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Picked up in more ways than one.

"Country lane goings on with a sexy taxi driver."

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I slip into the back of a car, relieved to be out of the pouring rain not taking much notice of who's driving, just grateful.. I'm soaking so loosen my coat, my top clinging to my tits, wet through.. It's not until we've locked eyes in the mirror a few times I realise that your staring at my tits spilling out of a quarter cup bra. I tell you it's date night, and try to cover up but you say not to worry and to leave them to dry off. I relax, and as you've turned up the heating to dry me out - it gets so warm so I undo a button or two... You look and look again, surprised to see a bit more boob in the mirror and we lock eyes and full on smile. Atmosphere positively sizzling. My head spinning and I look out the window biting my lip. You ask if I'm ok, and I'm breathing that heavy, turned on my flashing a stranger, my boobs heave up and down. You cheekily ask if I've got anything else on for date night. I nod silently, you raise a brow... My hands shaking, I scoot into the middle of the back seat, and slowly lift the hem of my dress up and part my legs. I trail my fingers up the inside of my thigh, sighing as my stockings feel so smooth under my fingertips. When I reach the tops, the dark of the black contrasts with the White of my thighs and I shudder as I brush my inner thigh. I part my lips and moan, suddenly realising you've pulled over, I've one hand on my boob, pinching and stroking and the other is running over the fast dampening front of my knickers.. You've undone your seat belt, and are leaning into the back from the drivers seat, watching... I pause, wondering what the fuck am I doing - my dress hitched up and my top undone but I'm so turned on, I remove my top, and push the straps down off my shoulders and pull the front down so my dress meets around my middle, exposing my tits barely contained by the bra I've chosen. Your hands dropped down to your groin, and your rubbing your hand slowly across your cock. I begin to squirm, I've passed the point of caring. I pinch and pull at my hard nipples and clench my thighs together hard before opening them again, gasping as the wet material rubs over my freshly shaved and now very sensitive pussy. I offer you my finger, and you take it in your mouth, swirling and biting the tip before I withdraw it. I pull my knickers to one side, and push a finger in, feeling how wet and hot I am. Still watching you, I spread my legs wide, heels resting on the seats in front and continue to finger myself, withdrawing my fingers so you can see my wetness all over them. I hear your buckle unfasten and you shift in your seat... You adjust to show me your hard cock, your precum glistening in the fading light. I rub my clit, and then push my fingers in deep, bucking my hips to meet them. I withdraw and offer them to you, you suck my juices off my fingers whilst your hand runs up and down your shaft. I take your cock in my hand, and rub my thumb over your head, feeling your hardness. I taste your precum off my thumb as I carry on dipping my fingers in and out of me, whilst I watch you touch yourself. I break first, and lean in to kiss and touch you, my hands running over your body.. Trying to pull you closer to me. You break away, opening your door and then mine, and pulling me out. You close the door and push me up against the car, it's raining, and I'm half dressed but need to feel you against me. You grind your cock into me, and your hands cup my tits, grabbing at them and taking them into your mouth. We kiss, your fingers find my knickers and push them aside, and feel my wetness for the first time. You finger fuck me until you feel a rush of juices all over your fingers, You push them into my mouth and move to lean against the car yourself. You offer me your cock and I sink to my knees, licking my lips. I take you into my mouth and run my tongue along your shaft, my hand following and cupping your balls. You hold my hair back, and tell me to look at you, whilst you slide your cock deeper into my mouth and I notice you taking pictures of my lips around your shaft. I let you fuck my face for a while before I make you lean on your hands, so I can tease you. My tits, soaked from the rain, settle either side of your shaft and my tongue flicks your head gently. I alternate between light licks, gently slow strokes and firm grips. I watch your thighs tense and you grab my hair in your hands. You pull me up and shove me against the bonnet, legs spread. You tell me to play with my clit whilst you tease me with your head before plunging in & spreading my lips wide around your shaft. You fuck me hard and I play with my tits whilst.. Watching your shaft slide in and out of me, my legs around your hips. You grind yourself into me, your nails digging into my arse. I bite my lip and tell you I don't think I'll last much longer and you start fucking hard and faster, I can feel your cock twitch inside me, and I tell you I want to watch you cum. You slip out and replace your cock with my hand and tell me to carry on playing. I'm shaking, on the verge of cumming.. You step closer running your hand over my stockinged thigh whilst you wank with your other, you close your eyes, and I see your head swell, you grunt, and ribbons of cum shoot all over the inside of my thighs covering my stockings with your spunk just as I shiver and send a rush of juice all down my legs. You help me put my tits back into my dress and smooth it over my arse, before giving it a playful slap and opening the door for me. We drive off, in silence before you drop me at my destination. You refuse payment but hand me your number in case I ever need a helping hand again..
Written by ToriMx

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