Written by SHG

15 Jun 2016

This has been a ongoing friendship for some time, Pat (not her real name) was 78 when I first met her she is now 81.

Sure she is an old lady, but slim trim and has a real twinkle in her eyes.

So I am a 52 year old guy and have never been with a women more that 6 years older then me before, I met Pat at a party at her house in France.

We were invited by friends and turned up as the new kids in town, as usual everyone got chatting and soon everyone was a little drunk.

When I first saw Pat our eyes connected, ok she was 78 but that did not stop the erection lol.

We started to chat and she told me all about how much she loved her very sick hubby and of course we got closer and closer, she started to talk about their sex life and now she had none as his illness stopped him living I guess.

Heavy stuff but it built a bind between us, the evening became late and we found ourselves alone in her study, her showing me pictures etc, then her big eyes looked up at me (she is only 4"11) "kiss me please" she begged, I was a little taken aback but bent down and kissed her, like you kiss your Aunty.

She look up and said "fuck me"

My kiss changed and my tongue was in her mouth and we kissed like teenagers, her hands went straight to my cock and mine to down her skirt and to her panties....except there where none and her pussy was shaved and amazingly wet.

"We don't have long..fuck me please"

She turned her back on me and grabbed hold of the desk, i lifted her skirt and pulled her legs apart, dropping my shorts and gave my cock a gentle wank to get it super hard, I positioned my myself, teased her for a second of two then slid my cock inside her.

She is so tiny that my cock (8") felt massive, she gasped and whispered "be quick, hard and quick" I realised the risk we were taking so took her to her word and fucked her deep and hard and fast.

Within 5 mins I needed to cum, i told her and she just seemed to suck me inside her pussy and I came inside her.

I pulled out and got myself sorted, she kissed me and said "go back to your wife"

I left leaving her full of cum.

Half an hour later me, my wife, Pat and her hubby were chatting, Pat looked at me and when no one was looking drew my attention to the cum that hd run down her legs!

"I have not been to the bathroom" she said, "let let you be with me as I talk to others"

Fuck! I was hard again!!

Nothing more happened that night, but more has since, now she is 81 still amazing and still loving cum x