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The first time

"It was unplanned"

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At the time of this ‘event’, back in 1990, my wife Jo and I were living in a quiet village in Suffolk, about 10 miles from Bury St Edmunds.

We’d moved in with our two youngsters to a nice rented 2 up 2 down semi detached. I was in the Forces at the time, but didn’t want to live on base, so although it cost a bit, we were happy.

We got involved with the local school, Jo would help with childminding after school etc, and all the social stuff that went with.

Jo was in her late 20’s, 5ft 7ins tall, size 14 figure, shoulder length dark drown hair; a real stunner. She’d been married before, and we’d met a few months after her divorce. I was a few years younger than her, and all the blokes on my unit would say I was punching above my weight!

We got to know one couple really well; Gerry and Linda. They had a daughter the same age as our eldest, so there were lots of play dates.

Linda was a local nurse, and he was a salesman at a local car dealership.

He fitted the stereotypical image to a tee: a bit flash, always flirting with the women and flashing the cash.

They’d come round for a meal and he’d always make a point of bringing the best wine etc; we couldn’t match that on our pay. He’d always say what a looker Jo was, would flirt with her, and she’d flirt back. He’d make clumsy passes at her, going for a kiss, or grabbing at her backside which would mean he got a playful slap on the hand.

One of Gerry’s other ‘attributes’ was he that had access to a lot of porn tapes. Not the crappy ones, but hardcore ones.

When they came for a meal, he’d bring a new one round. Once the kids gone to bed, we’d put the tape on and critique it.

It was a bit of a laugh, but usually once Linda and Gerry had gone, Jo and I would fuck on the sofa downstairs.

Jo said she got randy watching porn with people in the room.

This led to discussions about sex: why she got turned on, what she’d done with her ex etc.

One weekend, we’d arranged for Gerry and Linda to come round for a meal.

The kids were away at their grandparents, so we could relax more.

Gerry arrived, but Linda wasn’t with him.

All he said was that something had come up and she couldn’t make it.

He carried on with his normal happy self, but seemed tense.

Dinner was done, wine and beer drunk, when he announced he had a new tape to watch.

He and I sat down in the sofa, Jo in the big armchair.

The tape played; it showed a woman being picked up in a bar by two blokes and then a threesome.

I looked at Jo, she was looking at Gerry, who seemed to be crying.

Mate, are you ok?

Then it blurts out.

Linda had joined at tennis club, and had close to her coach. Gerry had found out, all hell broken loose, but they’d come to an agreement where she’d sleep with the coach, but tell him about it.

This had happened a few times, but then Gerry wanted to watch.

Linda had then left him, taking their daughter.

Jo got up and sat next to him, hugging him.

She told him he was not going home tonight, he’d stay with us.

She told me to go and sort a bed out in the kids room for Gerry.

I went up, and made a bed up for him using sleeping bags and stuff.

I’d had a fair bit to drink, so needed the loo.

I then went back downstairs.

I heard Jo say, ‘Gerry, we really shouldn’t’

‘Jo, I need the closeness’.

There was a pause, I heard the sofa creaking, and then a quiet sigh, followed by Gerry saying ‘it be easier if I took them off’, with Jo saying ‘go on then’.

My heart was thumping, I crept down the stairs and peeked round the door to see Gerry knelt in front of my wife, his hand up her skirt, pulling her tights and knickers down.

They came off and were cast aside, the skirt was pushed up, her legs opened and he put his face between her thighs and began to lick her cunt.

Her head went back, her eyes closed, one leg lifted as she pushed him into her.

Anger surged through me, but also fascination as he licked my wife, as she told him to use his tongue on her clit.

Her moans grew more frequent, my cock was now rock hard.

I couldn’t take anymore, so walked into the room.

I expected them to panic and Gerry to jump up, but no.

Jo turned and looked at me, her eyes half closed.

She beckoned me over, and said ‘I want to suck your cock’.

Gerry continued licking and fingering my wife.

I undid my jeans and got myself into a position where Jo could take me in her mouth.

She began to suck my cock hard, squeezing my balls with one hand, her other holding herself open for Gerry.

I came very quickly, spunk blasting into her mouth and dribbling down her chin, which she wiped away after I’d pulled out.

I stood back and watched.

I might as well have not been there.

Gerry stood up, stripped off, presenting a large hard cock to my wife, who in turn got off the sofa, and knelt on the floor.

I felt numb as he knelt behind her, rubbed his cock over her buttocks, then pushed his length into her open cunt.

I can describe their fucking as ‘frenzied’.

He fucked her like he was possessed.

She came very loudly, but he wasn’t ready yet

He pulled out of her, she moved onto her back and he entered her again, her legs up high and wide.

He pulled up her top, pushed her bra up and squeezed her breasts.

She came again, a loud almost animal like cry.

He then came, with a grunt he came in her, held himself in her, then pulled out, got up and walked past me to get a drink.

Jo lay on the floor, legs still spread, cum seeping from her used and puffy cunt.

She looked at me “i’m so sorry”

I was lost. What had happened? Why had I just accepted this?

Jo got up, straightened her top and skirt, and sat down.

Gerry came in, he apologised to me, saying he needed to release.

I didn’t know what to say.

He went off to bed.

Jo and I sat there in silence, then went to bed.

I got hard again and experienced for this first time in my life, the unique experience of fucking my wife with another’s spunk in her

Written by Oldenbold

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