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"We love summer"

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Gary moves over to S, he's on his knees in front of her, she opens her legs wider he's head buried between them, he's finger fucking her cunt and lapping her juice up, she's loving it dirty slut. Jane moves over to me and grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth licking the head slurping away on it. I'm pushing my fingers up her cunt, rubbing her big clit getting her juice flowing, S is Cumming I can see her eyes are closed, head shaking side to side moaning loud again, eat my cunt, eat my cunt, Gary's fingers flashing in and out her gaping cunt, I get Jane to the other side of the bed and she lays, facing the other two, she reaches for S and gets a hand full of tit moulding it in her hand. I slip my cock up her and gently fuck her rubbing her tits at the same time. S is begging for Gary to give her his cock, please I need your cock in me, I need to be fucked please fuck me, he moves from kneeling, to move her ass on the bed a bit more so he can fed his cock up her. In it goes we hear the sound of her juice filled cunt take him in. He's banging her hard and fast saying is that what you want slut, yes harder fuck me harder, S I say noise, there's people outside. (the vans are well spaced but you can still hear people talking,) so S asking, begging, for cock can be heard out there, I'm fucking Jane harder now the vans creaking, fuck it if they hear, they hear I'm thinking. I pull out of Jane and offer her mouth my cock, she's licking her juice off it loving the taste of her pussy cream. S looks at me her eyes tell me it all, I love you, thank you for this, l run my finger over her lips she sucks on them, I put them back in Jane's pussy then back to S,s mouth she's licking Jane's juice off them. Gary says I'm Cumming, S said up me keep it up me, and he groans and fills her greedy cunt with spunk. I'm looking at Jane and I say I'm Cumming, she pulls my cock out and directs it at S, I'm pumping spunk out over S, in her face, then over Jane's face, I'm fucked now the girls are licking my cream off each others face's, we rest with more drink.

Written by billybb_1

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