Written by joanne

31 Mar 2016

my name is Joanne , I am 38 have a decent body size 10-12 ,5 ft 7 with shoulder length fair hair ., I go to bingo one night a week with my friend Chris ,she is 28 ,blonde about my size but with bigger boobs and very good looking ,we have been

going for about 4 months just to get away from our husbands and kids ,we normally have a drink later with the older

people there . two of them bill and Jim are in their 70s ,jim is a big man over 6 foot and bill smaller than me. some of the women told us that back in the 60s they were a couple

of ladies men ,and also they were very big if you know what we mean,pointing down ,

anyhow after a couple of weeks holiday with our families we decided to go out for a drink after playing bingo ,as we were

very tanned I wore a wrap around dress with high heels ,the dress was about 4 inch above my knee , chris turned up wearing a white boob tube dress very short with a pleated lower half ,no bra ,she looked very sexy .with her long tanned legs , after a game of bingo we were having a drink with bill and jim , we told them we were going round town ,they asked if they could have a lift .

we let them in the taxi , as they got out at their club they asked if we wanted a drink and as we were only about a 10

minute walk to town we said ok . we sat with them at a table , I was sat next to bill and chris sat next to jim opposite .

they got us a vodka and we stayed about 20 mins , as we were drinking I noticed jim and chris looking down I also

noticed her close her eyes,

we left and went round town and later I asked what they were looking at and was a bit shocked when she told me he had

run his hand up her thigh and touched her pussy ,and was even more shocked when she told me she had nearly come.

later we were going home in a taxi and as we passed the club we saw them both walking ,we stopped and asked if they

wanted a lift but they said they were going to bills place just up the road and we could go for a drink if we wanted , I

said no but up the road chris come on lets go, so we stopped the taxi and got out. we met them down the road , and ended

up at bills bungalow, , we sat on one couch and they sat opposite on another, my dress parted showing all my thigh and because her dress was so short they could see her white panties , they asked if we wanted a drink and they both went into the kitchen to get us one , they had been gone a few mins so chris said I will go find out what they are doing . she had been gone about 5 mins when bill came back with a drink ,he sat next to me , he said you have great legs jo ,then he put his hand on my thigh ,smooth as well he said and a nice colour ,I stretched my legs out saying do you think so and as I did my dress parted so he could see my tiny white lacey panties , he slid his hand higher nearly touching my pussy , but I said I need the loo ,he moved his hand so I got up ,on the way I got a bigger shock ,as I passed the kitchen I saw chris bent over the worktop with jim bent down behind her ,his head up under her short skirt licking her out. in the toilet I stood looking in the mirror thinking of what just happened I was getting turned on, I rubbed my pussy took off my panties and went back ,chris and jim were no longer there and they weren't in the living room either . I sat next to bill and stretched out, only this time I took his hand and placed it high on my thigh ,I opened my legs ,he saw my pussy and touched it ,he fingered and rubbed my smooth pussy as his breathing got heavy he stood up, I could see he was aroused ,he left the room and 5 mins later came back in a dressing gown ,he sat down, opened it and a huge hard thick cock sprang up , I wanked and sucked it ,it was huge I had to stretch my mouth around it ,then he stood up took my hand and pulled me to the bedroom, inside jim and chris were having sex she was still dressed her top down and her dress up ,with her legs wrapped around him as he fucked her hard ,very soon bill had me naked on the bed next to them he went down on me then started fucking me with that huge cock , my orgasm never seemed to end ,they both came in us ,telling us they had taken Viagra . bill then asked me to lick jims come out of chris .

by the time we went home at 3 a m both men had fucked both of us and me and chris had lesbian sex ,licking each other to orgasm and kissing