30 Oct 2018

*J loves me to address my stories to her so she can live them vividly in her mind*

You asked for this. That night in the kitchen, the night I lifted the back of your skirt as you poured a drink and I whispered to you, “Imagine I’m another guy”. That night I wanted you to imagine I’d invited another guy home with me for a drink. That while you had your back turned I’d told him to go behind you and feel your ass. That if he could make you cum, you’d fuck him. I had tested my theory that you would let go and fuck another guy when we fucked. I’d make you cum so hard and then before I let you have my cock I’d ask, “If he made you cum like that would you let him fuck you?”. This always resulted in a look in your eye of pure hunger as you begged me to fuck you. You’d demand he fucked you, “I’d make him bend me over and fuck me in front of you, I’d need his cock inside me” you’d moan. Although it had come up many times during our more intense fucking, this time in the kitchen was the first time you’d looked me straight in the eyes and said, “find me a cock to play with”. I knew it was time to feed my gorgeous, hungry girlfriend.

Well, I found you one. I had decided to go with the one I knew, Nick. I knew he would eat your pussy like you always liked it to be done. He’d make you come and then keep eating until you begged to be fucked. I knew the similarities between Nick and myself. He is taller and slimmer than I, good looking and with a charm that I knew would win you over. His cock was almost identical to mine in both size and shape, I knew this from a girl he and I had shared before. She’d said it felt like it was me fucking her, only I was on the other side of the room watching. Aside from his physical appeal, I trusted him. Relaxed, open for whatever the couple he was playing with would need and most importantly he wasn’t pushy and always liked to make sure all parties were happy with the situation.

And so, it was set. I arranged a meet for all three of us. A casual one, as this would be our first we had agreed to just meet for a drink and to get to know each other a little. Then we could arrange a further meet if everyone was happy. We arranged to meet a bar a little away from us, somewhere we wouldn’t know anybody. The night came, and your nerves grew. As we left the house you squeezed my hand a little harder than normal. I expected nerves, but I could also tell you were really looking forward to this first step in what could turn out to be a wonderful journey. As we drove to the bar, your main concern was whether he would fancy you. “Are you kidding?” I said, “He will be willing to do anything just to have shot of sharing you with me”. You never did take comments on how hot you are very well, but I love that about you. You don’t see it yourself and yet have a way of looking that is just so hot and irresistible.

After a short drive, my reassuring you and you claiming you’re not that hot, we reached the bar. I could see through the window that he was already there and had found a seat in the corner. I pointed him out to you before we went inside. “Oooh nice,” you said, with a devilish grin on your face. Nick stood up to greet us as soon as we entered the bar, I could see on your face that first impression was good. Maybe not “come fuck me now” good but good nonetheless. I knew the rest would be entirely in his hands. You moved to take your seat in the corner and after asking what everyone was drinking I went to the bar to get our drinks. While waiting to be served I turned to make sure you were OK and caught your eye as you turned to check where I was. You had a smile, which was a good sign and you winked at me to reassure me all was good. I could see Nick was impressed, leaning forward to chat with you and his eyes tracing your body as you looked at me. You were wearing the small white dress, and with no bra underneath your gorgeous nipples were showing through the fabric. Wearing a wrap around your shoulders so that not everyone got an eyeful but just letting one side slip every now and again to show Nick what he could possibly have. As I brought the drinks over to our table, Nick commented to me on what an amazing woman I’d managed to find for myself. You giggled, a little embarrassed and as I went to take my seat next to you the wrap around your shoulder fell a little to reveal exactly how well things were going. Your nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through your dress. My mind was racing, and I started to wonder if you were already wet. Your nipples were always a dead give away when you were feeling horny and the soaking panties usually followed.

We sat chatting for a while, we were all getting along well, and everything seemed so natural. After the usual chit-chat about what we do for work, hobbies etc and Nick paying compliments on how you look. The conversation drifted towards more sexual topics. You seemed very interested in Nicks replies as you asked what his experiences were like and what does he like sexually. I think the answer that got to you most was his answer to “So Nick, what do you like to do with your women?”. His reply, “Whatever gets her off. I don’t have any preferences, I’m completely open. I can be dominant or let her take control. I can go for a long time or fuck hard and get it done. But I do love to eat pussy, especially juicy ones. I love a woman to sit on my face and ride me”. As he finished his reply I was just watching your reaction. You had that look, that grin that says you were feeling so horny and I was likely to be eaten alive tonight. I love that look. But mostly I had the impression we had found your toy, a new cock for you to play with.

“So, do you think we could see each other again?” Nick asked. I could see the hopeful look on his face. You looked back at me, I could tell you wanted to say yes but wasn’t sure if I agreed. Nick sensing this excused himself to the toilets, “I’ll just leave you guys to it for a second, totally not a problem if you’re not up for a second meet” then as he stood to walk away he leaned back across the table to you. Taking your hand, “but I would very much like to have you sit on my face, maybe I could then watch you fuck D if you’re not up for anything more”. You smiled back at him before saying, “Let us have a chat before anything else” then bit your lip just to let him know he was nearly there.

As he walked away you turned to me, “Baby as we walked in I thought he looked cute but after chatting to him I’d definitely like to see what he has to offer. He seems a genuinely nice guy, good looking and if that bulge in his trousers is anything to go by he has a nice cock”. You squeezed my hand before whispering to me, “I’d love to feel his tongue. When we leave can I kiss him? You know I can tell how good he’ll eat me by how he uses his tongue”. You never cease to surprise me, starting the evening all nervous and now wanting to see how he uses his tongue. “Of course, baby” I reply, before kissing you. As my tongue finds its way into your mouth, grabbing the back of your head to pull you closer we hear Nick come back to the table. “Fuck that’s sexy, watching you two kiss. I hope I can get to watch more” he says, then waiting for the result of our chat while he was gone. I explain to Nick that we’ve really enjoyed our evening chatting with him and we would both like to meet up with him again at some point before adding, “Before we go further though, Jen would really like to have a taster”. You nudge me in the ribs, laughing “that’s not how I put it”. He looked intrigued, “what kind of taster?”. I suggest we all leave for the car park as we need to get back now anyway, and we all get up to leave. I watch Nick as we head for the door, he walks behind you to look you up and down. I catch up to you as we head outside, and you reach for my hand. The nervousness seems to have returned as the time for your ‘taster’ nears. Nick walks with us over to where we have parked, I’m sure expecting a goodbye and “we’ll see you again” before leaving us. As we get to the car, I look at you and open the rear passenger side door. You smile and pull me to you to kiss me, you know what I’m suggesting, and I can tell you were thinking the same thing. You turn to Nick and ask, “Nick, would you like to get in the back with me for a minute or two?”. Nick smiles and walks around to the other side of the car as you get in the back. I shut the door behind you and walk round to the driver’s side. Nick waits until I have got into the front seat before he opens the other rear door and gets in next to you, he’s still unsure as to what this ‘taster’ you so need is going to be.

We are barely in the car for a minute when I see you reach over to Nick and pull him by his shirt closer to you. You lock your lips onto his, sucking his bottom lip into your mouth. As you open your mouth slightly, his tongue pushes between your lips. Still locked onto him your eyes meet mine, the look of pure lust in your eyes tells me he kisses well. His hands still down, he hasn’t made any further move to feel you yet. As his tongue explores your mouth, you suck on it. Letting out a low moan as you feel yourself get more and more turned on, watching me watching you. You can see that I’m enjoying the show, my gorgeous, sexy woman having her mouth probed as I watch. Keeping your eyes on me, I watch as you reach down to take his hand. You move his hand up to your thigh and gently guide him to the top of your leg. The rest is down to him. His hand moves slowly under your dress, you turn your head to me and smile with a grin that tells me he’s almost there. Gently he strokes your thigh, gradually creeping closer and closer towards your panties. I knew you’re already going to be so wet and just aching to be touched. Keeping your eyes on mine, he moves his fingers down to your pussy. Your eyes close a little as his touch reaches you. He can feel how wet you are now, his fingers working inside your panties eager to feel your lips. Just by watching your face I can see the effect he is having, then suddenly your eyes open wide and you gasp. He has found your opening and eased one finger inside, massaging your clit with his thumb. You grab his head and pull him into your neck, holding him tight as his hand worked on you. Grinding your hips down onto his hand, trying to get his fingers deeper inside. All the time watching me as I played with my cock, loving the show taking place before me. Then, with a loud groan, you came hard. Turning to lock your mouth on his again, biting his lip and grinding your pussy down onto him as he forced another finger inside you. The sight of you being brought to a shuddering orgasm almost made me cum there and then but I held off, I wanted you later.

As you broke your kiss from Nick, he eased his hand out from between your legs. You leaned forward between the seats to kiss me. Our tongues finding each other before you pulled away and leaned to my ear.

“I want more” you whispered……...


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