Written by Anthony W

10 May 2019

I don’t usually write in to sites like this because what I do is my business, but I has read a few stories about younger women who love sex with older men and I feel the need to tell you my story because it’s a bigger thing than you might expect.

My name is Anthony and I am 80 year of age this month and I regularly fuck a 24-year-old beauty. In fact, I know of 4 other guys ranging in age from 65 to my age who have what is referred to as ‘fuck buddies’ who are a hell of a lot younger than they are, but here is my story.

I won’t go into how we met and all that sort of thing but suffice to say, she initiated the relationship. I will call my friend ‘Clair’. Clair is married to a young man who is a year older than she is, he is fully aware of what is going on and although he doesn’t like it, it was partially his idea due to his perverted imagination and now he has no choice in the matter.

Clair is a strawberry blond, she is quite a bit shorter than I am at about 5’6”, slim with small and very firm breasts. She has freckles that cover her face and body which for some reason I find extremely attractive. Clair is a kind and funny girl but when we fuck, her language is appalling, and she really gets off on humiliating her husband.

We are neighbours, and all this started off approximately 12 months ago, her husband seemed to take delight in teasing me about my age and how I have had my time and how I must miss sex and so on. He would confide in me that Clair had this thing about older men and what a pity it is that she doesn’t have a thing about me because she doesn’t go ‘that old’. This was a routine with him which I had started to find boring, but it was Clair who stopped him mid tease and asked him why it was that he thought that she wouldn’t want me because of my age, he started to goad her and tell her that she was disgusting. But it was when he said that he thinks I wouldn’t be able to remember what to do let alone get a hard on and how I probably can’t remember what tits looked like that she seemed to snap.

She asked me if I wanted to see hers and having had enough of his pathetic taunting, I said I would love to.

Clair opened her blouse and raised her bra to reveal the sexiest breasts I have ever seen. Firm with freckles and the tiniest nipples I had ever seen on a woman. She said that she could see that she was making me hard and with that she pulled her top off, unclipped her bra and came and sat next to me. She asked her husband if he wanted proof that she had made me hard, he just laughed and said that he doubted that she had.

Clair and I gave each other a smile, we seemed to have the same idea, teach him a lesson. she helped me undo the buttons on my trousers and pulled my penis out and trust me it was hard and apparently much bigger than his.

He seemed annoyed that we had called his bluff and started to goad her again, telling her that if she was so impressed that she should suck me off. Clair was gentle, she massaged my cock before sliding her lips down my shaft. I was being sucked off my a stunning young woman, the first time I had my cock sucked in a very long time. After a few minutes of this it was clear that he was getting turned on by it, and I started to wonder if it was his idea in the first place, especially she stopped, turned to him and asked him if he was getting of on this and his reply was ‘ are you going to fuck him’.

She looked at me and asked me if I wanted to ‘do it’ , I asked her if she was sure, she stood up, pulled me up by my hand and said ‘fuck, I’m sure’.

She led me to her bedroom and undressed. She was perfect, slim, perfect breasts, her skin was milky white and her tiny nipples were now much more prominent and hard.

She undressed me very seductively going down on her knees to suck me off again for a short while. What she got back up she was out of breath, gripping my cock saying ‘ fuck your big’.

She lay on her back, opened her legs and invited me to ‘have her’ saying ‘ come on, you can have me’ she even gave me instructions with ‘ eat my pussy then slide your cock in and fuck me hard’.

At first I couldn’t believe this was happening but it was and I took advantage of the offer. Her pussy takes sweet, but I at first I had a problem entering her, my cock is quit big and thick and I though I was going to have to give up but she begged me to keep trying. I looked over at the door and he husband was watching, she shouted at him to ‘ fuck off, this for me not you’.

I slid my cock into her pussy and she let out a scream and wrapped her legs round my back. She was begging me to ‘do it hard’ chanting ‘fuck me, fuck me’ then she arched her back and her eyes rolled back and she cried out, ‘ fuck your big’.

I fucked her hard and she loved it, she was pleading with me not to stop, telling me I was big and hard, even screaming to her husband how good it was ‘ fuck its good, fuck I’m going to cum hard’.

We fucked for a long time, she demanded that I suck her nipples, they were hard like tiny pebbles, she wanted it everyway imaginable, she begged for more, begged me to fuck her from behind. She begged me to pull her hair whilst I fucked her and gripped her tit with the other hand, then she screamed at me to stop. I pulled out and Clair turned and lay on her back, she opened her legs again and the pleading started. ‘Fuck me and make me cum’. I entered her yet again and did as I was told. This time it was wild and hard. We fucked like animals and I worried that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with her, that I was going to cum before she was ready but I needn’t have worried.

I warned her I was going to cum and slowed so I could pull myself out, I had intended to cum on her tummy but she gripped me with her legs and told me not to ‘fucking dare’ and that I was to cum inside her.

She screamed and I worried that the neighbors were going to call the police or that her husband was going to rush in and ‘save her’. But she was screaming to him that she was coming and shouting ‘fuck he’s making me cum so fucking hard and with that I couldn’t; last any longer and I exploded inside her.

Clair gave one long stifled scream and started to shake. I thrust myself a few more times emptying my balls inside this stunning young woman until I just collapsed next to her.

After a few minutes of us catching our breaths, she lay her head on my chest. It was only then that I realised how sweaty we both were, her slim shiny body now laying on me, she raised her head and still trying to catch her breath she said ‘that-was-fucking-amazing and that she hadn’t cum so hard in for ever. I was happy that I still had it in me and I asked her if he ( her husband) was really ok with it, she raised her head again and simply said ‘ he can fuck off’ and told me that he had nagged her to do it for ages and that she was glad she did.

To begin with we fucked two or three times a week but now it’s down to once or twice because she is heavily pregnant, and no its not mine, I had the snip a while back. But it does add to the excitement.

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