Written by DiandDa

25 Apr 2019

Before Dawn’s husband returned from exercise, we managed another group fucking. I started to enjoy the feeling of her tongue and fingers inside me and the taste of her juices on my tongue. One time, Dawn was on her back being fucked by my husband. I was on my hands and knees over her. My tongue was working on her clit and as my husband’s cock pulled out, I would like their juices from his shaft. At the same time, Dawn was using her tongue inside my pussy as Steve was fucking my arse. All four of us came together like this, Steve inside my arse and my husband inside Dawn’s pussy. As the cock’s softened and withdrew, cum started leaking from our holes and we both used our mouths to clean each other, making us both cum again.

With John back and Steve’s wife returned, it stopped our sessions, but not between Dawn and me. We used to meet once or twice a week at either of our quarters to fuck each other. To me, it wasn’t like cheating on my husband, I wasn’t being fucked by another cock. It was just two women enjoying each other’s bodies.

One afternoon, I hadn’t been at Dawn’s long, we had just started kissing and undressing each other. Dawn had pushed me against the wall, unfastening my blouse, reaching behind me to unfasten my bra and free my tits. When they were free, she took each nipple in her mouth, making them hard and stick out. I unzipped her dress and pushed it from her shoulder’s, and it fell to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so I reached under her and squeezed them both hard. I managed to reach her knickers, pushed them over her arse and they, too, fell to the floor. Dawn unfastened my skirt and at the same time, pulled my skirt and knickers to the floor. She got to her knees as I spread my legs a little, allowing her access to my pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt her finger running between my already wet lips and her tongue flicking my clit lightly. It took about five minutes of this treatment of my pussy, her lips sucking in my hard clit and her fingers delving in and out of my pussy, before I felt my legs start to give way as an orgasm ripped through my body. I cried out loudly and opened my eyes, to see John, Dawn’s husband, stood behind the sofa. He was dressed in uniform, with a hard cock sticking straight out of his trousers, and a hand wrapped around it. He also had a look of shock on his face.

When I saw him, I let out a cry and tried to push Dawn away. She looked up at me then turned to see what I was looking at. John just walked forward and pulled his wife to her feet. He looked at me, his eyes moving down to my bare tits then down to my soaking wet pussy. Letting go of his cock, his hand moved to cover my pussy. Pushing hard with his hand, one, two, then three of his fingers found their way inside me, making my knees go weak again. His other hand and fingers were doing the same to his wife’s pussy, her legs now slightly open. As his fingers got faster, I felt myself coming again and my juices covered his hand. Dawn also came, covering his other hand with her own juices.

John removed his hands, licking our juices from his fingers, and walked backwards to the sofa. He removed his clothes and sat, wanking his cock. He never said a word. I pulled Dawn around and pushed her back against the wall, taking my place and I took hers, using my tongue on her pussy. Along with licking and flicking her clit, I used my tongue to fuck her, removed my tongue, and used three of my fingers to fuck her. She came a few times with this treatment and I only stopped when I felt two hands pull my blouse off and my bra fell to the floor. John took me under my arms and pulled me backwards until I was sitting on him. He reached down and spread my legs wide. Dawn followed us and kneeling, took her husbands cock into her mouth as he reached around and gently pulled my pussy lips wider, exposing my wet, pink skin inside.

I knew he wanted his cock inside me. And I wanted to feel it inside me. As I felt Dawn position her husband’s cock between my wide-open pussy, I thought about my husband. Steve had been the only other man’s cock I have had inside me besides my husband’s, and that was because my husband wanted it. But now, I was about to step over the line. But being honest with myself, I wanted it too. As Dawn held John’s cock at the entrance to my pussy, I slowly sank myself onto him. I felt every inch of his hard cock until his balls pushed against my pussy. Looking down, Dawn was licking her husband’s balls. Before I started to raise myself, Dawn moved her lips to my clit. The feeling of a new, rigid cock inside me and a soft, wet tongue flicking my clit, sent me into an instant orgasm. I moved up and down slowly on his cock. I could feel him throbbing inside of me. Every time I raised myself, Dawn’s tongue licked my juice from his cock, and every time I had him fully inside, she used her tongue on my clit.

I could feel John start to push into me, he wanted to go faster. With the way his cock was throbbing, he was going to cum. I placed my feet on his thighs so I could raise myself, letting John fuck me as fast as he wanted. He held me around my waist as he thrush up into me. I could feel myself coming and it felt like John’s cock was swelling inside my pussy. I then felt more pressure just inside my pussy. Looking down, Dawn had managed to push two fingers in to me along with John’s cock. He hammered into me hard and I felt the first spurt of his juices hit the back of my pussy. This pushed me over the edge, and I came too as he continued to hammer into me. I felt at least four spurts of his juice inside me.

Once John had emptied himself into me, he pulled me back until I was laying on his chest, feet still on his thighs. He began kissing my neck. As his cock softened, Dawn pulled him free from my pussy. He was covered in white juices of both his and mine. With John kissing my neck, I felt relaxed as Dawn took her husbands cock in her mouth and sucked him clean. Still holding his cock, she moved her tongue to my wide-open pussy, licking his juices from my swollen lips and then placing her whole mouth over me and sucking the rest of his cum from inside me.

Unfortunately, John had to go back to camp as he had only come home during their dinner break. Fromm the moment I first opened my eyes to see him stood holding his cock, to him coming inside me, had only taken about fifteen minutes. He kissed us both, then left us naked on the sofa. Dawn and I didn’t carry on fucking each other, we just sat, totally naked, and talked about what had just happened. Dawn said that she now knew what it was like to see her husband’s cock inside another woman’s pussy. It made her cum while he was fucking me. I asked her what John would say and do when he returned tonight. She thought that she would probably get the best fuck of their married life.

It was getting a little complicated now with my husband not knowing I had been fucked by John, and he not knowing his wife had been fucked by my husband and Steve. We made plans to try and resolve this, but Dawn wasn’t sure if he would be up for another man fucking her. We decided it may be that between the two of us, we have another couple of sessions with John first, but she will discuss fantasies with him and see where it leads.

I dressed and had to go. I needed a shower before my husband returned from camp at tea time

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