Written by Bob and Angela

27 Feb 2019

My wife and I are 19 and she is a dirty bitch. We fuck most days and she is a screamer, but until our last holiday she had only ever had sex with mem then she goes off the rails.

She is a looker, tall, fucking amazing body, long legs and nice firm tits, not too big, and believe it or not she was quite shy. So, we go on holiday and end up on a beach that allows nudists. It didn’t; take me long to talk her into taking her top off and in the end, we walk to a nice quiet cove. One thing leads wo another and we end up having a shag. Now I can see that about 50 ft or so away is a guy in his mid to late 50’s, a big bloke, really muscular and bald headed and he has his cock in his hand and its huge. For some reason the sight of a guy wanking & watching me fuck the Mrs was a little too much and I shot my load too soon which the Mrs didn’t appreciate.

I told her that we were being watched and I thought she would freak and put her costume back on but she wanted to know if he was still watching. I looked back and he was gone but a few seconds later he re appears slightly close and I told her. She lay her head right back so she could see him, her nipples really big and hard, the way she was laying really made her tits look big and hard. She made a ooh sound and said that he was hot so I said (being arsy) why don’t you fuck him then, she told me to grow up.

Then she wanted to know if he was still there and I said he was, he was standing there looking, he had stopped wanking but was still hard. The Mrs started feeling one of her tits telling me that she was going to give him something to look at and then told me to smile at him so he didn’t go away. I asked her if she was enjoying the attention and she smiled and said ‘fuck yeah’ so I looked over at him and raised my hand and smiled. I think he took that as an invitation because he started to come over, I told the Mrs and she squealed and wanted to know what we were going to do. I joked that she will have to let him touch her and shove his dick in her and she squealed again.

I wasn’t’ sure what I was going to do or say, I knew she looked hot, she had sun oil on her skin and had already gone brown, there were water beads all over her skin and her dark red nipples were standing to attention, fuck she was hot.

The guy comes over and sits next to us and starts talking in really bad English, ‘very nice’ he said looking at my wife, ‘nice tits’. He was twice my size, really really muscular, his shorts thrown by his side and his dick still hard. He waved his hand over his body and dick ‘you like’ he asked. The Mrs, a little stressed said ‘yeh, really nice’ he smiled and said ‘good’. I looked around hoping that someone was going to come along, and I could use that as an excuse for us to leave but we were on our own. He moved so close to the Mrs that his side was almost touching hers, he said again, ‘very nice’ looking at her body, ‘I touch you’ he said. I wasn’t sure if that was a request or that he was telling us but he put the back of his hand on the Mrs nipples, ‘nice and hard, I like that’ then turns his hand over and has a good feel. The wife takes a sharp breath in and says ‘ oh fuck’ and starts panting and her head rolls back as this guy is having a good feel of her tits. Then he takes one hand and rubs her pussy.

I wasn’t sure if I should stop it, The Mrs was breathing in and out really heavily and saying ‘ oh fuck’ over and over. I asked her if she was ok, she just panted back ‘ yeah I’m fine, oh fuck’.

Then he slides a few fingers into the Mrs pussy, and she lets out a squeal and grunts and lays on her back. The stranger is almost examining her tits with his tongue and sliding his fingers into her pussy. Then the Mrs says ‘oh fuck me’ . She says that when she is getting going and doesn’t mean it as a request its more like ‘ oh fuck’. The stranger says ok, ok I fuck and moved between her legs, opens them wide and slowly slides his cock into my wife. She lets out a scream and shouts ‘oh dear fuck’.

I ask her if she’s ok and whilst the guy is thrusting his cock deep into my wife and bending over and sucking her tits at the same time and holding her leg up she’s going ‘yeh, yeh ,yeh’

She lifts her head up and down to his cock and tells him that he’s ‘fucking big and hard’ and tells him to ‘keep doing it’ and fuck does he. He’s pounding away like its his last shag and the Mrs is moaning and crying and I have my cock out and I’m having a good wank. Next thing I know another couple of guys come along, one could have been no more than our age and the other a lot older and they stand there watching this guy fuck my wife. After a minute of this they are both standing either side of the big guy, shorts on the floor and cocks in hand. I’m thinking this is going to be a fucking orgy if I don’t do something.

The wife looks up and had a huge orgasm, gripping the towel and groaning like she’s possessed. It dawns on me that he’s not wearing a condom and I tell him not to cum inside her and to cum on her tits. He ignores me, gives her a few more thrusts and grunts, clearly cuing inside my wife, she confirms it by announcing ‘ fuck he’s cum inside me’. The big guy slides out and steps to one side, the younger of the other two takes his place and starts fucking away. That was it for me and I cum on the floor, the wife is back to ‘oh fuck yes’ and lest the younger guy fuck her until he empties his balls into her and is replaced my the older guy.

The wife laughs ‘what the fuck’ and lest him pump his cock into her. The young guy is sucking her tits and the original big guy shoves his cock in her mouth and fucks her face.

In the end and as if on que the old guy empties his balls into the wife, the big guy pumps cum into the wife’s mouth and the young lad shoots cum onto her tits. After which she lays there swallowing cum and looking at the cum on her tits, opens her pussy to see it dripping out of her and then up at me and says ‘ what the fuck’ and laughs and then says ‘ that was good’ and lays on her back.

The young guy goes to slid his cock back into her but she tells him ‘no fucking way, I’m done’ and pushed him away. With that the three of them walk off chattering away to themselves.

The wife and I sit and look at each other for ages, until she says, ‘what the fuck did I just do’. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she smiled and said ‘fuck yeh, fuck I came hard’.

We walked into the sea so she could wash herself down and on the walk bac to the hotel she turned to me and said, ‘what if I’m pregnant’. I reminded her that she was on the pill, but she told me that she hadn’t taken it for a few days, it was a tense time but she wasn’t.

We had great sex off that, I asked her to tell me what it was like as we fucked and that added to our fucking. She told me that the big guy really shot a load of cum into her and then again and again and that when he came in her mouth, she thought she was going to choke to death and hadn’t intended on swallowing but (and I didn’t see this) he put his hand over her mouth, so she had too.

That was last year, and we haven’t done anything like that since, she says she never will but wants to know when we are going back.

I’ll let you know.

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