15 May 2017

When I was 18, I got accepted for a job being a waiter at the Butlins' Skyline resort at Skegness. I was in between my first and second phase of my course at College and it was before I had reall decided that I wanted to go on to University. My girlfriend at the time and I had been going out for 3 years at that point and had still not had sex. It seemed like it was going to be a summer where I didn't see much of her, so I went for this job...and I was successful, suffice to say, she was not happy about it!

I left for Butlins' that weekend and had my induction and began work by the Tuesday. A few weeks went by and I had saved up quite a bit and decided to look in a free ads paper called Loot for some musical equipment. Whilst reading through the ads, I found a section called 'Adult contacts.' Under this heading was an advert that read roughly: Lincoln housewife WLTM male 18-35 for NSA fun times. So, I thought that I would send this lady a letter. Because it was 1998 and the internet was in its infancy, you had to respond by writing a letter and enclosing an S.A.E (anyone under 30, that means Self Addressed Envelop).

About a week and a half later, I received a letter from a lady called Lorraine. Telling me a little about herself, and saying that I am welcome to call or write back anytime. That night, I went to the local telephone kiosk and made the call. A guy answered and I asked for Lorraine. We spoke for a long time, and she told me that she was married and would that be a problem.

I decided at that point that if I was to do this...I would do so and go all the way! I said it wasn't a problem and that I didn't mind at all. She asked me when I was free and said that I was this Thursday and we made plans for me to go over Thursday afternoon. She pass me over to her husband, John, and he gave me some directions from Lincoln central bus depot.

That Thursday morning, I got up early and left the site to catch the early bus from Skegness to Lincoln.

I had breakfast in Lincoln and finally, when 1pm came, I went to their flat on Stamp End.

I knocked at the door, and immediately regretted doing so, a huge bearded older man answered and introduced himself as John, telling me we spoke on the phone. He invited me into the flat and asked me if there was anything I particularly would like to see Lorraine in. I said 'stockings and suspenders please.' He was very nonchalant about it (as most experienced swingers are) and called through to Lorraine and said..."stockings and a basque honey, would you like a tea?"

I was shown through to the living room and met Lorraine, a very sexy brown haired lady in a red top, tight jeans and ample tits. I remember thinking, wow, forget that, I will be happy as is thanks! But thought better of it.

We had a few cups of tea, chatted for a long time and Lorraine went to get married.

When she re-entered the room she was all in black, wavy brown hair, black basque with stockings and suspenders, a black night gown and heels. My mouth hung out of my head and all I could think of is...wow, what am I doing with my girlfriend? She knows I like stockings and has never worn them, I just asked another guys wife, and here she is...wow!!!

John left us in the living room and had, as I have subsequently found out, put down the small customary mattress for playing! She invited me to lay with her and I got undressed and just as I had got to my underwear I told her it was my first time. She told me not to worry and relax, and asked what would I like to do first? I said 'I'd really like you to take me in your mouth, please.' She leaned forward, moved my pants and lifted my cock out and started sucking it straight away. I remember being a little chilly, but I soon warmed up as I felt her hot mouth around my cock, sucking every inch. I reached around for her pussy and started rubbing it. She got wetter at my touch and I was able to slide a finger into her. As she moaned in pleasure, she also sucked on my cock more, I couldn't believe how good it felt, sure enough...neither could my cock and I blurted out "I'm going to cum!" She leaned over, cupped my balls and sucked the cum right out of me. I moaned and writhed as she swallowed every squirt. I lay back on the pillow and she asked how that was, I think I blurbled that it was amazing...it was, I still remember that feeling even now.

We chatted briefly, and she played with my cock, sucking it hard whilst allowing me to play with her pussy. As I played with her pussy, I used my fingers gently at first and then tentatively slid it in. As she moaned, and leaned her head back, I would nibble at her neck and with my other hand gently caress her tits. Lorraine stopped playing with my cock and enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her, so I opened her legs and turned her around, then began licking her pussy.

My girlfriend, had allowed me to lick her pussy, and I knew I was good at it...but making another mans wife cum on my tongue was an amazing feeling. As I slid my tongue into her pussy, her legs wrapped around my head and drew me in. I licked her deeper and used my fingers to make her cum with a moan. Once she had cum, she told me she wanted me in her.

I leaned over and got a condom out of the packet I had bought.

I had already practiced putting one one back at my shed at Butlins' so I could do it quickly. So, as soon as I was ready, I knelt closely by and she guided me into her warm pussy. I immediately felt her warmth around my cock and I almost squirted when I got right into her. But somehow, I managed to keep my spunk in my balls. I started slow, and as she moaned and writhed I got faster. I wanted to do her doggy style so asked her if we could it please (yeah, I said please). I got back into her and started fucking her with deep strokes, her suspenders curved over her ass and I pulled her onto my cock as I fucked her. Looking down, I saw my cock slipping in and out and I thought, 'fucking wow, I am fucking another mans wife! Shame I can't tell anyone.' Moments later, I felt that pang on my balls that indicates its time to cum. So, I decided to speed things up and go for it....bad mistake....I last 5 may 6 good hard strokes then squirted into the condom.

I pulled out and the condom was full of my spunk. I tied a knot into it, and threw it in the bin.

We talked for a little bit, she told me that I didn't have to wear a condom if I didn't want to....and that if I hadn't have told her, she wouldn't have believed it was my first time.