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Our start in Cap D'Adge Part 1

"is all started on the beach"

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My wife Jane & myself Jay 1st went to Cap D`Adge in 2016 & went to the naturist village for 1 day.

Jane at the time was 50 years old 5`9 tall slim build with 36dd breasts & a smooth shaved pussy, she has only ever had 2 boyfreinds before we met 32 years before this time.

i was 51 years old, 5`8 tall a bit over weight with a 6 inch cock,

our story starts of very tame but gets much better as the years progress.

while there we looked around the shops & strolled along the beach until we arrived at the naughty beach area & were amazed watching couples openly fondlng each others bodies, as the afternoon passed the touching turned to more oral sex & openly fucking without a care in the world.

the following year 2017 we stayed in the village for 3 days & went to the beach this time we openly carresed each other & on the last day after much persuation from me we made love in front of everyone who cared to look.

on the last night in one of the bars a single gentleman asked Jane if we swing but she definately declined his offer telling him it would never happen.

2018 we went back & stayed in the naturist village for 10 days.

we went to the beach every day & a young Italian man would sit by us wanting to join us but Jane point blank refused.

we would make love on the beach 2 or 3 times every day with Jane getting very wet knowing we were being watched & as she looked around 3 or 4 men were openly wanking their cocks.

on this holiday we noticed a very good looking Dutch man would come & sit about 8 ft from us every day & every time Jane game me a blowjob or i played with her smooth pussy he would acknowledge us when we finished with a thumbs up & a smile but would never make an atempt to join in or wank his cock, Jane said he was a gentleman.

in the evening i talked to Jane about asking the Italian man to join in but she always refused but towards the end of the holiday she said you never know.

we never saw the Dutch man on the last day but i did spot the Italian man talking to a group about 30ft away.

Jane was lay on her front so i said i was going for a walk, i met the Italian guy & i thought i would try my luck with Jane & asked him to join us at 3.30 nowing we would have drunk a bottle of wine & Jane would be more relaxed.

on the dot of 3.30 Bianci the Italian guy came & put his Towl down right next to Jane & before she had chance to shoo him away he got her in conversation, i started running my hands over Jane`s breasts then running my hand down her body then resting on top of her pussy, Jane looked me in the eye as if to say no when Bianci moved his hand onto Jane`s breasts, i thought she would stop him but she let him carry on, i now had my fingers in her very very wet pussy & she was pushing back on my fingers, then i felf another hand on her pussy so i move my hand away & Jane let Bianci explore her pussy, what happen next surprised me, Jane turned her back towards me & she took Bianci`s cock in her mouth & gave him a blow job, i then stuck my cock in her pussy & fucked her while watching Jane sucking & wanking Bianci`s cock taking every inch down her throat, i looked up & saw there were about 6 people stood around us wanking their cocks, Jane kept pushing back on my cock every time i thrust into her wanting to get every bit of my cock in as deep as possible, after about 10 minutes of sucking Bianci`s cock i asked her if she would let him fuck her but she said no just a blow job.

we were both playing with her tits as i fucked her & she sucked bianci`s cock, i had never seen Jane like this before, she kept on sucking then Bianci pulled his cock out of Jane`s mouth & sprayed his come all over her tits at the same time i came inside her filling her pussy with my come, something she doesnt let me do.

Bianci got a tissue & wiped all the come of Jane`s tits then gave her a kiss on the lips & said thankyou then got up & left.

we both lay there not saying a word for about 30 minutes, then got our things together & made our way back to the appartment, that night Jane told me she enjoyed it but would never go any further.

Part 2 to follow.

Written by capkid

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