Written by Chloe

20 Dec 2015

Continuing from the previous part . As I felt Warren start to penetrate my vagina I became very tense but he helped me to relax and it worked as he slowly inserted the full length of his penis inside me he started to build a rhythm that had me clinging to his back as he was moving in and out in long slow strokes at the same time nibbling my ears and neck. I felt a strange feeling build up as I started to have my first orgasm and my virginal muscles locked around his penis as he started to soot his semen deep inside me. As I came down from the experience my muscles relaxed and he pulled out and I saw his penis properly as he moved my head so that it was in front of my face. I asked did he want me to suck it, and he told me only if I wanted to, so I opened my mouth and moved so the end was just inside. I immediately moved away as I tasted the salty sperm mixed with my juices. When I realised it wasn't to unpleasant I put it further into my mouth and sucked it clean and swallowed the residue .. I sat up and thanked him for a wonderful evening I took my knickers out of my bag and put them on as he commented on the size as they came to my waist and around the top of my thighs. I put my dress on as the door opened and Trevor walked in. As I gave Warren a goodnight kiss I felt a hand up my dress rubbing my knicker clad bottom. And turned to see it was Trevor so I said my goodnight and returned to my room.

As I entered Karen was sat naked on the balcony with a drink. I went out and she immediately said

" Chloe you are no longer a virgin are you?"

I blushed as I said "yes I have just had sex with Warren and sucked his penis after and it was a little painful at first but he was so gentle and I had an orgasm and gripped his penis with my virginal muscles as we both came."

We sat talking for a little and she told me we would go to a chemist when we get up for the morning after pill and a packet of condoms for me to carry in my bag in future. She the said as we went back into the bedroom

"what will your mum and dad say when they see your neck as you have 4small love bites on the right side of your neck."

I looked in the mirror and said I would try to cover them up. I went to the toilet and got ready for bed. As we got up we had a light lunch and went to the chemist. We got back to the hotel and most of our group were in the bar so I told Karen that I would just nip upstairs take the pill and would be down shortly after I checked that the bites were covered.

I took th pill and put the pack of condoms in my handbag . There was a knock on the door and as I opened it Warren was there wanting to know if I was okay I told him that i had just taken morning after pill and thanked him for a wonderful night we were soon kissing and he was soon undressing me and i experienced the joy of being brought to an orgasm with his tongue as he moved between my legs he exposed his erect penis and I plucked up the courage to asked him to use a condom telling him there was a packet in my bag. He put one on and we had another amazing sex session as he ejaculated inside me I still tensed and he withdrew his condom covered penis and I was shocked how much semen was in the condom but I could still suck him clean. We joined the others down stairs for a drink.

Becky came over and said" i believe you finally lost your virginity and it looks as though you have just had seconds"

I smiled as I just nodded.

As arranged mum and dad picked me up at 7.00pm and we set off they asked if I had enjoyed the party and said I had but was very tired. We got home and I had an early night I woke about 8.00am and went to the bathroom as I was returning mum came out of her room and wished me a good morning I got back into bed and was checking my. Phone when mum came in

" i think we need a talk young lady to start you had better make sure your dad doesn't see your neck and last night after you had gone to bed I was putting a wash load on so got your dirty washing out and was surprised to find that your pj's had stains in the gusset area and you red/black were really badly stained so you had obviously had unprotected sex then as i moved your bags out of the hall I could see a packet of condoms with one missing. I think we need to get you the morning after pill"

" I have already taken it mum and yes I did lose my virginity on Friday night but please don't tell dad."

" Ok but remember if you can't hide the marks on your neck with make up wear a scarf. If you are going to start a sex life on a regular basis you may want to think about going on the pill as well as condoms"

"Thanks for being so understanding mum"