was, the fingers found my arse and one then two slim fingers thrust deep inside my forbidden hole. This was just too much for me and I let his cock slip from my lips as I screamed in sweet agony as the most crushing orgasm burnt to the depths of my soul. I shook, I couldn’t breathe, I swore and begged them to make me a whore, a slut to use me and take me and then they were gone. Leaving me spread eagled on the bed my legs and mouth wide open but my eyes shut. I felt like a shell all the energy had gone but my brain was telling me “get more, give yourself and make them do it again and again.

My head was lifted from the bed and a glass of water placed to my lips whilst a hand stroked my hair softly until I regained normality.

As I opened my eyes he was there smiling and said “did you enjoy that”. “God yes I have never cum like that before”. “Good” he said, “now we have got a present for you”. I looked up and Helen was stood by the bed her lead being held by the waiter, his cock still stiff. She was now naked except for her thong and heels.

“This slut is your present, she is yours to fuck, lick, spank and use. She will be completely subservient to your wishes and do exactly as you tell her. Tonight you are in charge, you make the decisions and the slut will obey”.

I had never really been into women before him but the more I experimented the more I came to enjoy it and now I had one who would do exactly what I wanted!!!!

Then he said “Slut, show her what you have for her”. Helen took my hand and led me to a chest of draws, she opened the draw and “For you to use”. Suddenly he snapped “For you to use what” in a very stern voice. “Sorry” said Helen “For you to use Mistress”. The draw contained every type of sex toy imaginable, vibes, huge dildoes, strap on cocks, bottles of lube, a riding crop and a pair of hand cuffs. I’d often imagined what it would be like to dominate someone sexually and now I was going to find out. As I selected a large dildo from the draw he said “and the boy is yours as well to use”. Now my imagination was running riot, two sex slaves for me. The waiter handed me her lead and I pulled her sharply towards the bed.

“Lay down slut” I commanded and open your slut legs. Her pussy opened in front of me the lips red and swollen. “Finger your cunt and arse now”. Without a murmur Helen proceeded to slide two fingers into her cunt and one into her arse. “Don’t you dare stop until you cum slut”. I stood and watched as Helen fingered herself to an orgasm, her lips trembling and sweat running down her face. The scene was intensely erotic, being able to order someone to do something and them obeying without question. My throbbing pussy was telling me just how much of a turn on it was.

As soon as her hands had fallen away I leant forward and plunged the dildo deep into her cunt, I was going to make sure that she got no rest and that her orgasms kept coming and coming. She was my slut and it was delicious to watch her being used the way I normally love to be used.

The huge dildo went deep into her cunt and with every thrust her hips rose from the bed trying to force even more of it into her leaking pussy. As I looked around the room all three men were wanking their cocks slowly, Paul’s right hand having been untied. Not only did I have my own slut I now had three cocks at my command who were going to do whatever I wished and they would believe you me.

I said to him “lift her legs darling” and to the waiter “fuck her slut arse while I dildo her cunt”. The waiter used some of the lube to wet his cock and then moved forward as he lifted he legs from behind her heard. As soon as her arse was up the waiter pushed his big knob into her arse causing a huge groan to cum from her lips. Her tight arsehole gripped his cock tightly as he slowly fucked her, as he drove his cock in I could feel the pressure of his cock push the dildo in my hand downwards.

When I looked at him he was rubbing his cock all over her face but never let her get it in her mouth. He said “try to suck it slut and you will be severely punished, do you understand”. Helen just nodded.

As they fucked her I went back to the draw and inspected the strap on cock. The harness was leather and the cock enormous. As I put it on I noticed that on my side there was another knob end curving upwards, this had to be slid into my pussy before I could do up the straps. Whilst the thing looked faintly ridiculous on my frame I just couldn’t wait to fuck my slut with it.

I walked back to the bed, the cock swaying in front of me. I moved the waiter out of the way and stepped between my sluts legs and thrust the huge cock straight into her pussy causing the knob on my side to push deep into mine. As I leant forward plunging the cock to the hilt deep in her cunt I gripped he wrists and said “tonight slut you are mine and I will use you as I see fit”. As I thrust again she whimpered “please use me, I need to be used and when you have finished please spank me for being such a slut”

Where was this going to lead ………………………….