Written by Annon Wife

14 Jan 2019

I’m a 45-year-old married mother of three and I’m leading a double life and if I don’t share this with someone I will explode. But first I have to explain how I arrived at this point in my life.

I am self employed but have reduced my hours in order to look after my young children. I take them to school every morning before going to work. It was at the school gates that I met Clair. Clair is 23, also married with a child in the same class as two of my boys. After our first chance meeting we went for coffee and despite the age difference we got on very well.

After a few weeks of morning coffee, I was invited for coffee at her home where I met her husband Paul. Clair is very attractive, the sort of girl who turns heads. Her husband Paul is what I wold call, a man’s man. Tall, handsome and clearly looks after himself. Their home is amazing, 6 bedrooms and amazingly decorated. Paul is self employed like me but whereas I have a coffee shop, Paul imports cars and resorts them. Some 5 weeks after our first meeting my husband and I where invited to Clair and Pauls home for a party so celebrate her 23rd birthday. It was a very nice evening, lots of her friends where there all immaculately dressed, in fact I had an idea that it would be that sort of an occasion, so I spent a fortune on a dress. It hugged my figure which I work hard at to keep, low cut but classy. My husband wanted to know who I was trying to impress but honestly, I just wanted to look good.

We were made so welcome by everyone it was a great night, right up to the end. Clair hardly left my side, I assumed it was because I didn’t; know anyone. It was getting late and I told Clair that we should be leaving, explaining that my mother was babysitting and I didn’t want the boys to keep her up but Clair begged me to stay a little longer and told me taking my hand aid she wanted to show me the house whilst Paul took my husband to show him some car he was renovating.

Thinking back now, I was being set up. Clair took me to her husbands’ study, it was like a Victorian study room with books covering almost every wall, very dark and classy. We walked in and the room took my breath away, I told Clair as much, Clair turned to me and told me that my dress had taken her breath away. She told me how attractive I was and how glad she was that we had met and become ‘great friends. I think it was the several glasses of wine that caused e to be so relaxed, but I remember not thinking anything of the fact that Clair was being so attentive.

I remember it now as though I have watched a recording over and over. I was leaning against the only wall not covered floor to ceiling by a book stand. Clair put her hand on my shoulder then on my cheek and back to my shoulder. She commented on my neck which is long, she commented on how elegant it made me look. She kissed it, first by my shoulder then higher up until she was kissing me below my cheek, then lightly on my lips and I still didn’t think anything of it.

Clair returned to my neck but the hand that was on my left shoulder moved to just below my neck, just above my cleavage. I felt her lips kiss me and her tongue lightly flick my ear and I was a little surprised at how turned on I was. Then as she kissed my neck again her hand slid down and into my dress to cover my breast. Clair looked at me and smiled giving my lips another light kiss.

Her other hand undid the zip on the back of my dress which loosened it a little. The straps fell from my shoulder which allowed Clair to take out my breast. She was gentle, running my nipple in the palm of her hand before playing with it between her thumb and finger. My dress fell to my waist exposing my other breast. Clair and I kissed passionately. We spent a little time kissing and touching each other, Clair sucking my nipples hard before I did the same to her running our tongues over each other’s breasts and mouths. Then Clair pulled back and said that we should be going. I was devastated.

I had never in my whole life had any lesbian experiences nor had I seriously considered doing so but I didn’t; want this to stop. I wanted Clair’s small perfect breasts pressed against me and I wanted her to put my breasts back into her mouth, to feel her hands on me again. But Clair had decided it was time to stop so we did.

A few minutes later my husband and I were driving home. He wondered if Clair and I had fallen out, I could feel my face burning and I was quiet, scared that if I said anything, I would give away the fact that I had just let another woman undress me and do everything but fuck me.

The next Monday Clair and I saw each other at the school gates as usual. She acted as if nothing had happened, me? I was like a school girl with a terrible guilty secret and she could tell. She asked me to some round the next day for coffee. It was the longest 24 hours of my life. I wanted her to touch me, to kiss me and to take my breasts in her mouth again, I wanted her fingers inside me like my husband does regularly before sex but at the same time I was determined that nothing like that was going to ever happen again, surely it was the wine that caused that to happen and it was wrong and we would talk about it and laugh at how silly we were.

Tuesday arrived and I followed Clair to her home. Paul was out and Clair put the kettle on. I wasn’t; going to bring it up, maybe that’s what young people do now and it would make me seem naive to comment on it. I desperately wanted her to tell me that it was just a ‘silly moment’ and we would agree that it would never happen again.

Clair strode over to me, put her hands on my face and her mouth on mine and before the kettle had finished boiling Clair and I where in bed, I was naked under another naked woman and she was rubbing herself against me, filling my mouth with her tongue and fingers. We tasted each other and sucked and bit and kissed an fucked and climaxed. And afterward she lay on me, her firm breasts on my chest, her hand laying with my breast. We fucked and she made me cum again before I left.

We did the same the next day and afterwards I asked her if her husband knew that she ‘did this’. She laughed out loud and said ‘of course he did, why do you think he took your husband to see the car’ she laughed and told me that the only thing he would regret if not being here to join in. Then she looked at me and said, ‘maybe next time’.

The next time was almost a week later. I had to pay some attention to my business although it was har dot concentrate. I felt guilty with resulted in my husband having more sex that he was used to. I enjoyed him being inside me and I had an orgasm almost every time so I couldn’t be a lesbian, I told myself. The day of my next visit arrived, and I was determined that we should just be friends, maybe a kiss now and again, maybe I would let her touch me now and again but no sex.

Paul opened the door and I thought that at least Clair and I wouldn’t; end up in bed, forgetting that she had told me how he would be disappointed at not joining in.

This time we had coffee, but I have no will power and soon after I was on my back in her bed naked again looking down as she ran her tongue over my long hard nipples whilst her hand rubbed between my legs pleasuring me, her finger deep inside me. She went down on me and I on her, I fucked her with my tongue and fingers like a lifelong lesbian. I slid up her perfect body and put her small breast in y mouth whole, feeling her rock-hard nipple on my tongue and she rubber her leg against my wet pussy.

Then she gasped, I looked at her, she was gazing past me, I had forgotten about her husband. I looked over my shoulder and this man’s man was standing there naked. His thick long cock in his hand. I wasn’t sure how to react or what to do but I needn’t have worried.

Clair giggled and rolled me onto my back and did to me what I had just done to her, running her tongue down to my pussy and back up to my breast and mouth. Then Paul knelt between my feet and pushed Clair to one side. The two of them explored my seriously sensitive nipples, Clair on my right and Paul, his arms outstretched running his tongue round my left nipple. His cock was resting just below my pussy, its head just about touching my pussy slips.

This continued for a while with Clair and Paul both kissing my neck and putting tongues in my mouth. Clair was out of breath but whispered to me. ‘Lets fuck, he loves to fuck my girlfriends’ I couldn’t talk but I knew I wanted him inside me. I think I smiled which was taken as the go ahead.

Clair was laying next to me, her lips on my cheek, her hand massaging my breasts, I barely heard her say ‘ fuck her’ before Paul pushed himself inside me.

The sex was fierce, rough and animal like. I was fucked by them both, Paul moving his cock from my pussy to my mouth to my tits and back inside me. As Clair moaned and crying masturbating next to me I heard myself groan and howl. Even after I had cum and Paul had cum inside me Clair had me hard, grinding her pussy against mine, filling my mouth with her tongue as her husband took her from behind. And when he had cum again, they hadn’t finished.

I remember being exhausted, I had climaxed repeated and could barely move but they could, and they did. They did what they wanted to me me over and over, I didn’t know one man could cum so often, after he had climaxed inside me, he came inside Clair then me again and he was still hard enough to have his wife again.

The three of us have sex once a week, on a Friday every week and to hide my guilt my husband and I have sex most evening, usually it’s me on top riding his cock but I find myself thinking about being on top of Clair. One leg over my shoulder the other under my bum, our pussies together gently fucking. The feeling of her breasts in my hand. That’s what makes me cum.

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