Written by The Mrs

15 Oct 2017

I have been with my husband 30 plus years. We have always had a full and active sex life.

When we was younger we used to read magazines together.

This led to us fantasising about me fucking other men. As these stories were the ones that got us both hornier than the rest.

It took about 14 years to get round to actually fulfilling that fantasy as we had kids. Plus the fact I thought he only wanted this to happen so he could fuck around.

This happened a few times. I even had a regular fuck buddy for a few years.

The regular got married so we just got out of the habit so forward a few years.

The kids grew up. We got older and time just seems to roll on by.

We still used to fantasize. We found sites like this with stories on and pictures.

We would both masturbate together with me telling him which of my lovers cocks was like the ones in the pictures.

Its now progressed to me looking through the chatrooms and finding cocks I like and either playing together or while he is at work.

I text him pictures of the cock or cocks I like then tell him I will be busy for awhile.

When he comes home we both enjoy sex together. But I now wonder how far he wants to take this.

It has got to the stage he either wants me to show myself on cam one to one and masturbate with them.

or even to find one to meet who would just be happy to masturbate with us both.

These ideas excite me but I think I just prefer to carry on as we are now we are older and very happy.

Anyone any thoughts on this or do something like this.

Where would it lead. Thank you for reading.