27 Dec 2018

Hopefully you’ve read my last story “There’s a 1st time for everything (Part one)” and the more enlightened of you will know how frustrating it can be having a fantasy that has never played out.

Our first swapping experience is now a dim and distant memory but one I will always cherish, however the desire to see Debbie seriously servicing another guy is one that simply will not leave me.

Pete and Lynette are now separated and Pete is single. A few weeks ago, after many years of no contact, I bumped into him in a pub in London and we got talking about the good times we had spent together. 

We started by remembering friends from school, and the sexual antics that lads in an all-boys school get up to. As the conversation progressed, we eventually touched on the subject of the night we swapped partners. Pete assured me that the experience had had nothing to do with his split from Lynette, but more to do with his Bi-Curious side which was something Lynette could never get her head around. He went on to say that it was a bit of a shame that he was now single with no partner as he still thinks about that night, and would love to relive the entire event. We both laughed and I agreed wholeheartedly and then suddenly, out of the blue Pete said “mind you, swapping does not necessarily require 2 couples, have you ever fancied an MMF threesome”? Well there it was, the opportunity to live out my fantasy. I told him that I was up for it, but I was not sure how Debbie would react.  

“Leave Debbie to me” he said with a grin on his face, just meet me for a drink in my local, plan to stay over for the night, and I will handle the rest.

That night, I told Debbie about seeing Pete and that he had suggested we meet up for a drink near his house and that he had invited us to stay over. She was very keen, as she had always liked Pete so getting her agreement for stage one was not a problem.

For the next couple of days, Debbie kept bringing up the subject of meeting up with Pete and asking when I was going to arrange it. The following week I emailed Pete and we set a date for a weekend in early June. 

The agreed weekend eventually came round and Debbie and I arrived at Pete’s local pub on the Friday night at around 7 o’clock. Debbie had made an extra special effort with her appearance, wearing a skin tight dress that I had not seen before. It showed every curve of her body and looked really sexy. 

Pete was standing at the bar when we walked in and he came straight over and gave Debbie a hug and as he put his arms around her I noticed him subtly stroke her backside. I am not sure whether she noticed or not, she didn’t seem to react, but I did notice as she turned away from him that her right breast casually brushed against his chest. Could be nothing I thought, but maybe not!  

We stayed in the pub until closing, by which time Debbie had consumed more than her usual amount of wine & Bacardi. I could tell she was slightly tipsy and suggested we make a move. Before we left, I excused myself to visit the bathroom. When I came back to the table, they were both in deep conversation and I am sure I could see Pete’s hand stroking  Debbie’s inner thigh. He withdrew his hand when I approached the table and they both got up to leave.

On the way back to his house Pete whispered to me that he and Debbie had been talking about the night when we swapped and she had blushed and started fidgeting in her seat. 

Anyone who has read part one of this tale will know that fidgeting is a sign that Debbie is getting turned on, I’m guessing in her mind that she was planning to give me a good night, but who knows?

When we got back to Pete’s house he poured us all some stiff drinks and put on some music. 

Debbie began swaying to the sound of ‘Touch me in the morning’, and Pete asked if she wanted to dance. She agreed without any hesitation, and I made an excuse of taking the bags upstairs to leave them alone. As I walked out I glanced back and could see Pete grinding his hips into Debbie and she was responding.

I left them for 5 minutes or so, then crept back downstairs to see how thigs were progressing. I could hardly believe what I saw. They were kissing passionately and Pete was gently massaging Debbie’s tits through her tight dress.  

I sat down quietly in the corner to watch my fantasy play out, and to be honest, I got more than I could ever have hoped for. 

As they danced, Pete furtively guided Debbie towards the large 4 seater sofa. When the track they were dancing to finished he gently pushed Debbie onto the sofa and began unzipping her dress.

Debbie didn’t seem to realise that I was there, and gave up her dress without a fight. Pete then commenced kissing her passionately while undoing her bra. I remember being quite impressed with his powers of seduction.

So, there was my beautifully innocent wife lying prone on my mate’s sofa in nothing but a skimpy red thong, and judging by the damp patch in her crotch area, she was quite enjoying the experience.

Pete started kissing and licking her body all over, gently pulling the crotch of her thong to one side to massage and lick her swollen fanny while Debbie lay quietly moaning with her eyes closed.

Gradually, Pete moved up her body to her tits and I saw her reach down to massage the large bulge in his trousers. Ever obliging, Pete unzipped his trousers and slid out of them revealing a reasonably thick but very long cock. It must have been a good 8 or 9 inches and was almost banana shaped with a gradual curve along its length. He moved closer to Debbie’s face and she simply reached out and pulled it towards her mouth. As I watched half of it disappear into her mouth, I could feel my own cock becoming rock hard and I began to rub it vigorously.

Pete beckoned me over to join in the fun, and I think that was the 1st point that Debbie realised I was there. She had a shocked look on her face and I really think she was ready to stop the whole thing. Pete saw her reaction and whispered to her not to panic and that this was something we had been planning this for some time. I nodded in agreement and that seemed to pacify her.

Pete then moved back down to her fanny, removed her thong and began licking and massaging her back to her previous state of arousal. She relaxed and reached out to grab my cock which she began sucking for all she was worth. At that point Pete positioned himself between her legs and entered her with a great deal of gentleness. She simply groaned and continued servicing me with her mouth. It was a fantastic experience seeing my wife being ‘spit roasted’ like this and one that will live on in my memory for years to come.

Debbie came to a shuddering orgasm and I began to shoot into her mouth, which was another 1st as she normally withdraws before that point. We were both finished, but Pete was still going, he seemed to have more stamina than me. He withdrew from her fanny, slid up her body and began to fuck her tits. Debbie seemed to like the power that this gave her and she clenched her breasts around his cock until finally he shot his load all over her chest and face. She began rubbing his cum into her breasts and he started kissing and licking her face which I found very erotic.

The evening had progressed nicely as far as I was concerned, and for the rest of the night I satisfied myself by sitting back watching Pete and Debbie servicing each other in many ways that I had never seen or even thought about. Eventually, Pete grabbed a few blankets and we simply curled up where we lay and went to sleep.

The next morning, after the passion had diminished, Debbie was very quiet and probably slightly embarrassed as she was the only female. She made an excuse of having a shower and left us alone. Pete and I talked about the evening’s events and began to get turned on again.

I suggested that I go and join Debbie in the shower and that he should come up in a few minutes. He agreed and I made my way upstairs. Debbie was already in the shower, although it was actually a wet room, and she looked at me close to tears and said how sorry she was. I grabbed her and told her not to be so silly and reminded her of Pete’s comment the previous night about it all being planned.

I then took a handful of shower cream and began rubbing it all over her body paying special attention to her breasts and nipples which were beginning to become aroused. She visibly calmed down and closed her eyes to enjoy the sensuality of the experience. At that moment Pete came in and Debbie flinched, but once again I calmed her nerves and told her to relax.

Pete grabbed some cream and joined me in massaging Debbie’s body. By this time both Pete and I were erect and highly turned on. Pete spread some gel on his cock and proceeded to slide it up and down Debbie’s arse cheeks. I continued rubbing the gel all over Debbie, when suddenly Pete reached down and slowly started to rub my swollen cock with his soap covered hands. I was a bit shocked, but realistically it was no different from the things we had got up to at school so I let him carry on.

Suddenly, Debbie realised what was going on and pulled away from us. She stood watching for a little while and later on admitted she had found it extremely erotic. As the shower blasted us with water, the soap washed away from my cock and Pete knelt down to take me into his mouth, whilst at the same time massaging my anus. I could have cum there and then, but I held back as I was starting to really enjoy my 1st Bi experience. I pushed Pete gently to the floor of the shower and turned around to get closer to his cock by moving into the 69 position. I gradually plucked up the courage to lick its tip and then allowed it to slowly enter my mouth. This was the 1st time I had ever had a man’s cock in my mouth and it was a fantastic experience.

Like Pete, I began massaging his anus, and gradually I felt him pushing back onto my finger. As it disappeared inside I began to sense a taste of saltiness in my mouth and realised this must be pre-cum. I carried on sucking, not sure how I was going to react when he came. I didn’t have long to wait, and suddenly felt jets of hot spunk hitting the back of my throat. As I was just about to cum at the same time and was at the height of my excitement, I threw caution to the wind and swallowed every last drop. 

We both lay exhausted on the floor of the shower for several minutes, then dried ourselves off and sadly, got ready to leave.

Debbie and I talked about nothing else on the way home but the experiences of the weekend. She has agreed that she would like to try it again, but this time with someone new, and probably someone she would not have to meet up with again in the future. She also said that she found the male on male spectacle very horny and would like to watch more.

So that’s where the story comes to an end (for now). With me actively looking for another guy who is Bi Curious and would like to experience a night of steamy passion with me and my now not so innocent wife - any offers? It might take some arranging, but if you’re up for it let me know how we can arrange it with my unsuspecting wife.......