Written by ludaboy

16 Oct 2018

As was normal for a Friday night the wife had gone out with a few friends drinking round the local pubs . I had been working till quite late so when I came in had a shower band just slipped my dressing gown on and poured my self a scotch. Not to long after my wife came in and I could tell from the noise she was making she was fairly well pissed.

When she is like this she is very sexual , she staggered into the lounge and came and sat on the sofa at the side of me her skirt riding up showing off her stocking tops and quickly started to snog me her tongue going deep into my mouth.

This got me going and I started rubbing up her leg reaching the naked skin her legs parted and I moved my hand higher till I was rubbing over her panties which were already very wet. She put her hand inside my dressing gown and started stroking

my now very rigged cock. i pulled her panties to one side and slid two fingers straight up her she was dripping and begged me to finger her harder my thumb was rubbing up against her clit as she pushed harder onto my fingers with in a minute I could feel her juices running down my fingers and then she started to shake as she had a massive orgasm squirting her love juice all over us both.

It took her a few minutes to recover and then she said I'm going to the toilet to freshen up and slip into something sexy.

She had no sooner gone upstairs than there was a tap at the door , when I answered it Kathy her friend who she had been out with was stood there I asked her in and she told me that she had left her house key and phone in my wife's handbag,

like my wife Kathy was fairly drunk and was staggering as she walked.Of course I still had a raging hard on after playing with my wife and Kathy flirtingly said are you pleased to see me looking directly at my sticking out dressing gown.

Now I had always fancied Kathy and had at different times had a crafty feel of her bum etc when no one was looking

so thought I would take my chance opened my dressing gown up and said sure am look what youv'e done to me quick as a flash she grabbed me and started stroking my cock as she asked me were my wife was slipping into something sexy I told her as I reached up her skirt to rub her moist cunt .Stop she said your going to make me cum I hope so I said .Just then we heard my wife coming downstairs so pulled apart Obviously my wife had not heard Kathy come in as she was wearing a totally see through negligee that only just covered her ample boobs and was split open at the bottom leaving her cunt fully exposed and because of the earlier fingering I had given her cunt lips were red and very swollen. When she saw Kathy she did not know what to do so I told them both to sit down and I would get them a drink as i explained what had happened.

My wife was now more relaxed but did sit crossed leg to try and hide her exposed cunt Kathy sat opposite but did not realise that her dress was still raunched up on one side from me fingering her so her panties could be seen When I poured the drinks I made them doubles and the girls soon forgot the state of their dress and were soon chatting Kathy explaining why she had called. Seeing the wife with her boobs all but uncovered and Kathy flashing her tiny panties soon had me hard again and i slipped my hand round my wife just letting it rest on the top of her boob as there was no objection i slowly moved my hand down till I was tweaking her hardening nipple between my fingers. I looked across at Kathy and her legs had parted and I could see her tiny panties completely transparent and her eyes glazed and fixed on my wife's boobs. i then with my other hand started to pull my wife's legs apart again with no objection in fact when I touched her legs she spread them her self till her cunt was fully exposed my hand slipped down and I gently started to rub her very wet clit when I looked over at Kathy she had her panties pulled to one side and had two fingers sliding in and out of a very wet fanny. My wife because of our earlier session was still very aroused and had her eyes fixed on Kathy I whispered in her ear to get nearer Kathy as she was so intent on watching her and with a little help from me was soon on her knees right in front of her I went behind my wife and pushed her head forward so it was right in front of Kathys cunt. Slowly she raised her hand and started to rub up and down Kathy's leg she responded by parting her legs fully leaving her cunt full exposed.

pushing my wife's head further down her face was now touching Kathys cunt I told her to lick it Slowly i could see her head going up and down as she licked the full length of her cunt . MY wife now moved onto her knees so she could push more of her tongue into what was becoming a very juicy fanny. This gave me the opportunity to get behind her and slip straight into her right up to my bollocks Both girls were making loud noises and groans of women in the throes of massive climaxes both of them shouting not to stop as we all came to a shattering climax. Is this the start of a new chapter in our lives?

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