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The cost to help us was all four of them shaging my wife.

"Sarah climbed in the back of their car with two of them."

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We were in the middle of nowhere when the car started chugging and in less than a hundred yards It stopped. I was already annoyed with Sarah as her map reading had led us here. To make matters worse my cell phone had no signal. I was just contemplating a walk when we saw headlights in the distance and they were getting closer. Sarah was relieved that we didn't have to leave Barney and walk. Barney is my 1964 MGB. The other car, a big 4x4, had no option but stop as Barney was blocking the lane. The next thing we knew was we were surrounded by four lads in their late teens. One of them seemed to have some knowledge of cars as he assisted me in diagnosing that the petrol pump had just failed as no fuel was getting through.

It was decided that the car would have to be moved so at least other cars would be able to pass. Three of the lads pushed the car some considerable distance to a passing place. I could see Sarah looking at their rippling muscles as they pushed. I was steering and Sarah walked beside the lads. The fourth lad followed up with his car.

The lad who knew a bit about cars said that for a price he could get an alternative pump and rig it temporaily to enable us to get home. I suggested that they just get to somewhere that had cell signal and ring the AA for us as we are members. I could see the lads cheeky smile when he informed us that even that would cost us. I asked what he wanted to make the call for us. He looked at my wife and blatently replied that he wanted a shag with her. I could see Sarah look both worried and excited. Here was four teenage lads eying up my twenty nine year old wife.

I was about to say no way when one of his mates cut in. He was the driver of their car and he said that he would also need a shag so that he could drive his mate to somewhere that had cell signal. The other two then added that as they would see we would remain safe so they would also require shags. I could see a kind of excitement in Sarah's eyes that I hadn't seen before.

I started to tell the lads no way when the cheeky one butted in again telling us that we were five miles at least from the two nearest villages and neither of them had cell coverage or a garrage that could help us. Sarah suddenly blurted out that she would do it. I went to step forward and say no when the cheeky one suggested that they take Sarah with them to make the call. I told them that wasn't happening. OK the cheeky one said then we'll fuck her right here, and you can watch.

Neither Sarah nor I were virgins when we met, but she had never told me about her previous experiances nor had I told her about mine. Sarah was now negotiating with the lads directly as to where they would want to fuck her. It seemed agreed that she would get in the back of the car with two of them at a time. Before I could say no she was in the car with the first two. I heard the door locking mechanism click and bleep as the doors locked.

I tried the handles but Sarah was locked in with them, all I could do was watch as they started touching and kissing Sarah. To my shock and horror she wasn't just being used, she was stroking and kissing back. In just a few moments she was topless and two mouths were locked on to her tits sucking hard on her nipples. I know Sarah loves her nipples played with and I could see her eyes rolling backwards . Then one of them, the cheeky one was pulling her skirt up and her panties down.

Sarah had raised her arse from the seat to help him remove her panties, and then his fingers were at her pussy and I could see her throw her head back and moan as his fingers went to work on and in her pussy. The other lad whilst sucking my wife's tits had removed his cock from his pants. Then he sat back on the seat and steered Sarah's mouth down to his cock.

To my amazement there was no resistance or hesitancy as she opened wide and sucked his cock way past his cock head into her mouth. I heard that lad groan. Then he was groaning more as Sarah started to bob up and down on his stiff cock. Then I noticed that the other lad also had his cock out and was manouvering Sarah around. She was soon half kneeling on the seat and half supporting herself by her right leg. I watched as the lad removed his fingers from my wife's pussy and replaced them with his stiff cock.

Sarah groaned and then thrust back to penetrate herself even deeper on the lads cock. Then he was slamming away at Sarah's pussy and she was assisting by moving with him. He came deep in her pussy pretty quickly. Then there was lots of movement as the lads swapped positions and the Cheeky lad was having his cock licked clean from being in Sarah's pussy and coming in her, whilst his mate was now trusting deep in Sarah's pussy. He lasted longer, but the results were the same. He dumped his load deep in Sarah's pussy.

A few moments later the doors unlocked and the two lads, with big smiles on their faces climbed out as the other two got in. There was little point in locking the car doors as Sarah was actively undressing the two lads and nothing I could do or say was going to stop her. This time she straddled and sat on one of the lads cocks while the other lad kissed and fondled her tits. I could hear the sloppy sounds of his cock plunging in and out my wife's pussy even above Sarah's groaning.

The third lad groaned loudly as he came in Sarah. Then he undid the door and climbed out. Sarah was turned around to face away from the last lad as he rammed his cock in Sarah. Sarah groaned and pushed back. As the last of the lads plowed away, the cheeky one offered Sarah his cock again . Sarah willingly sucked it in as she was slammed from behind. After the last lad came in her Sarah pussy she let the cheeky lad's cock go and sat back on the seat and started to redress herself.

When Sarah finally got out their car she was a little wobbly on her feet for a few moments. I helped her to Barney and into the passanger seat. I told the lads that they had their fun and now it was their turn to help us. The lad whose car it was said he could do better than just a phone call and got out a tow bar and started to hitch Barney up to his car saying they could get us to a garage.

We were soon being towed around small lanes and eventually ended up at a small village garage. The lad that knew about cars soon had the doors open and Barney was being pushed onto a ramp. Sarah and I got out as the car was winched up. The lad soon had a tank below the car capturing the fuel from my petrol tank. Then he had the pump off and was examining it. Then he was betweeen the racks of parts looking around for something. While I was watching the lad, what I had missed was that two of the lads had Sarah in a waiting area on a bench and was again playing with her tits and pussy. Sarah was not just passive as she had their cocks out and was wanking both of them.

I was torn between watching what the young lad was doing to my car and what was happening to Sarah. At this point the car seemed slightly more important. The lad now had the pump on the bench and was stripping it down and replacing bits with a repair kit parts. By the time I looked back at Sarah she was again sucking a cock while another stretched her pussy as it slammed in and out. From her moans she was definitely enjoying it.

Then the lad declared that what he had done should have done the trick and started to refit the pump. It took longer to refill the tank than fit the pump. By this time the two lads had both given Sarah another helping of cum. The car was off the lift and after a bit of whirring over, Barney burst back into life. The lad that did the repair was washing up. His two mates were just sat with Sarah who was in a state of undress with her panties hanging off one foot and her bra hanging below her tits. I had no idea where the fourth lad had gone to, but the lad who did the repair returned all cleaned up.

I told Sarah that it was time for her to dress and go. Sarah told me not to be so ungreatful to these lads and said that she still hadn't thanked the lad that did the repair. He had a smile on his face as Sarah unzipped his cock and got on her knees to suck his cock for him. As soon as he was hard enough Sarah pushed him onto the bench seat and straddled him. As she rode his stiff cock she made sure that her tits rubbed all over his grinning face. Sarah rode him until he came deep in her pussy. As she climbed off him she asked was that thanks enough. The lad said it certainly was.

Sarah bent down and I thought she was going to put her panties back on. Instead she took them right off and handed them to the lad that repaired the car and gave him a big kiss. The other two then also got kisses, but not as big as their mate got. Then we were in Barney and the engine burst into life again as Sarah wound the window down. The lad that did the repair told Sarah to come back any time if she needed anything, especially a good servicing. Then I pulled away.

We drove along in total silence for some while. Then I asked Sarah what the hell was that all about. Sarah took a big breath of air and then said that I was a good and thoughtful lover, but she had often longed for some more of her old times. I asked what old times. Sarah then told me that in college she had the nickname of Elastic. I looked confused and Sarah filled me in saying that her mates often joked that her panties couldn't have any Elastic in them because they were often around her knees or ankles. She confessed that she and a friend had taken on a group of around a dozen lads one evening.

She said that almost all of them had fucked both her and her mate that evening. Those that didn't, came back over the next few nights to make sure that they had their turn with the girls. My sweet innocent looking wife had been a teenage college slut. That night when we finally got home Sarah made love to me. I couldn't believe hot wet and sloppy her pussy was, or just how much I enjoyed using her sloppy fanny knowing she had fucked four lads.

The next day I told Sarah just how upset I was initially when she agreed and got in the car with the first two of the lads. Then as she sucked and fucked them, and looked so comfortable doing it and how much she was obviously enjoying it, I found that I had an erection watching. Then when she fucked the last lad and held his face between her tits I just knew that I wanted to see her do it again.

Sarah ended up kissing me all over my face before we ended up fucking again in the kitchen and I took Sarah from behind remembering how she was spit roasted. Afterwards Sarah said that she would see what she could do to let me see her being fucked again. We did have other adventures, but that is for another time perhaps.

Written by Rob

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