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We had finished dinner and was about to start the 9th lesson.

“Guys you have fucked every woman here. You have eaten cunt with another man's spunk in it. You have sucked cock. You have fucked women’s ass.” I paused. “Time to fuck each other.”

Martin was noticeably keen, the remaining two men looked at each other. 

“Tell us what taking cock is like Martin.” Eve instructed going off script. 

“Use lots of lube, make sure the man.” He paused. “Make sure the man fucking you knows it's your first time.”

“Does it feel good?” Di asked.

“You know.”

“For the men.” Sam clarified.

“I like it. Sometimes I come, sometimes it just feels great.”

“Men wash yourselves out, you know how.”

In the bedroom I selected partners. “Peter, fuck Martin. James, fuck Sam. Sluts, relax, watch them fuck.”

“Lots of lube.” Emily advised. 

“If you want to be involved, help with the lube you can even finger them.” I expanded on the script.

Emily pumped lube onto her hand and helped Martin. She spread it along his crack, over his ball and along his shaft. The way she was working it it was stiff. She moved her hand and her finger disappeared.

“Take over Peter. Make sure you know where His hole is. Lube your cock. Another handful in his crack.”

“What does it feel like?”


“A virgin ass will be tighter, so take it easy. Slowly bury your cock then move slowly,  you will know when to go faster, but listen to the man you are fucking.”

James started to fuck Sam.

“That's good, fuck me.” Sam instructed. 

Peter and James were fucking, not worried about anything. 

I saw Sam jet onto the bed. Peter came, Martin did not but his hard cock was close and he started to wank. Emily went down on his cock and stuck a finger in his ass. Martin let his load go into Emily's mouth.

I gently pulled at Emily's ponytail and kissed her. She had not swallowed. 

James came and fell from Sam.

“Take a shower, have a drink and then swap around.” I commanded.

After Peter and James had taken cock we took another break and introduced strappons to the group. 

Supper was late that night.

Written by Adam

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