12 Oct 2018

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When we went on our annual holiday to Tenerife last year my wife decided to visit the Nudist Beach in Los Cristianos as usual for all-over sunbathing, well knowing she could tease me more, by letting me see her naked body, me looking but not allowed to touch.

After a while of being frustrated I went for a stroll, mainly to find somewhere to have a piss, and also possibly have a jerk off, thinking about my wife's nude body, and what I would love to do to her.

Meanwhile, a French holidaymaker who we had spoken to earlier saw my wife was on her own, and evidently decided that as it was his last day's holiday he would use up his spare cash to have some fun and cheekily offered my wife 50 Euros to join her in her secluded circle of rocks. He indicated by showing her a condom what he had in mind.

My wife was a bit surprised, but soon recovered and said OK but for him to find me, as she would not do anything when on her own for safety reasons (and, of course, she loves to tease me by having me watch her with another man).

Anyway the French guy quickly found me, and brought me back to the secluded circle of rocks, he handed my wife the 50 Euros, and within minutes I was watching my 'religious wife' being a 'paid whore' again , as she lay on her back with her legs in the air, as the French guy eagerly fucked her while groping her bare tits, and soon he spunked in the condom deep in my wife's willing cunt, with a roar.

Afterward, my wife insisted I look deep into her pulled open used cunt while I jerked off and she told me how wonderful it had been to have a "Real Man" fuck her, especially as he had paid her for the privilege.

Later, my wife ordered me to go to the Pharmacist's to buy a large packets of condoms, as she decided that being on holiday she would not lose the opportunity to have some sexy fun with other men, AND make some money.(The Whore)

(Insisting on being 'paid' more for devilment than financial reasons, as we do not need the money, nowadays)

When I returned with the condoms my wife ordered me to scout around for another guy to fuck her. I said that not many guys brought much money to the beach, so she replied she would do it for the price of the two of us being wined and dined, which is only about 30 Euros in The Canary Isles.

Soon another guy was fucking my wife for 30 Euros as his 'paid whore', while I watched. This time the guy laid on his back and my wife sat astride facing him, lowering herself down onto his hard rigid cock, then bouncing up and down as he thrust deep into her, mlauling her tits, then spanking her bum cheeks as he pulled her down towards him, kissing her hard, and telling her what a great fuck she was being.

Not long after I saw a Spanish guy who was sunbathing nude and who had a semi stiff cock which was already enormous. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife! He was very keen, but said he had NO money with him, so I thought quickly and told him I would tell my wife he had already paid me, so he agreed and walked back with me to meet my wife within her secluded circle of rocks.

They exchanged names and then Lily, thinking she was being paid, agreed to do whatever he asked, so soon she was sucking his naked cock which grew and grew as he fucked her mouth HARD.

Then he indicated for her to lie down, so she put a condom on him (with a struggle as he was now SO big) and she lay down and he guided the head of his cock into her cunt. He slowly inched his way deeper in her, and my wife struggled to accommodate his large cock while my wife's face grimaced with pain, but they both persevered and once he was deep fully in my wife's cunt he set up a rhythm In and Out, In and Out, and my wife's _expression changed to one of joy. He continued to fuck her for a while, then said he was about to cum. My wife begged him "Don't stop, PLEASE Don't STOP............fuck me..fuck me.....You feel SO lovely!"

It was fantastic watching this large cocked guy fucking my wife so expertly, especially as I knew she thought she was being paid, and yet I knew he was fucking her for free.

SO he continued fucking my wife, gradually speeding up, till my wife yelled "SHOOT...Shoot NOW.......give me ALL your spunk"

So, I saw his bum cheeks clenched as his balls spurted all his cum inside my wife's cunt. (More so than either realised, as the condom had burst on his large cock, and he was fucking her bareback, which explained why she has said "You feel SO lovely).

(Luckily, NO HARM came from this bareback encounter, AND it did not stop my wife having further encounters on that Nudist Beach).

24 guys fucked my wife during the next two weeks and so started my wife whoring again, even when we returned from holiday!

I LOVE watching my wife being fucked as a whore, especially looking at her pulled open used cunt afterwards, while my wife tells me her still tight cunt is for other men to fuck, while I jerk off into my hand, with her 'denying' me, except perhaps on my birthday or on our marriage anniversary (but even on those rare occasions I have to pay my own wife AND wear a condom, nowadays, The Whore)!

Lily also has boyfriends who take her out on individual dates and bring her back to fuck her for free and bareback on our marital bed, where sometimes I am allowed to watch, but mainly I listen outside the bedroom door and wank off.

Later as soon as a boyfriend has gone my wife insist I look deep into her pulled open used cunt while I wank and she tells me what a good time she is having.

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