Written by Neil

30 Sep 2009

Paula and I have just returned from a fabulous few days away with a friend to Italy. We had booked into a great 5* hotel, with huge rooms, balconies and beds. The first night there we went out on the town and returned back to the hotel in the early hours. We agreed on a nightcap before we went upstairs. Sally, Paula’s friend was really fit, but by then quite drunk, in fact so was Paula. We had our drink and went to the lift. When we got to our floor Paula was staggering out of the lift and as she did the doors closed. We went up a couple of floors and then returned to our floor. Paula was now where to be seen. We went to our room, but no reply. Sally thought she may have gone back down to the bar, or was perhaps in between floors, so we went down again to the bar. We ordered another drink while we were waiting for Paula to show. But she never arrived. We got back into the lift and tried our room door again. Once again, no answer. Sally suggested that we should go though to her room, just along the corridor.

As I said earlier, Sally was a fit lady, blonde, nice figure and a lovely smile. What should we do, Sally asked and I just shrugged my shoulders. She decided that she was going to get a little more comfy, so went into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she returned in a very short silky wrap. She asked if I would like a drink out of the mini bar, I asked for a vodka and coke. She went over to the fridge, bent over and took out the drinks. Looking over her shoulder, she asked if I liked the view. How could I possible say no. She walked over to the bed, where I was sitting, and started to undo the buttons on my shirt. She then took my socks and shoes off, followed immediately by my trousers and boxers. She took my hand and led me out onto the balcony, where she removed her little wrap and started to kiss me. She lowered herself onto her knees and started kissing my now erect cock, before putting it into her mouth. I was gone. She stood up and said that she had a surprise for me inside. What more could there be, I wondered. To my utter shock, there on the bed was Paula, starkers, with a camcorder in her hand. She had obviously caught it all on tape. Pula said she had planned this with Sally when we were in one of the bars, just to see how far I would go. Well we soon found out. I have never had sex with two fabulous women at the same time. It was real treat and I can recommend it. It also spiced up our sex life for months after that.