Written by david

20 Sep 2009

Friday evening my wife and i where travelling back from holiday,we pulled into the petrol station and i filled up with fuel,it was gone midnight and we were the only people on the forcourt,i went to pay and to my horror my card was stopped,i called the wife into the shop and she to had no cash for the £50 of fuel,at this the asian cassier started to get stroppy and before i knew it two other guys had come form out the back shouting at us,three asians and us,the cassier pointed to my wife and said she fucks us or we call the police,my wife was horriefied at this but took a big gulp and went out the back with the first two guys i was told go out and sit in the car,i was watching the shop and twenty mins later the cassier was replaced by one of the guys,i went back into the shop and the guy laughed and said she is a dirty white whore so i went out to the back room and there was my wife laid out on a table being fucked bareback by the two asians they were taking turns and i could see spunk running down her thighs,then the door opened and two more asian guys come in and got there brown cocks out and made my wife suck them hard the two guys who had fucked her had just filled her with cum and the other two took there place she was now loving the attention of five different cocks spunking her and guys calling her names,i was told to fuck off back to the car as they locked the shop door, i waited another hour before my wife came out she sat in the car and i could smell there spunk on her she said that they had all fucked her twice and spunked every time,i drove the rest of the journey home in silence as my wife dosed in the car,when we got home i took her to bed without washing and went down on her to do cleaning duties before putting my barecock into her asian filled cunt the sensation was incredible as i fucked her thinking about how she had been fucked by those five dirty smelly guys but it was such a turn on,i am now thinking of asking the wife to carry out my biggest fantacy and that is to go on the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!