Written by Ajb77

4 Feb 2011

Hi again everyone.

I had previously posted a couple of stories about me being submissive to my wife and how she had started to get me to eat my own cum.

Well things have developed further in that area of BDSM and now has me banned from touching my own cock. She wont even let me touch it to when I go for a piss. I have to sit down like a girl and go to the toilet that way. Even when she is not around, I dont touch it as its hers now and I couldnt lie to her if I touched myself.

I was ordered to wank the night before last though. I was not allowed to touch her while she got herslef off using a bullet vibrator. Which I may add has become the replacement for me. Its torture watching her and being unable to do anything. Well I was getting near coming now and she told me to cum on her belly while she continued to cum herself. I dumped a massive load on her and was getting ready to lie back and rellax when she ordered me to clean her up. I got off the bed and looked for a towel for her. However, she started laughing and told me that I was to lick her clean and swallow the lot. I was feeling pretty sheepish about it but got to work nonetheless. I licked her clean and swallowed down my own cum again. (Not as nice tasing when its not from her cunt!)

Last night after a workout with her in the house, she made me do my exercises in front of her naked. Well doing star jumps, squats and lunges naked makes you look flippin ridiculous I ll tell you. However she enjoyed my display and commented on how my thighs were getting bigger and that this only made my dick look smaller. She thought this was really funny.

After washing she came into the bedroom and got me to get on my knees. When I was down on them, she shook her ass in my face and when i went to touch her she slapped my hand away ordering me to keep off. I was banned from touching her until she said. I was allowed a grope of her ass where she told me and I got a small peck on the lips but again, that was all.

This is true torture. I have a gorgeous wife who now wont let me cum unless she says, touch her unless she says and teases me with her looks and mocks the size of my cock. Last night I couldnt take it no more. While lying next to her in bed, while she slept, I came watching porn. It was huge. I lifted it all up with my finger and cleaned myself by eating it so she wouldnt know.

Thinking I d done well and not allowed her to know what i had done, I got up for breakfast. At the table the guilt was eating me up. She trusted me to not touch myself and I had failed her. So, yes, I confessed all. She was livid. "so", she said. "seeing its now my week, you can go without for the whole week too." Shit! Big mouth. This is gonna be a hell of a week. I cant wait !!