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We were tricked

"Boy who came across as gay talks his way into our bed."

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My wife and I are in a three-way relationship that I think we were tricked into, let me explain. I’m Andrew, I’m 34 and married to Sandra who is 35. My wife is a very attractive woman with short ginger hair, freckles over most of her body but the best thing of all is that she is fun and caring and I think that is what got us to where we are now. We have an amazing sex life, we try new things when we can including using toys. Although we had never involved a third party in our sex lives we had posted photo’s of Sandra naked apart from her wedding vail which was hot as fuck and so much fun. The messages we had from men and women begging to meet her and wanting to fuck her was ridiculous, I’m talking of well over a hundred messages complete with photos. These where from men, women, men and woman together and even lesbian couples who just wanted to ‘get her in a sandwich’ was one comment. We wold read the comments and laugh but it always led to great sex. Sandra has nice large but firm breasts and we would spend ages just laying in bed and I would spend a long time gently sucking her big hard nipples and massaging her pussy whilst she massages my shaft. Sometimes it would end with us both climaxing, me over her breasts and Sandra just shaking and crying out. But this has nothing to do with where we are now. Next door lives an older couple with a boy who we where convinces was gay. I’ll call him ‘Stuart’. Stuart is skinny, very very effeminate, wear weird colourful clothes and if you just listened to his voice you would swear was a girl, we are even convinced he had a boyfriend. Stuart is 21 and to eb honest is a really nice guy, he spends time at our house and we got to know him quite well and nothing he said made us thing that he was anything other than gay. However, Sandra told me that she would have long chats with him and told me that she worried about him, how he was confused and was getting down about his sexuality, then came the bomb shell. Sandra told me that she that they were becoming close friends and that he tried to kiss her which pissed me off a little, she says it was just a quick kiss but also that she wanted to help him ‘ find himself’. We talked and she told me that she wanted to let him ‘explore her body’ to see if it excited him. Well, one thing leads to another and after a few weeks of us talking about it I agree. I would watch on our home security ( which I promised Sandra I wouldn’t do) and watch her sitting there almost naked with this supposedly gay boy running his hands and mouth over her body, sucking her nipples like I love to do and if he’s gay then how the fuck did this give him a hard on and I would watch him cum in my wife’s hand. SO, that was that until Sandra asked me to ‘stay calm’ before suggesting that she take him to bed and let him have sex with her. I was pissed off but she always put things in a way that made it seem as though it was normal so after a lot of convincing, I agreed. Unfortunately, I had to take the camera out of our bedroom. I know they fucked at least twice before I got the text to come home but to be very quiet. I crept in and up the stairs. I could hear my wife moaning softly, cooing and sighing then moaning again. I crept to the doorway of the bedroom and there they were, my wife on her back, her legs open with her knees bent, this skinny pale boy laying in-between them, his skinny milky white ass slowly rocking back and forth his cock clearly well inside my wife’s pussy, his head next to hers kissing her cheek. She looked at me and motioned for me to shush, then beckoned for me to come closer. I was gutted but weirdly turned on at the same time. The boy shifted his position slightly which made Sandra groan. I sat next to her on the bed, the boy obviously knew I was there but didn’t seem to care, he just kept very slowly thrusting away. My wife’s breasts lay just beside his skinny chest, her nipples big and hard. I looked at her face and she was in Ecstasy, her face was red and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She whispered for me to get undressed. At first I refused, it was all to weird but in the end I did as she asked and stood there with my cock in her hand and occasionally in her mouth and the boys fucking became more urgent. At one point he went to kiss my wife but my cock was in her mouth, he pushed me away before shoving his tongue in her mouth. Sandra reached out and took hold of my cock and stared to toss me off. Then the boy went wild, thrusting like a rabbit. Sandra let go of my cock and wrapping her legs round his back locking him in place started to scream out that she was going to cum repeating ‘oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming’. Then she arched her back, curled her toes and let out a howl, the boy stopped thrusting and made a pathetic painful expression on his face and I realised that this little fuck had just cum inside my wife and I was back to being gutted. After a few moments he collapsed next to her, his skinny pathetic semi limp dick on display. I wondered how that cock had made her cum so hard but that was a conversation for another day. Sandra grabbed my hand and panting, pleaded pulling my hand, ‘please inside me now’ . Again, it seemed weird but I was hard as fuck and after what I had just seen how could me fucking my wife be any more weird. I climbed onto my wife and slid my cock into her soaking pussy, that bit was weird and freaked me out a little, and I fucked her, no for play just fucked her. I was well into my stride with Sandra begging me to keep going then the boy put his hands on my back and started pleading for Sandra to be on top. I stopped and my wife slid out form under me. I lay on my back and my wife who was soaking with beads of perspiration running down her chest lowered herself onto my hard cock and started to ride me, her perfect, firm tits sliding on my chest. It was fucking amazing and weird at the same time. Stuart kneeling behind my wife just to the side of my legs watching as my wife rode my cock. Then in his pathetic wimpy voice he called out to my wife ‘lay down, lay on him, lay on him’, putting his hands o her back almost pushing my wife down so she lay on my chest still riding my shaft. She put ran her tongue over my lips whispering ‘thankyou’ and telling me how much she loved me. Then Stuart positioned himself behind Sandra, his hands on her back, them on her bum. Sandra lifted her head and screamed ‘oh fuck’ and looked back at Stuart. Stuart was thrusting as Sandra continued to ride my cock. She went from looking at me to looking back at Stuart who was fucking her ass whilst she rode my shaft. It was hot as fuck. I held my wife by her neck with one hand and grabbed her breast with the other and gave it a squeeze. It was all I could do to to cum there and then. This boy and I fucked Sandra as hard as we could and she cried, groaned and moaned begging for us not to stop but before long none of us could hold on any longer. At the same time that I pumped cu into my wifes pussy Stuart came on her ass and Sandra’s pussy gripped my cock as she shook moaning with a deep almost demonic moan. Stuart collapsed to one side and Sandra collapsed onto my chest. After a while she told Stuart to go so he dressed and left us to talk. Apparently they had fucked twice before but that was the first time he had cu inside her. We both agreed that he wasn’t gay. That was a few weeks ago. I know they fuck a couple of time a week without me but once a week at east we do our ‘thing’ as he calls it. Sandra rides me with him In her ass and it is always amazing. We have agreed that when they fuck its in the spare bed and once or twice I’ve come in and the two of them are curled up asleep. So, I guess that’s the weirdest thing I know about. By the way, she has no idea why his pencil thin dick makes her cum so hard. My cock is long and thick and sometimes we have to lubricate it so it doesn’t hurt her so we have no idea why his makes her cum as hard as mine does, any advice would be welcome.
Written by Andrew T

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