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Watching Dee

"First time watching my wife fucked by another man"

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I’m so glad that I found this site. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me but having read a lot of the stories on here I now know its normal. Well sort of normal to want to see your wife fucked by another man. My obsession (that's the only word for it) started when my wife Dee admitted to having strayed while on a weekend away with the girl’s. Bit by bit more came out and it was far from the first tale she told me. At first it had been a drunken kiss and a fumble. However as she realised that far from being angry, I was turned on, she allowed me to extract the real details from her. Far from a fumble, She had got tipsy on drinks being bought her by a good looking man and she had allowed him back to her room and he had fucked her. In fact he’d even stayed the night and fucked her the following morning. I had a million questions for her and each answer seemed to turn me on more and lead to more questions. By now she was happy to tell me the truth. Had she known what she was doing? - yes Had she fallen for him? - No! It was just sex Had he fingered her pussy – yes Arse? - no! Had she sucked his cock?- yes Balls? - yes Has she enjoyed sucking his cock? - yes Had she swallowed his cum – only his precum Had she felt guilty when she fucked him – a little, afterwards but not during the sex Had he worn a condom? - no Had he come inside her? – yes Was his cock bigger than mine? – Yes much bigger! Did she like bigger cocks? – hell yes! Had he made her cum – Yes, lots! How many times had he fucked her -twice Would she fuck him again - yes Was this the first time she’d cheated – Yes (to fucking). No to sucking. She admitted that she’d sucked a mans cock in an alley on a girls night out and another man in his car when he’d given her a lift home from another night out. Had she swallowed on those occasions – yes, on both. What if I said she couldn’t. Would she do it again? - Maybe. She couldn’t say no as it depended on the situation. Would she fuck another man again if I said it was OK – Definitely I alternated from an aching feeling in the pit of my stomach, Like I’d been punched, to desperately horny and an uncontrollable need to fuck her. Then the desire to see her fucked, started. I teased her with it at first and she clearly liked the idea. The more I teased the more I had to make it happen. How do you do it though? I didn’t know about swinging at that point. I suppose I was a bit naive and you can’t just ask some random stranger to shag your wife while you have wank. So I settled on my mate Dave. Dave is one of my oldest mates, single and a bit of a loser with the ladies. However he’s always had a thing for Dee and even made a couple of clumsy passes at her over the years, when he was drunk. At first Dee said she didn’t like the idea as she didn’t really fancy Dave, however I wasn’t sure I believed her as when I teased her about it in bed and over the following days she began to like the idea a bit more and eventually agreed that if Dave made a pass, she wouldn’t say no. The only thing she insisted on is that it couldn’t be at our house or in our bed. So then I had to talk to Dave. We had a few drinks and I admitted my obsession to him and told him that if he wanted to let me watch, he could fuck my wife. He couldn’t believe his luck. At 35 my wife has blossomed into a total milf. Curvy size 12 with big boobs and a pretty face, framed by long blond hair. The trouble was (he said) his flat was a bombsite and she’d never shag him there. I did suggest he should clean it up, but he didn’t like that idea and I was starting to understand why he could pull the ladies but couldn’t close the deal. “What about Mike’s party?” He suggested. “What about it?” I replied “I could take her, you come later and I’ll text you where we are so you can catch us and watch.” He suggested. Well I did like the idea. Mikes parties are legendary. He lives in a large house. left to him by his parents. There are 5 bedroom and at parties most of them are used for shagging. There is always lots of booze, strangers (men and women), music and noise. Who would know if we locked ourselves away and I watched my wife getting fucked by my mate? Dee eventually agreed to the idea (without very much persuasion). The party was on a Friday night and was to start at 4pm and go on till the early hours. As I was working Dave would pick Dee up and take her. I’d come home and get changed. When I text that I was on my way and nearly there they would find a room and get started and text me to tell me where to go. I would then catch them and finally get to see my Dee getting some cock from another man. Mikes parties usually get properly wild by around 11 to midnight so I aimed to get there for 8pm. Watch Dee then get her home and shag her myself. However in my rush that morning and with my mind on Dee and Dave. I left my lights on, on the car. I came out of work to find my battery flat and the clock approaching 6:30pm. The AA took forever to get there and it was leaving 8:30pm when I finally got home. A quick change and then I was out the door by 9pm. Only an hour late, that wouldn’t matter, would it? I got to Mike’s just before 9:30pm and the house was rocking. I got a drink and said hello to a few people as I searched for Dee and Dave. Then I remembered. In my haste I hadn’t text them. I quickly fired a text asking where they were. But no one responded. Frantically I started looking about and sure enough I found Dave, clearly very drunk and half asleep on a bench in the rear garden. “Where’s Dee?” I asked “Dee?” He said looking nonplussed “My wife Dee? Remember?” I said, starting to lose my temper a little. He looked like someone had asked him the square root of a million. Then a light dawned “Ah Dee, ..yes I left her upstairs.” He mumbled. “Where! Which room?” I asked getting frantic. But no joy. He was soon rambling and dozing. I left him and tore upstairs. There was a big queue outside the toilet and people standing around in the hall so I tried to look calmer. The end bedroom door was open and a couple of guys were leaning and looking in. My heart was pounding as I joined them. “Coming for a look mate?” Said one of the guys. “You might as well join the queue. This little slag will fuck anyone.” Said the other. I peered in and there was Dee on all fours on the bed. A tall shaven headed man held her buttocks and was fucking her from behind. She had a skirt on which had been pushed up exposing her arse but she was topless and her tits were swinging free with the ramming her cunt was getting. I thought my heart would explode. But there was no denying that my cock was instantly rock hard. There was a naked man I knew happily dozing on a chair, it was Sean a married friend of ours and from the way spunk was still oozing from the end of his cock onto his thigh, it looked like he’d recently cum (in Dee?). Trying to sound nonchalant I said to the men at the door, “What, did she fuck the guy on the chair too?” “Fuck yeah. He gave her a proper seeing to.” Replied one of the men. All this time there was the rhythmic slapping noise off my wife being fucked on the bed. Her moans filled the air. I was watching her round are getting groped as she was fucked. “Two guys she must be a right tart.” I said. “I’ll say. This is her second sitting she fucked another two besides us on her first go.” Said the man. Oh fucking hell! This man and his mate had fucked her too! At that moment the slapping’s pace increased then stopped and the man grunted as he filled my wife’s cunt with his seed. She turned round looking like the cat that got the cream then saw me. And the shock on her face was something to behold. “I never got your text. I didn’t think you were coming!” She stammered Then she recovered herself and said, “Er.. time for a break guys.” She gathered her clothes and pulled her top on. God knows where her knickers were. It was too noisy to talk at the party so I drove us home. On the way through her tears, she told me she thought it was what I wanted. Well I suppose it was, wasn’t it? I of course forgave her. I just wished I’d seen more of her fucking. And after all I just wanted her happy. I love her. I had I suppose finally seen her fucked by another man and that was what I had wanted so badly. Oh my god had it been a turn on! My cock was still rock hard thinking about it. She then nuzzled into me and confided she had the numbers of a few of the men from the party and “perhaps we could use them?” I smiled and agreed, perhaps we could. I told her it was Dave I felt sorry for as he’d been all built up to fuck her. “Oh don’t worry about Dave. He’d fucked me before we left the house.” She said.
Written by Ste_n_Dee

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